Eleni & Christos' Adventurous Trip to Αmazonia Ecuador

by Anna Liakou on Nov 13, 2018 Travel Tips 314 Views


Did you know Amazon Rainforest is the ecosystem of largest diversity on our planet? Research reports say that large parts of this mysterious rainforest are still unknown, and most of the jungle is only accessible by navigating on the mighty Amazon River. Hence, taking a trip to this unexplored land is a dream for many travelers. 

Travel lovers, Eleni & Christos, who have an avid interest in exploring the unexplored, took their adventurous trip to this magical land in early October 2016. They took a 25- minute flight over the dense jungle of Amazonia from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. 

They flew to Coca, a small city at the confluence of three rivers with air Avianca-Aerogal. 

Eleni and Christos say, "The local government, in the last 30 years, has been trying to protect the indigenous Amazon people who live in the extended area and also the unique ecosystem with its extraordinary fauna and flora, while at the same time has as main aim to invest in tourist infrastructure." 

But, the fact is, their efforts to protect the nature must face oil drilling companies, who monopolize the exploitation of the area and have caused irreparable damage to the surrounding jungle. 

The real adventure of their Amazon tours from Quito began when they were transferred to the jetty of Napo River. Exploring the most bio-diverse place in a motorboat kindled even more the fire of exploration in the hearts of these globetrotters. When they reached Lake Pilchicocha, they were greeted by a grey, heavily clouded sky. These real travelers had their first taste of a tropical storm when they headed to their cabin in Sacha Lodge. 

The cabin at Sacha Lodge was fully equipped with two double beds, a private bath and, also a hot water shower. This cabin had a high-thatched roof and was fully screened against insects. Built with traditional rainforest material, it also featured some modern amenities such as ceiling fans, electrical outlets, and more. 

Eleni and Christos were lucky enough to see some of the majestic creatures in the Amazon including, Tamarin's Black-Mantle Monkeys, Cappuccino Monkeys, butterflies, birds, orchids as well as, palm trees in more colors than one could ever imagine. 

After a short canoe trip down River Napo, they encountered a tropical storm and returned to their cabin fully drenched. On the next day, they returned to Coca filled with images and experiences of their Amazon wildlife tours Ecuador.

Visit http://www.mytravellingdays.com/en/trip/amazonia_ecuador/quito to find their Amazon travel tips and adventurous experience in Ecuador. 

The author of this article is an avid traveler who loves to explore the unexplored lands. In this article, she shares her travel experience in Amazon wildlife tours in Ecuador. For more information, visit http://www.mytravellingdays.com/en/trip/amazonia_ecuador/quito

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