2 simple methods about fly fishing knots leader to fly line

by Drinktowind on Aug 3, 2020 Fishing 153 Views

Do you have problems with fly fishing knots leader to fly fishing line? Are you still worried about can't knot leader by self? Here is a step by step course to solve this problem, then you can make two kinds of knots by yourself. Let's go and see.

1.Clouser Minnow

Clouser Minnow is a kind of classical way to knot leader. The settling velocity of clouser minnow is fast, so it is mainly used in seawater, well, sometimes it can be used in fresh water.

The process of fly tying:

(1)tie the string to the hook;

(2)tie the fake eye hard, and use some glue to fix;

(3)use white Buck Tail as abdomen;

(4)fix the buck tail to the handle of the hook and back of the fake eye;

(5)fix the buck tail to the eye of the hook and cut out the extra fur;

(6)tie the pearl floss under the handle of the hook;

(7)use fluorescent green-yellow buck tail as back;

(8)tie the fluorescent green-yellow buck tail under the handle of the hook;

(9)cut out the extra fur and finish with some glue.

2.Willow Hairy Fly

Willow hairy fly is an original way to knot leader of an angler, he was inspired by the willow hair and used deer hair to make this.

The process of fly tying:

(1)tie the string to the deer-hair bug;

(2)mix fluorescent green-yellow, yellow and black deer hair;

(3)tie a pinch of deer hair firstly;

(4)tie the second pinch of deer hair;

(5)cut out the extra hair;

(6)use your hand or tool to push and stress the hair so that can be tight and close;

(7)tie repeatedly until perfect;

(8)tie some deer hair to the eye of the hook and use some glue;

(9)fix your fly and we finish it.

We provide two methods to knot leader to fly line, have you get it? Try to do it by yourself! 

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Recreation-and-Sports/Fishing/7021-2-simple-methods-about-fly-fishing-knots-leader-to-fly-line.html


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