Evolution of Parkas along High-End Fashion Highway

by Alen Cooper on May 19, 2020 Shopping and Product Reviews 104 Views

Parka is a type of jacket that is available across the market in wide versions based on the variety of material, color and style. Compared to other jackets, it provides sufficient warmth and coziness. Thus particularly in cold rainy seasons, people rely more on parkas than any other jacket.

The originals

The Arctic region is one of the coldest places in the world. It covers a large area including northern Russia and Alaska. The word ‘parka’ is said to have originated from there and basically means ‘the skin of animal’. Today parkas are a chic and stylish clothing option but its original version used to be made from seal’s skin. Thus it offered sufficient warmth and comfort to the indigenous community there while going on a hunting or kayaking spree.

Functional designing of the garment proved helpful in ways more than one. The original version roughly included a hood lined with fur and roomy proportions to provide the much needed insulation and protection from extreme cold. They also used to be lengthwise long and treated with fish oil to resist water.

Since those primitive versions, the item has undoubtedly travelled a huge distance to reincarnate as extremely stylish, fashionable and quality parka coats for men and women alike. How did this metamorphosis occur? Did it occur at one go and the primitive parkas changed into their chic modern versions overnight? What factors did contribute to this unbelievable transformation?

These are some of the questions that we cannot resist our mind to explore from time to time. Let us try taking stock of this striking change in the following paragraphs.

Transformation in initial stages

The world of 1940s witnessed the devastation of World War II. This was also the time that witnessed large amount of functionality being incorporated in designing of parkas. Retaining few of the basic features, the armed forces rapidly endeared parkas to keep their rank and the file – then busy combating enemies at the fronts – protected from extreme weather conditions. That is when the basic version of Intuit parka started its journey of transformation. The military introduced the fur line on a parka coat. This first phase of evolution continued till the 1950s.

Second phase transformation

With the advent of the 1950s the horrific days of WWII were over. After every Great War the World Order changes to some extent or the other and the WWII was no exception. In the post WWII era the sense of liberation sprang up and in this overall backdrop parkas swiftly turned into a basic or staple wardrobe element. After all, the world had changed and people were experiencing a modern way of living. Amidst these massive changes parkas – thanks to their basic functional design – did not only manage a toehold but sprang to occupy a prominent position across the world of high fashion.   

Parkas and youth culture

Finally parkas became in sync with the youth culture of the time, integrating itself with Vespa and Lambretta scooters and ofcourse modern jazz music. In the swinging 60s, a lot of celebs including the Rolling Stones members donned these jackets frequently. The trend continued even with buying parka jackets for women all over the US.

Parkas underwent certain designing changes and evolved in their contemporary looks throughout 1990s and the early 2K. Till then more and more celebs from the world of music and movies are adopting it to define and redefine their trendy fashion statements

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