Top 8 Skills a React Native Developer Must Have

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React Native is a great framework for creating mobile apps. It's good that you've picked React Native for mobile app development, but you'll need to hire outstanding developers to create truly exceptional products. You need to hire someone who is a master in React Native and knows how to construct user-friendly apps because a developer with poor skills would produce poor results.

Therefore, in this article, we'll tell you the skills you should look for when hiring a React Native developer in this article. Your hiring process will become much easier and more productive once you know what skills to test.

Skills a React Native developer must have:

Communication skills:

Communication skill is the basic skill every developer should have. Because developing an app is a team effort, good developers should be able to communicate effectively with one another to avoid costly and inconvenient misunderstandings and keep the project on track.

Problem-solving approach:

Making mistakes is unavoidable, and how a developer manages them has a significant impact on the project as well as the rest of the team. As a result, a developer's approach should always be oriented towards problem-solving.

Knowledge of HTML & CSS:

HTML and CSS are familiar to every front-end developer. Every company needs the capacity to work with and create user interfaces. React developers should be able to work with and write semantic HTML tags, as well as work with and write CSS selectors, at a high level. They should use a CSS reset and learn about the box model, flexbox, and how to change the border-box setting. They must understand and apply responsive web design principles, including the right use of media queries.

Knowledge of GIT:

For storing projects on solutions like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab, Git is a must-have in every developer's toolkit. Tracking changes with add, commit, push, and pull, as well as branching and merging strategies, are skills that should just be part of your day-to-day. They must also be capable of resolving merge conflicts.

Knowledge of JavaScript:

Building components, developing the full application logic and services, and understanding their flow all require a thorough understanding of JavaScript. And, it is one of the most crucial skills.

Knowledge of JSX:

Because JSX resembles HTML so closely, it's sometimes referred to as HTML-flavored JavaScript. What's great about JSX is that if you know HTML and CSS, you'll be able to work with them instinctively. The React.createElement() API is abstracted using JSX. One of the reasons it's important to the library and why the React team chose it in the first place is because the API would be too difficult to scale without it. One could theoretically use React.createElement() to create a whole application, but this would be no more efficient than using HTML directly. Therefore, knowing this is essential.

Must know handy tools and technologies:

A developer must have a thorough understanding of useful tools and technologies, or at the very least the desire to learn the ones they don't know of.  The following is a list of the most important tools and technologies:

  • React Native Testing Library - It is a set of simple and comprehensive React Native testing utilities that promote best practices in testing.

  • App Center - It is a tool for managing beta testers and distributing beta versions.

  • Bitrise - for improved workflows and automation.

  • Jest - It is a ready-to-use, zero-configuration framework for testing JS programs.

  • Sentry error tracking - It is used to monitor and fix crashes in real-time.

  • Redux - It is an open-source JavaScript package and is used to manage the application's global state.

Performance optimization skills:

The seamless and quick operation of an app is critical to its success. That is to say, work on an app does not end when it is released. The performance of React Native Developer must be optimized. This hard skill entails a thorough understanding of benchmarking and improvement concepts, as well as determining the best and most feasible solution because optimization is more than just knowing how to code; it also requires the ability to see the big picture and possess strong analytical abilities.



As you can see from this list of React Native developer capabilities, your team requires someone who possesses all or at least most of these abilities. It's not easy to find a capable team of React Native developers. As a result, you should check over the skills and try to discover the best fit for your business. You should choose a team with experienced individuals that can work well with one another as well as with clients. And their professional portfolio already includes several successfully deployed apps.

You can contact Softpulse if you're looking for developers with such skills. We have a team of highly experienced developers.

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