7 Trending WordPress Web Design and Development Strategies in 2020

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More than thirty per cent of the websites present on the internet is in dominion by WordPress. There is no doubt about it, that WordPress is one of the most exceptional leaders in the market of the CS domain, as a great extent of the global market is brought to a bay with it. Well, it would not be wrong to mention that CMS builds the tone for the whole development industry. 


A lot of revisions are taken every year in the WordPress website development service. Further, the revisions are affected by the new brand features that the platform has introduced itself. Altering the taste and preferences of the users also showcase the level of experts in designing the websites. After knowing that the latest trends can be helpful for the creation of interfaces that are aligned with the preferences of the client along with apparent beautiful practices. 

Well, below are some of the latest trends and fashion that WordPress developers, as well as the other users, can expect in the coming year. 

Attractive Video Headers

In the present era, people are interested in watching videos rather than reading the text and the same process is applicable in various industries as well as niche, but not everywhere. What we mean here is interesting videos can be powerful enough as it can increase the number of visitors on the website and many users would like to spend time on the website. So, this is the right time to learn about the addition of video header on the WordPress website. One of the basic benefits of video headers is that a great number of viewers will be drawn towards the site and it is the best method for the engagement of the target audience. With the help of Vlog, a WP theme, there can be an addition of videos from Youtube directly to the website. One can even make a choice for more than one video for insertion into the home page slider. Around two hundred layouts and layering are available for the customization of video frames and every single one of it is optimized for the elements of speed. Video headers are built for alluring viewers, always prefer keeping them small and sweet.    

Drag and Drop 

Well, there is no question about how Gutenberg has completely changed the level of designing with its superb organization. Earlier people used to design things in a minimal way, however now, every other thing is synchronized in different blocks. There are types of blocks like audio block, quote block, heading block, code block, and a subheading block, Plus, every type of block is inserted, arranged or it is designed perfectly. Post designs have turned extremely easy with Gutenberg, for instance, drag and drop the files, well, there you go, make the finest personalizations and transformations in the procedure. If you are a beginner in the field, then you are at the right spot. There is also no requirement of opening up a completely different window for previewing the content posted by the users. By using Gutenberg, there is no need of looking at how your post’s gonna look. It is also the default editor for version 5 of WordPress. Apparently, it owns only the options for designing the posts and no whole websites. However, one can still look into it as a future update. 

AR & VR 

AR referred to as Augmented Reality and VR as Virtual Reality. Up to now, mostly VR has been linked to games, however, AR and VR are the best for displaying 3D effects to the website. Amazingly, customers feel more connected to the websites and content that makes them feel the real-life journey and time. For example, VR has the capability of altering the standard property site of the 3D tour homes into rent or sale. The interested customers are free to take a look at the entire house and feel the emotions, even before visiting it. Such processes help save time and this way customers can make way towards better decisions. AR is good for the integration of digital content in the real world. The first and foremost tasting was undertaken by AR gaming during the release of Pokemon Go. If you are fond of choosing easy plugins, then this is not for you as it is highly modern and can be complex for the users preferring simplicity. 

Grow with E-Commerce 

With the rapid growth in technology, e-commerce nowhere stands back. As we know, online shopping is an old activity, but the latest changes in the trends involve great retail industries. These industries are preferring to change along with the purchasing preferences. By the wonderfully safe and quick payments, customers no more leave back items in their cart, rather they prefer buying it now. It is better to opt for a simple payment method, which implies there will be better control of money for the users, without being tensed about the different problems of currencies, etc. Meanwhile, the latest used WordPress plugin on e-commerce websites is WooCommerce that is completely free. However, for using that purchase some add ons. This plugin is best for security purposes and subscriptions. Plus, it has other features as well that are good for e-commerce websites. 


There would not be a person who does not like animation. The animation is loved by all and is the best way for bringing on dynamic effects to the site like images, text, and video. If your site involves animation, there is no need for adding bigger videos to it. Also, one does not need to worry about the load time of the website as the latest modernistic animations have newly laid down elements and features. Generally, a visual motion that is streaming is better for attracting the websites. Animations are put in an application to images, page transitions, videos, and headers. These are the finest methods for lighting up the website in the right manner. Even if a single element of the website is animated, then it will totally stand out from the crowd. The animation is not a new concept but has been developing with each year. It has been concentrating on ways that keep the viewers interactive enough for the content displayed. Examples would be page scrolling and mouse-hovers. A lot of plugins are involved that are helpful for the creation of animation and out of all, some of them are even free. Animate It is a popular plugin that can add CSS3 animation to the website, with flash, flip, bounce, and pulse. Viewers are free to apply the animation constantly or repetitively. 

Parallax Scrolling 

Are you searching for a smooth experience? Then, better get on board with Parallax Scrolling which will give unimaginable smoothness to your website. Since half of the websites do not own a standard scroll up and down elements, however, with this you can easily take a look at the single sections of the website. A time-saving element can be opted here, as there is no need of scrolling all over the website for searching out for intriguing information. The background images keep moving with slow speed in comparison to the foregrounded images. With this, the users can build 3D illusions, that are simple and sober. The content should be eye-catching, but not in a way that it takes away light from the primary content. It is natural to be carried away with different web designs, so this is the reason that users should observe some examples of Parallax Scrolling before executing it. Be it EdenYale or Hitachi or Crema all of them have incurred the usage of this thing by building stylish and attractive websites. Some of the free plugins for parallax scrolling are advanced WordPress backgrounds, which is not much coordinating with every theme, though there will not be any problem if one is using the same. 

CSS Grids 

If you are looking out for good mobile responsiveness, then CSS Grids are exactly the ones for it! From the year 2016, we have been surfing the web with smartphones and by different mobile devices than using the desktop or pc. Presently, everyone out there is using mobiles for completing their online tasks. Also, there will be much percentage of people who are interested in viewing web content through mobile phones. Naturally, if websites are suitable enough for desktop or computer views, then they must be better for mobile indexes as well. CSS Grid is one of the most responsive grids for changing the size of content as per the display required by the viewer. With the screen turning small, the content will shrink, and the screen turning bigger, content turns larger. It also renders exposure to the content by arranging it in a visible manner, no matter what. Besides, choose the ones that have the search engine optimization work done properly, as Google largely follows the mobile-friendly algorithm. 


Well, WordPress web development has transformed into a completely extraordinary field. By keeping insight into the latest trends being followed, can benefit the experts for developing a different edge for the competitors out there

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design/7218-7-Trending-WordPress-Web-Design-and-Development-Strategies-in-2020.html


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