Analysis on the Technology of Large Diameter Steel Pipe Piles in High-Pile Wharf

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In the construction process, the same set of guide feet of the pile hammer and the landing gear of the pile hammer are used when the piles of various specifications are built.


Construction method:

Pre-construction preparations: make necessary transfer and review of the surveying plane control network points, leveling points and design drawings; measure the mud surface markings of the pile sinking area; arrange the pile sinking sequence according to the plan layout of the pile position and the engineering requirements and construction conditions , And prefabricated and processed in order to arrange foundation pile transportation and pile sinking work.


Anchor Positioning Wharf 1#, 2# The water depth at the sea side of the berth wharf is above 15m, the pile ship is positioned on the sea side when the wharf is built, and can be anchored directly (except for the head cable); the wharf shore is a silty shoal, and the pile sinking area is offshore It is relatively close and is not suitable for anchoring. It is necessary to bury ground cattle with cables to go ashore.


If the pile hammer is lifted and dropped in the form of an integrated hoisting pile with the former pile hammer, it may exceed the mechanical load and strength limit of the related supporting equipment. Because the shaft diameter of the fixed pulley set of the pile hammer landing gear is φ100mm, and because it only supports two pulleys, if the fixed pulley set is used to directly lift the pile hammer with a weight of more than 61t and replace it, plus the friction coefficient, it will inevitably exceed The strength limit of the fixed pulley block. In addition, the rated load of the hammer hoist is 120k N. If the hoist is used to directly lift the pile hammer and alternate driving, the mechanical load of the hoist is also exceeded. In addition, not only the strength of the pile hammer lifting block cannot meet the weight of simultaneously lifting and lowering the pile hammer and the replacement hammer; moreover, if the 2×150k N double drum winch is used to lift the pile hammer and the replacement hammer at the same time, only the aircraft frame can be used. To hoist the weight in the form of a special order, not only must the supporting equipment be specially customized, but also the hammer wire rope and the hook wire rope are on the same parallel line, and a slight surge will cause a mechanical accident. Considering the above factors comprehensively, in the process of constructing φ2600m m steel pipe piles, it was decided to use the method of lifting and lowering the pile hammer and the alternative driving separately, that is, instead of lifting the pile hammer with a 120K N hoist, use 2×150k. N double drum hoist to lift and lower to ensure the safety of construction.

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