Cold-rolled nitriding treatment of seamless steel pipe

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For seamless steel tube(a53 seamless)cold rolling, the martensite is changed to seamless steel tube before the rolled piece enters the precision extruder. The rough rolling is still carried out under the condition of full martensite, and then according to the ultra-rapid refrigeration system between the fine extruder and the rough extruder, the temperature of the hot rolled strip is reduced to change before entering the first fine extruder Click below.

The nitriding method of seamless steel pipe is mainly to use a nitriding furnace, place the seamless steel pipe in the feed frame, and then use the driver to lift the product and place the workpiece on the bottom of the furnace for heating. In addition, the nitriding furnace with the design scheme of furnace door lifting load can be made, and the workpieces of the wall hanging products can be heated according to the special tools for lifting and wall hanging. The furnace shell of the nitriding furnace is generally driven by a reducer motor, an electric automatic elevator. After the furnace cover is closed, the anchor bolts are clamped to ensure the airtightness of the vacuum pump of the nitriding furnace. First vacuum packaging, then enter N2 to carry out the nitriding heat treatment process.

Nitriding treatment of seamless steel pipe (a53 seamless pipe) refers to an organic chemical heat treatment method in which a certain substance at a certain temperature makes the surface of the product of the organic chemical heat treatment process. Nitriding furnace application Nitriding furnace is used in various steel mechanical parts, car curved glazes, transmission gears, motorcycle brake pads, mold shells, etc. to carry out vapor nitriding heat treatment process. In the field of non-ferrous plates, it can be used for bright air-free oxidation quenching of copper materials such as air-conditioning copper pipes, copper coins, copper core wires, copper rods, etc. under a maintenance atmosphere. Or it can be used as a non-air oxidation quenching heat treatment method under N2 maintenance for vacuum pumps of thick-walled seamless steel pipes, short shafts, and various metal material parts.

Obviously, because the slab heating temperature of the cold-rolled seamless steel tube zone is lower than that of the basic cold-rolled, the heating energy consumption can be greatly reduced, and the output of the heat treatment furnace has also been improved. Low heating temperature can also reduce the heating of hot-rolled strip steel, thereby reducing fatigue cracking and cracking of hot-rolled strip caused by internal stress, and reducing hot-rolled strip abrasion; ultra-low temperature cold rolling can also reduce secondary zinc dust , To improve the process performance of hot rolled products, and also to increase the operating speed of the pickling passivation line. Life practice has proved that replacing traditional cold-rolled, quenched and hot-rolled steel strip with thin hot-rolled steel strip produced by hot-rolling in the seamless steel tube zone can greatly reduce product costs.

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