Important Features of AET & Assessor Training Programs in United Kingdom

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The Level-3 AET program is suitable for the individuals who want to teach in the Further Education sector or want to work as Learning and Development Professionals (corporate trainers). Teaching the students above 16 years of age is different than teaching the adults. It requires excellent communication skill and innovative teaching skills in order to keep the students focused on a subject and to make sure that the students do not lose interest in learning. The AET program has been designed to help the aspiring educators to develop these skills. The Level-3 qualification functions as the ‘Stepping Stone’ for the aspiring candidates, as it delivers the basic training with regards to delivering knowledge in post-16 education sector.

The ‘Post Compulsory Education and Training Sector’ of United Kingdom encompasses the following sectors of education or coaching centres.

1) sixth form or the last two years (Year-12 and Year-13) of secondary education that is also known as further education

2) Higher education

3) Vocational learning

4) Apprenticeships

5) Post-16 coaching academies

6) Private training organisations, such as corporate training centres

Any other type of teaching/training centre that does not fall within the Primary or the Secondary Education sectors also fall within the category of post-16 education sector. Hence, the participants of AET program have the opportunity to teach the students of higher-education alongside having the opportunity to work as a trainer in the corporate sector or other coaching academies. The availability of Level 3 Award in Education and Training online makes it possible for you to master the skills of teaching despite being associated with other profession. The online courses give you the opportunity to complete the training at convenient hours.

Alongside the AET program, the assessor course UK also gives you the opportunity to train the students of Post-16 education sector along with the participants of different types of vocational coaching programs. The main objective of the assessors is to visit a candidate in his/her place of work in order to evaluate the capability or to ensure if this individual is capable of fulfilling the national occupational standards for a particular skill or profession. You develop the skills to perform the following tasks after completing this course.

A) You can identify a candidate’s level of knowledge as well as skills.

B) You can correctly identify the specific knowledge and skills a candidate needs to achieve.

C) You can produce a customised and feasible plan of action for every individual depending upon their unique needs or demands as well as the level of their skills and knowledge.

D) You can monitor the level of progress of each candidate against this plan of action.

It is crucial to have the recent experience of working in the occupational sector that you want to assess in order to become an assessor alongside completing the aforementioned qualification. You may even need to achieve either of the following nationally-recognised qualifications.

1) Certificate in assessing the candidates using various methods (A1).

2) Certificate in assessing the performance of candidates through observation (A2).

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