What's the Best Wedding Ring for Her?

by Donnell Dean on Apr 19, 2021 Shopping and Product Reviews 96 Views

To find an answer to the above question, especially in 2021, we need to update ourselves. Because, the jewelry design industry, artists and art, have come a long way from the past generation. When your parents got married, the scenario was completely different, so unless you have some recent experiences with your friends, this is not going to be easy.

Should you go for comfort or eye-catching? Should you go for a stone set or plain? What color? What carat? What type of cut? Single color or a combination? What type of metal? And on and on. Purchasing a simple 5mm gold wedding band can also mean a multitude of questions, starting from the budget, variants, intricate designs, engravings, and so on. If you dive deep, there are tons of things to verify authenticity. Some of them might be more important than others, in your case.

For example, one might be looking for a 5mm wedding band irrespective of color or stonework. This is because as you reduce the weight and designs on the band, the price reduces too. These can start around $150 or so for a classic white platinum piece with nice rounded edges that sit well on her finger. If you are trying to purchase one for her, then take her with you too, because, by tradition, couples purchase the wedding ring together, while engagement rings are bought by the man. But traditionally, rings are also elaborate in some aspects and not as simple and minimalist as these days. The modern trend is to have less.

Because, less also means more affordable couples, in their twenties prefer them more. The new generation is also looking for alternatives that don't cost as much because of obvious reasons. The choice of materials is a big factor today too because of alloys, composites, and bringing new opportunities. Ecological resourcing of gemstones, metal-alloys, might be something unique. A criss-cross of sapphires and diamonds can save you half the cost of using just diamonds and also add a punch of color to the 5mm gold wedding band. But, you can also try it on a white platinum ring, if gold is too shiny for you.

Budget is a deciding factor in most cases because of which the jewelry design and designers are creating a whole new portfolio of simple and customizable wedding bands. These are very affordable because they don't stick to the traditional norm and bring uniqueness in other ways. They can be chain-links, spiral and wavy patterns, collapsible, and so on. Often, they are highly polished too. The 5mm wedding band is suitable for her if she genuinely wants to wear it every day without issues.

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