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by Auggie Diaz on May 11, 2020



Using Google advertising to grow your business is one of the smart ways to drive leads in a quick short period of time. Already, Small businesses are using PPC & Google Advertising to increase sales. And this is your warning to do something about your advertising strategy to acquire targeted customers NOW! Whether this is done through SEO, PPC advertising, or Facebook advertising, it is time to take action. Convinced? Hire the best PPC agency NYC and start driving leads today. Don’t know the benefits of using PPC advertising for your business? They are listed below in this article. Top Benefits of PPC Advertising 1. PPC Advertising is the best decision you can make to grow your business fast and high. 2. PPC advertising can help you attract talent 3. With PPC advertising, you can test various keywords and advertisements. You can A/B split test your advertisements to see which will drive the most results. 4. The good thing about PPC is that you only pay for an ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Feb 6, 2020

Internet and Businesses Online


Yes! Did you know? Internet traffic channeled through PPC advertisements brings about 50% more lead conversions than organic web traffic. In fact, PPC ads are one of the top three generators of on-page conversions. It is no wonder that PPC campaigns are great for driving more traffic to your website. PPC advertising is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing methods. When launched strategically, a PPC campaign can help a business generate more leads and boost revenue in a short period. However, it is not the only way to boost your web traffic. Yes, integrating your PPC data into your SEO strategy can help improve your overall performance. Does PPC affect SEO? PPC is a controlled digital marketing channel that gives an opportunity to target specific audiences and countries you want the ads to show up. The goal of the PPC campaign is to drive more conversations. While the PPC campaign does not directly affect SEO, but it does indirectly impact SEO. Many indirect occurrences ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Feb 3, 2020



Many business owners would love their products to go viral through the internet to increase production and cope with the competitors in the same niche. The digital marketing agencies use these social media platforms to increase the visibility of products and services of particular businesses. The internet including all the social media platforms has resulted in a high increase in the digital marketing agencies because of the millions of users. When you decide to outsource the digital marketing of your business, you need to choose the right internet marketing agency in New York to do the project on behalf of your company. Ask for referrals Word of mouth is more reassuring than hearing from the agency itself. The agency should have an accessible portfolio where you can view what the past clients are testifying about the marketing strategies of that company. This information will provide you with a hint to back up your search for a reputable digital marketing agency. You need ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Dec 6, 2019



Keeping up with all the changes taking place in the world of PPC is not always easy. To ensure that you produce great results in your paid search performance and stay ahead in the game, read on and be prepared for these PPC New York trends to look out for in 2020: Account Management and Automation: Automation is proven to be a great importance in PPC optimization and account management. It gives us the ability to spot great opportunities to modify and improve the performance of PPC campaigns. Automation also makes daily PPC management easier than ever before. With more businesses advertising their services and products online, there comes a need for more data analysis, planning, and reporting. Automating tasks such as bid management will help marketers in a great way. Visual Search: Internet users have been finding visual search extremely useful. With visual search, you can simply upload an image to a search engine and use it to find similar images that are ... Continue reading →

These 4 SEO Tips can Drastically Improve Your Business

by Auggie Diaz on Dec 5, 2019



SEO is an effective way of driving traffic to any website without paying for advertisements. This is why local SEO in NYC is highly beneficial for small businesses with restricted budget. Organic traffic is generated when a website ranks higher on the search engine results page, which is made possible by producing quality content that appeals to the audience. To benefit your business in the digital space, here are some effective SEO tips that you could implement: Keep Track of the Changes: Regardless of the SEO technique you implement, make sure that you are constantly monitoring any changes that happen. Based on your objective, analyze any changes that occur to a specific metric. This could be product purchases or newsletter signups. Use a suggested SEO tool to stay updated. A professional local SEO NYC expert can assist you with the same. Quality Content Creation is Key: Creating good quality content should always be a priority for any business site. Google ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Nov 29, 2019



As 2020 is all set to kick into gear, It's now time to consider what would change in the SEO and how will it affect your business growth. The digital marketing platform is continually evolving, where content marketing, SEO, social media, and PPC are the major players. It is challenging to keep up with all of these changes. In this article, we shall see what is in store for SEO in 2020. Here are some trends to be aware of: Offer Relevant Data which your Potential Customers want: With the recent Google algorithm updates, it has been found that stuffing keywords into content will not bring good rankings or conversion. Currently, it has been noted that the Search Engine giant is looking to provide the right message to the right audience. Hiring SEO consultant NYC will be your best bet to get higher ranks in Google search engine. The Loading Speed of your Webpage: It is well known that the first experience is the last experience. We will not click on a webpage if we have had ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Nov 26, 2019



