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by Lloyd K Bennett on Jan 20, 2022 College 143 Views

So, you finally completed your essay, but before you hand it in-hold your horses! You don’t want days and weeks of work to go down the drain due to careless typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

A spell check is just not enough. Experts recommend that you do your editing essay not from beginning to end but from the end to beginning. Read through your paper carefully-line by line and paragraph by paragraph backwards-this will take your mind off the argument and let you concentrate more on the mechanics of writing. Isolate each line above a ruler as you read it for greater accuracy.

Make a list of common mistakes
Once you are armed with a list of common errors that you tend to make in earlier work you can use it to keep a vigilant lookout for similar mistakes. This will help your Essay proofreading. If spellings are a common problem do one proofreading to just check the spelling; if punctuation is an issue then reserve another paper proofreading for spellings alone.

Take a break
Do not start essay proofreading as quickly as you stop writing. Take a break of a day or even just a few minutes to refresh your mind. Mistakes can just slip by you when you are mentally exhausted. Set aside a full hour for paper proofreading so that you do not have to rush through this important stage of academic writing and you will be more than satisfied with the outcome.

Do one essay proofreading session by reading out loud to find out if what you have written flows and makes complete sense. Revisit instructions of your professor to ensure that you have followed all the specifications. If not modify the essay further till you are satisfied.
If you sound too verbose in parts, simplify your language. If the meaning of a sentence is unclear rewrite it till the meaning is clearer. Moreover, you can ask someone to proofread your essay and assist you to detect unclear wordy sentences.

Pay attention to format
Essay proofreading also requires you to look at your paper format. Ensure that you have left 1”margins on all sides along with double spacing. Make sure that you ‘justify’ the text for an optimum fit.Use the ‘spell-check’ option but keep in mind that it is not perfect and can make a mistake too. So keep your own antennas up as well. Pay close attention to editing guide for a well polished and flawless paper.

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