Challenges faced by higher education today

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Hundreds of universities opened the admissions for higher education promotion throughout United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom for 2018 intake in January. Now the time is here again to open doors for students from all across the globe to pursue their dream education in a university offering accredited degrees and quality education. Despite the hard efforts of universities and the funding, there are some serious challenges faced by higher education these days which need immediate attention. The higher education experts are talking and gathering facts about aligning their strategic goals with the cost and improve the governance of education in their institutes, let us see how many problems or challenges exist in the higher education today?

Students Don’t Think they are getting their Investments Back

When it comes to quality education and getting the most out of your education through a higher degree institution or university, a fewer students in the world think that they are getting the value of their education cost; an academic survey in UK reveals that larger number of students are complaining that they are getting a poorer value of their money invested in higher education. In 2012, the fees in United Kingdom and other countries were raised, the students also revealed that they are not sure where their fees is invested and the management is not trustworthy. The information exists in the accounts of the university; the students know not all of their fees is going to lectures due to poor quality of lecture delivery in many universities.

The fees is also an issue where the sports facilities and learning resources like books are concerned, many students have to pay extra to pay for the books in addition to fees which does not cover the cost of books and materials. Then the examination fee is raised as well in UK which is creating money difficulties for many poor students.

Issue of Student Well Being

The Office of National Statistics UK asked many students question about their well being; that includes their mental as well as physical well being of students. 29% of people in general say they are very satisfied with life; however only 14% of students agreed.The well being of students surely must be higher on the educational agenda of the universities that is still debatable.

International Students Often Complain about Universities

As far as foreign students are concerned, United Kingdom is known for attracting large number of international students each year, they are a huge source of income and benefits for the UK economy and universities. They provide social, economic and cultural benefits to the country as well as contributes towards their economy and market to produce human resources needed for sustainable competitive advantage in Europe. The research shows that 60% students including the old students and alumina say that they are most likely to do business with the UK as a result of studying there. 23 billion pounds is an estimated benefit that foreign students are bringing to the UK universities in a one year period that is a considerable amount.

Universities Need to Consider an Organized Data Program

The importance of data protection in higher educational institutions is most crucial part of their overall strategy and process. The IT experts analyze this fact and reveal their comments about the data protection mechanisms involved in the universities that are not reliable and up to par; the universities must consider the fact that they must protect the rights of student’s data through an organized data protection program. The data activities must be recorded accurately throughout the semesters, and a separate inventory of data must be produced.

Increased Risk Internationally

The global market for higher education is becoming more and more competitive in the world as revealed by the education experts; the changing global trends are increasing the value of education and putting more emphasis on quality than quantity. This is bringing significant risks as well for the students, and it is so important that universities must ensure right policies and governance mechanisms for placing the right people into supervisory and decision making roles overseas to attract more students.

Operational Cost is not aligned with Objectives and Goals

The financial position of many universities around the Europe and UK reveal that they need a robust program for cost reduction that is posing an extra financial risk for them. They need a mechanism and strategy for effective costs alignment and control to produce positive outcomes and provide value to students who invest in their education.


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