Four Floral Arranging Mistakes to Avoid

by Joseph Delarge on Jul 11, 2019 Shopping and Product Reviews 281 Views


The idea of customizing bouquets, wreaths, and vase arrangements on your own is amazing. After arranging that bunch of flowers bought from your local florist in Toronto Ontario, have you ever thought why it didn’t look like the photo on Pinterest? Here we’ve compiled a list of the mistakes you must avoid that will allow you to create a floral arrangement that is as beautiful as you. 

Picking Too Many Colours 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are choosing flowers for a floral arrangement is they pick too many colours. It’s always best to choose flowers from a limited colour palette to get the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion. Moreover, while choosing flowers, pick colours that complement each other or look similar in tone. If you choose too many colours, they won’t blend together and makes your floral arrangement look inharmonious. You can also talk to a florist from the leading flower shop in Toronto for some advice. 

Different Flower Shapes 

If you are making a floral arrangement using flowers according to sentimental value or preference, always make sure that they look good together in the vase. Balance out tall-stemmed flowers with round ones, full with slender, and more. 

Wrong Vase Choice 

The container you are choosing for your floral arrangement plays a role as important as your flower selection. Here are the common mistakes people often make when selecting flower vase for the arrangement. 

- A vase that is too tall or wide for the arrangement 
- A vase that is too small or narrow 
- Wildly coloured containers 
- Containers that are uniquely shaped and can’t hold enough water 

If you choose containers from any of the above categories, it would be tough to work with and make the experience frustrating. The bigger the vase you choose, the more flowers you will need, and the longer their stems should be. So, select the size of the vase according to the flowers you choose. 

Not Taking Proper Care for Flowers 

Most floral arrangements fail due to improper flower care. Basic flower care must be followed from the time the flowers enter your home. Keep the stems in water in a cool place until you’re ready to make the arrangement. When you start arranging the flowers, fill the vase with cool tap water mixed with flower food. Before placing the flowers into the container, make sure to cut an inch off the stem because if you skip, it can shorten the vase life of your flowers. Make sure no green leaves will be in the vase water. You can also choose flower delivery in Toronto for best quality flowers. 

The Bottom Line 

Don’t settle for the same color and type of flowers always as it’s easy to do. Try and experiment with different seasonal flowers and add things from your own garden to give it a unique touch. Your florist in Toronto Ontario can also help you in this regard. 

The author of this article is the leading florist in Toronto Ontario, with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he writes about the four common mistakes to avoid in floral arranging. Visit for more information.

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