What Does ADA Compliant Website Mean?

by Rosario Berry on Nov 7, 2021 Web Design 37 Views

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. It became a law in 1990 to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities. This means businesses providing public services are bound to ensure their services accommodate people with any disabilities.


As companies are now utilizing the internet to offer their products and services, the law applies to websites also. In simpler words, ADA-compliant websites need to design their websites so that people with disabilities can access them.


Organizations That Are Bound To Act Upon The Law


● State and local government organizations

● Private organizations that employee 15 employees or more

● Organizations that work for the public's benefit (i.e., public transportation, schools, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, hotels, banks, accountant offices, law offices, social service centers, gyms, healthcare providers, the United States Postal Service, and so on)

● Places of business that would be considered a place of public accommodation


The ADA defines disability in broad terms, encompassing physical as well as cognitive and mental disabilities.


The ADA’s five titles cover:


Employment and employment accommodations (Title 1);

Availability of public services at the local, state, and national levels (Title 2);

Public accommodations for new construction and modifications for existing structures to enhance accessibility (Title 3);

Telecommunications accessibility (Title 4);

Miscellaneous concerns, chiefly protecting PWDs from coercion, reprisals, and threats if they seek legal help to enforce ADA standards (Title 5).


Pros Of Having ADA Compliant Websites


Even if you don't fall under the category of an organization that is bound to follow the law, it is better to create an ADA-compliant website for the following reasons.


1. ADA-compliant websites can increase your traffic by increasing your target audience.

2. ADA compliant websites increase overall user experience

3. It will create a sense of understanding between you and your customer, eventually convincing them to trust your product or service.

4. ADA-compliant websites need fewer SEO efforts.

5. 1 of 5 people in US have disability and an ADA compliant website is favorable in terms of use to disable community.

6. Consumers like to work with companies that are socially responsible. Such businesses build consumer trust and their websites adhere the ADA standards.

7. Companies can also benefit tax write-offs. The International Revenue Service provides Disabled Access Credit (section 44) to help cover the cost of the efforts towards meeting accessibility standards. 

8. An ADA compliant business enables people with disabilities to enrich the lives of everyone, including your customers and employees.


By all means, it's safer to have an ADA-compliant website. If you don't know your current website is ADA compliant or not, you can contact a web design agency to find out.


About the Author:


Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Mystic Web Designn. A website design firm providing Custom Website Design services in California. ADA-compliant websites need to design their websites so that people with disabilities can access them.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design/17081-What-Does-ADA-Compliant-Website-Mean.html


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