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Given the complex world that we’re now living in, there’s an increased demand for professionals specializing in applied behavioral analysis. In fact, a study published on the official BACB website claims that the demand for BCBA certified professionals has increased by 1,942% from 2010 to 2018. In the US alone, over 3 million people are grappling with autism-related issues. There is a huge demand for BCBA professionals who can work with these individuals and help them reach their maximum potential.

Behavioral analysts offer therapeutic help to people and encourage them to control their behavior. These professionals also work with parents, teachers, and care givers supporting them as they work with individuals with autism. If you’re planning a career in behavioral analysis, here is what you ought to know:

What Is Behavioral Analysis?

As we earlier said, behavior analysts work with individuals suffering from behavioral issues and encourage them to maintain their quality of life. Individuals could range of children with learning disabilities, vulnerable children in an abusive environment, people with autism-related issues, and more. An Applied Behavior Analyst works with people to improve communication skills, social and reading abilities, and enhancing their learning abilities. An Applied Behavior Analyst also helps with personal hygiene, motor skills, and domestic skills in people, thereby encouraging them to assimilate into the regular world.

What Does a Behavior Analyst Do?

A Behavior Analyst researches on therapies that prompt social behaviors and study the effectiveness of treatments. They address the issues in these therapies, thereby making them effective. These analysts work with individuals, offering counseling and focusing on prevention and behavioral modification. Through the help of behavioral modification, it is possible to maintain a positive mind frame, earn new abilities, and promote social interaction.

How To Become A Certified Behavior Analyst?

To the uninitiated the Board Certified Behavior Analyst owns a graduate –level certification in behavioral analysis. Treatment is often focused on helping individuals undertake structured one on one activities and break them into simple tasks. Such repeated activities can be rewarding and encourage them to survive in a natural environment. Becoming a certified Behavioral Analyst involves the following steps:

There are three options to become a behavioral analyst. You could earn a graduate degree from an accredited university and completed the allotted coursework and supervised practical experience. You can earn a graduate degree in applied behavioral analysis, psychology, or education and gain practical experience by earning a fulltime behavior analysis faculty position. Or, you can earn a postdoctoral degree with over 10 years of experience.

Step 1: Earn A Degree

Before applying for the BACB exam, you will have to first earn a Master’s degree in applied behavior analysis, psychology, or education. You can earn this degree in a traditional degree or an accredited online course. You must also meet all the qualifying requirements set by BACB’s Fourth Edition Task List and the Course Allocation List.

Step 2: Complete Necessary Coursework

You must have completed at least 270 classroom hours of academic classes and designated coursework from an accredited institution. The coursework must include concepts related to ethical and professional conduct, applied behavior analysis, and concepts related to behavior. Supplementary coursework must include behavioral assessment, behavior-change procedure, BACB compliance code, and more.

Step 3 – Complete The Necessary Experience Hours

You must have completed supervised work related to education and training. This could be experience as a licensed psychologist or an authorized VCS instructor. Supervised work must be around 1500 work hours and practical work of around 1000 hours. Applicants must also have completed intense practical work of around 750 hours.

All work experiences must be properly recorded and documented and saved.  This must be shown as proof of experience.

Step 4: Taking The Actual BCBA Exam

The actual exam includes around 150-odd multiple choice questions and 10 pilot questions. Candidates have 4 hours to complete the test and will be evaluated for experimental design, measurement, assessment, etc.

What To Know Before Taking Up BCBA Exam?

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How To Maintain Certification?

To maintain your BCBA certification, candidates must complete ongoing tests and meet self-reporting requirements. The recertification process must be done every 2 years before the recertification date.

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