How to Choose the Best Child Care in Highgate

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So, it is time to find good child care for your kid, and you are completely overwhelmed. Though Google gives you a wealth of information about child care centres in Highgate, finding a quality child care provider can be even more challenging as you are quite confused on what basis you have to select the one that suits your child. Don’t worry; here are the tips to help you choose the best preschool in Highgate that is suitable for your kid. 

Determine your needs 

When looking for a preschool, consider you and your child’s needs and budget. Finding a preschool doesn’t have to be challenging if you determine your needs. Do you need a full-time program with extended care or a half-day program? Are you looking for an early childhood education program that has a particular educational facility? Would your child be more comfortable and thriving in a small home setting or a Highgate childcare centre? Once you have articulated your needs, you can start looking actively. Ask yourself these questions and find out which program suits you and your kid. 

If you both are working, go with a full-time program with extended care. If you have someone to take care of your kid, half a day preschool program is sufficient. Figure out how much you can spend so that you ca n list the schools that don’t break your budget. 

Things to look for in a preschool in Highgate 

The teaching staff 

One of the significant factors you need to consider when choosing a preschool is the teaching staff of the child care centre. However, it is the most difficult thing to evaluate. What makes a great teacher? Well, a good teacher will bond with children and make them feel safe. Try to visit the classroom at various times so that you can observe the teachers. A great teacher will always encourage children who are lonely and refuse to mingle with others. There should be lots of interaction between the teachers and students. High fives, hugs, and encouraging words are great significant as well. 


Familiarise yourself with the school’s emergency plans as well as the teacher-student ratio. Take a look at the playground, and the classrooms need to be spacious and comfortable for the children. The classroom should be a space that belongs to young children. 


The communication between the preschool and parents should be open. Enquire about the school handbook and their communication habits. Monthly calendars, newsletters, and emails are some of the ways the school communicates with the parents. 


Ask more questions and know what your child will learn, how the school encourages children to learn, what activities are given, and how the early childhood program is designed. Check the goals for each age group in the preschool. 

Hope these tips will help you focus your thoughts about choosing the best childcare in Highgate that is best for your kid. 

The author owns a reputed preschool in Highgate. He is fond of children and gives various tips about parenting in his blogs. He provides an engaging preschool program in a loving, home-like environment where children can play and learn. Visit for more details.

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