Car Accident vs. Traffic Violence

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Media has a strong impact on how we perceive situations and it is unbelievable how a play of words can change the meaning of something. Several people die on the streets every day and most of them are not drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists are regular victims in car crashes and the majority of them are not breaking any traffic rules. Practically speaking, we cannot say that these poor souls were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is true that death is inevitable for a human being, but in accordance to that philosophy, even a first-degree murder could be justified.

‘Accident’ is a controversial term that tends to neutralize the aspects of a casualty. Normally, the recklessness of the driver has caused the tragedy, yet every death on the road is labelled as an accident. Even DUI/DWI crimes under police investigation are enlisted in the same category, which is alarming to say the least. When we call an incident an ‘accident’ it usually implies that no one can be blamed and there was no way the situation could be prevented. In reality, there is always someone at fault, yet the state of affairs is represented in a way that shields the real picture or protects the offender.

For some reason, a number of powerful media influencers go as far as reversing the roles of the victim and the criminal. It appears to be a convenient practice to remove the blame from the survivor and pin it on the unfortunate. The larger portion of pedestrian deaths in the last few years did not occur in accident-prone zones or on the busiest city streets during rush hours. Therefore, there is no feasible explanation for the high death rate associated with car accidents; neither can we rationalize a link with ‘natural selection’.

A lot of the stories in the news are far-fetched and lack evidence to support the message conveyed. The rise in roadside fatalities has previously been connected to a surge in homeless people who are apparently trying to get themselves killed. You might deem that no one sensible would buy that, but literature is a powerful tool that can be twisted to manipulate the brightest of minds. I am not saying that every car crash is the result of the driver’s carelessness or aggression. There are always exceptions where the other party must be held responsible, but what readers should be getting is the full story.

Many publishers have bashed the drivers and highlighted the tragedies as ‘traffic violence’. The headlines sound good for a change and seem to consider the grief experienced by the family/associates of the victim. On the contrary, it is rare that the driver intended to take someone’s life on the road. Maybe a pedestrian appeared out of the blue and the driver couldn’t press the brake in time. Many people do not realize the seriousness of driving a car and a moment of panic or frenzy gets the best of them.

The word ‘violence’ generates an assumption that someone created a disaster on purpose. However, most car crashes are caused by human error or slow reaction time, so an evil plan or motive does not exist. It is hard to categorize an incident as an ‘accident’ or an act of ‘violence’ unless we know the whole truth. Thus, it is better to stick with ‘car crash’ and focus on strategies to reduce the frequency of casualties. For starters, being more cautious on the road, staying sober and respecting speed limits can improve the statistics. 

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