Causes of Clogged Drains

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Nobody loves the concept of clogged plumbing lines, whether they carry water or garbage. When plumbing water finds a full or partial barrier, it will redirect itself, resulting in a variety of effects ranging from backups and flooding to delayed drainage and low pressure. Some problems are mere annoyances, while others entail significant harm and money. If you need any drain repair in Toronto, you need to hire an experienced plumber in Toronto. Many individuals are interested in learning how to avoid all forms of clogged plumbing problems. Here, we will discuss a few causes of clogged drains, so that you can prevent the issue from occurring.


Food scraps and chunks should be thrown away in a garbage bin, not down the sink, bathtub, or laundry drain. It should not be flushed down the toilet either, because it isn't what it was built to carry. None of these drains can handle much solid debris. Sticky, stringy, sharp, or hard materials are not suitable for use in a water pipe.

Scales for Pipes

Pipe scale is a natural buildup that interacts with your pipes and can eventually cause a clog or obstruction due to the mineral deposits that water leaves behind. Scale is formed when dissolved calcium and magnesium, as well as other metallic elements, are left behind in flowing water.


Hair might accumulate to the point where it causes a slow or complete blockage. We can't stop hair from falling out of our heads, but we can try to keep it out of the drain as much as possible by using small screens and good habits, like sweeping hair out of sinks and washing hairbrushes over the trash can. When you observe hair accumulating in the drain or hanging from it, remove it out using needle-nose pliers or long tweezers on a regular basis, rather than letting it sit or wash down the drain. A variety of drain screens are also available, which prevent hair from falling down the drain and make cleaning up easier.

Hygiene Products

As hygiene products and infant diapers do not biodegrade, and include cotton and other fibres that have a high ability to clog and attract other clogging agents, they represent a threat to plumbing systems. Even though pad wrappers and tampon applicators claim to be "flushable," the sewer treatment contains microorganisms that break down human waste, but they do not disintegrate anything else.

Roots of Trees

Tree roots are well acknowledged as the leading source of water and sewer main blockages and obstructions. Tree roots are more commonly found infiltrating the pipes of older homes, but they can infiltrate systems of any age. A gurgling sound is the first indicator of tree root incursion into a sewage or water line.

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