Significance of Ziyarah During Umrah

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Umrah is the spiritual journey to Mecca’s Epicenter named the Holy Kaaba undertaken by Muslims all over the world. The chosen fortunate Muslims perform their spiritual journey with the utmost happiness and religious fervor. Unlike Haj, Umrah is not mandatory and time-specific. It can be performed anytime during the year.

Umrah is not a religious ritual alone, it is also the source of learning our religion. Keep this in mind that Islam is not a religion of prayers and Ibadah, it’s a carrier of intricate and thought-provoking historical and spiritual events. Every place you visit in the wondrous cities of KSA bears an inspiring history. Being a Muslim, we must have a sound knowledge of these events. When you consult your chosen travel incorporation for your Umrah, go through the famous and significant sites of Ziarah mentioned in the offered Group Umrah Packages.

Benefits of All-Inclusive Packages

While planning for a spiritual Umrah Journey, it is highly recommended to consult with the licensed and reliable travel incorporations who readily offer you the various affordable all-Inclusive packages along with the essential guidance about your Umrah. These packages make your Umrah/Haj journey easy and memorable. These customer-friendly packages also refrain from the wastage of an exorbitant amount of money. These all-Inclusive packages don’t let you make separate arrangements for accommodation and transportation. Because these formalities are fulfilled by the reliable travel agents.

Essentialities of All-Inclusive Packages

Your smart choice of the package must include the following considerable facilities



Tour Guides


Ziyarah and it's Meaning

Ziarah is an Arabic word which means “visit”. In Islam, it is another form of pilgrimage to the sites associated with the Holy Prophet ( SAW), his family members, descendants, his companions and other revered figures of Islam. The sites of Ziyarah include Masjids, maqams, battlefields, mountains, and caves.


Importance of Ziyarat during Umrah/ Haj

When you reach Mecca, feast your eyes with the charismatic view of Kaaba, perform all the essentialities of your Umrah ritual with a heart brimmed with the love of Allah Almighty. However, if you are with family plan your Umrah with an intention and time to visit the Holy Places other than Kaaba. These places are not only an emblem of spectacular Islamic architecture but also the carriers of significant historical events. To fulfil the intention of Ziarah, make sure that the all-inclusive package you choose, must provide you with the opportunity of Ziarah of the enchanted Holy places of Mecca and Medina.


Ziyarah is a form of Speaking

Many scholars view that Ziyarah like dua is the form of speaking. However, Dua is an act of speaking to Allah Almighty while Ziyarah or visitation is an act of speaking with the role models, prophets and Imams who have spread the message of the “Oneness of Allah”.

Sense of Closure with the venerated Personalities

When we make Ziyarah to any of our holy places or visit the sacred graves of the Prophets there, we have more than a golden opportunity to recall those Allah’s messengers who sacrificed their entire lives in propagating Allah’s message. This gives pilgrims a sense of closure and satisfaction.  Muslims pay homage to these religious sites and broaden their horizons.

Matter of Serendipity and Honor

It is the matter of great fortune/ serendipity for the pilgrims to feast their eyes and enrich their minds with the sacred and spiritual places in Mecca and Medina. Allah calls to his Holy House whoever he wills.

Undoubtedly, the most remarkable site in Makkah is the Masjid ul Haram while that in Medina is none other than Masjid e Nabwi. Along with these two, there are other secondary sites of immense interest and importance.


The Most Important Thing for Ziyarah

For Ziyarah, it is extremely important to consult with the leading tour operators whose networks are extended throughout Mecca and Medina. These tour operators must hire their known and reliable tour guides and cab or bus drivers. These persons must have the entire knowledge of the most expedient route and the best time to travel.


The immensely Sacred Sites of Ziyarah

Don’t miss the chance to soothe your eyes through a serene Ziyarah of the sacred sites closest to Masjid Ul Haram. These will make you realize that the dignity of the fellows associated with our Holy Prophet ( SAW).

Jannat Ul Mualla

Jannat Ul Mualla cemetery is one of the most famous graveyards in Islam which is 10 mins away from the grand Masjid ul Haram. This sacred cemetery along with the Masjid e Jin is easily assessable on any schedule. The sacredness of this place is truly ineffable. Because it reminds us of the dear and near ones of our Holy Prophet ( SAW) and our love for our Prophet ( SAW) and his family gets spiritually intensified. Because it is the sacred gravesite of his beloved wife Khadija, his grandfather and great-grandfather Abdul Muttalib and Abdul Munaf.

Masjid e Ayesha

It is another sacred emblem that displays the venerated place of Hazrat Ayesha (R.A), the beloved wife of the Holy Prophet ( SAW). This place is immensely praised by the Muslims, as Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) entered in this in the State of Ihram. The locals come here to wear Ihram for their Umrah.

Masjid e Jin

This Masjid makes you more God-Fearing and reminds you about the charisma of the Holy Quran even on non-humans as Jins. This Masjid alludes to the supernaturally spiritual event in which the Holy Prophet ( SAW) recited the Holy Quran to a band of passing jinns. Those Jinns fell under the spell of the glorious Holy Quran. The Quranic Surah Jin is proof of this very event.

The Cave of Hira and Thawr

You must never return without eying the more than a significant site in Mecca. This sacred cave is where the Holy Prophet ( SAW) became the Holy Prophet when he received his first revelation there. This is where he received and learn the lovely and elegant Holy Quran.
the Cave of Thaw is where he took refuge from the Kufaar when he was targeted.

Places of Ziyarah in Medina Munawara

Medina Munawra contains the other Holy Masjids other than the Grand Green Masjid e Nabwi ( SAW) are Masjid e Quba Ghammama and Jabal e Uhad.

Reading of Islamic Literature

Islamic literature is brimmed with the pros and cons of all the places of Ziyarah. So to get more inkling to seek guidance from the authentic Islamic sources of information.

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