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You can control all the functions of your and its related devices which are connected on the same network via the Amazon Alexa app. If you want, You can download the Alexa app from the Amazon app store, Apple app store, Google play store. You can use the Alexa app to install and control the skills and all related functions such as viewing and making shopping lists, controlling and managing the music and Alarms. Alexa app shows you the recognized text on your app’s screen. You can review this recognized text and give your comments on it either as good or bad.  Alexa app provides us with a web interface to set up many of the compatible devices such as Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot. Amazon Alexa is available in different variants. For example, Amazon Echo the first generation, Amazon Echo 2nd generation, Eco Show, Echo Spot, Echo look and many more. Amazon could launch Alexa’s new variants in the coming days. If you want to search anything through your Alexa device, You can do it just activating your by using the word “WAKE”.When you will say the word “ wake” this device will automatically activate.

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A user can also increase Alexa’s capabilities by downloading and installing many Alexa related skills. These skills are created by both Amazon and third-party vendors. Right now more than 75000 Alexa skills are available on the internet. These skills can be downloaded and installed on your Alexa device. Each skill has its own set of functions for different purposes. You can download and install the skills according to your needs or requirements. Follow the link if you want to Download Alexa app And Echo setup.


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