SEO is by no means an exact science. It is more like an evolving art form that hinges on the forces of Google itself, the trends, and the action of other SEO’s. It revolves around determining the exact ranking factor behind the keywords used and competitor analysis. This makes the trend- spotting a vital part in the whole SEO practice. Because of this, SEO experts at should always keep their finger on the pulse of the changing SEO landscapes as it takes a short time for their best practices to go outdated. In this article, we have provided you with a primer on featured snippets and mobile-friendly sites, to help you develop strategies for the next year and to stay on top of the competition. Make sure your site is Google Mobile-Friendly: Over the last couple of years, we have seen that Google boosted the rankings of mobile-friendly websites for searches coming from mobile. As most of Google’s searches nowadays come from mobile devices, it is the mobile version of sites that ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Sep 17, 2019

Internet and Businesses Online


The three best ways to stand out from a crowd are to build your brand, tell a great story and provide helpful, authentic content. Do those three things consistently and leverage the latest trends and its game over (in a good way) for you and your business. Remember one thing; trends do not replace good marketing. But beyond that there is something new in this 2019, which Google look most closely to in terms of ranking the sites in 2019. In this growing tech-driven world, your morning rituals start with e-newsletters and our nightly routines end with social notifications and subscribed emails. Needless to say, technology has pierced through almost every part of your lives, and this momentum is not showing any signs of slowing down in the near future. Yes, in 2019 to promote a company’s services or product and to build a successful platform, this tech-driven world will be helpful. Here is a sneak peak of some of the top lead conversion strategies to ensure that you are ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Jul 18, 2019

Internet and Businesses Online


  Lead generation can be referred to the strategies and techniques carried out by small businesses to build interest revolving around their product or service among prospects, turning them into customers. It’s the act of identifying potential customers based on their actions such as intent to purchase your services, and gently guiding them along the engagement funnel until they become customers. Lead conversion is one of the digital marketing ideas for small business to improve their sales.  Lead generation for small businesses is important for a variety of reasons:  - To engage with potential customers in personalized ways  - To increase your client base  - To build revenue for your business  Many businesses have been spending time and effort into getting more leads but not converting the hard earned leads into customers. Sometimes, you do not need additional leads or prospects at all; instead what is needed is just better ways to convert ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Jun 30, 2019



  An increasing number of consumers turn to the internet for all of their needs, and home buyers are no exception. Did you know about 44% of real estate buyers start their home search online, and among that 95% real estate buyers use the internet at some point in the buying process? So, in today’s digital world, the local real estate agents should inverse in digital marketing ideas to get active online and to rank their home listings. In fact, it is one of the knowledgeable ways to make sure that your listings are easy.  Proven Step By Step Process to Boost Your Local Real Estate Company to That Critical First Spot  Step 1: Selecting the Keywords That Fit your House Listing  List the keywords that reflect your services with the help of SEO experts, and set up a free Google AdWords account. All SEO keywords fall loosely into two types. They are, buying intent and research intent. And, the AdWords account will provide you with access to the free ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Apr 30, 2019

Internet Marketing


  Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the newest additions to your promotion toolbox and the best digital marketing ideas for small business. It is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there for business marketing in today’s world. From traditional television commercials in the 1960s to today’s YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, it's no secret that video has become a staple of our everyday lives. Did you know online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined?  So, why not take advantage of video creation and marketing tools to increase the potential for more organic visits. Contact your SEO expert and pick up the video creation and marketing service for the wellness of your business.  What does Research say On Video Creation & Marketing?  Nearly Merely mentioning the word "video" in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Apr 16, 2019



Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world. All the marketing activities are directed towards generating leads than on direct conversion. Yes, in this modern day real estate markets, the primary search for property dealers or properties in all over the world begins online. So, for real estate agents investing at digital marketing services is the right choice. Here, in this article, we discuss the digital marketing strategies for real estate. Continue reading to learn more. Reason Why Digital Marketing Is Essential For Real Estate Agency? The digital marketing strategy applied will maximize the leverage of reaching out to the target users through various channels. This is the reason, why digital marketing is now one of the most important factors in the real estate world. So, the modern real estate industry must need digital marketing to ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Apr 10, 2019



  If you’re walking through unfamiliar streets, navigating public transportation or driving through the day, you seek the help of Google Maps to reach your destination safely. This is the reason why Google Maps’ growing its popularity, and has become crucial for businesses to register with Google Maps. Did you know 67% of smartphone users prefer Google maps to find your business? Also, research says, Google Maps is 6 times more popular than other navigation app and software.  What Google Maps Do For Your Business?  Google Places’ focus on local searches and makes it easier for customers to find you. After listing your business name, contact name, address details on the Google maps, your business becomes visible and became searchable on Google. By doing this, your business will have a strong online presence, and it will be very easy for users while they try to find your business.  For example: If you own a jewel shop, and if someone need diamond ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Apr 10, 2019



  “Ranking” refers to how high your business appears in the list of search results when someone makes a search using Google Maps. Google is now including some additional lead conversion strategies into its calculation of rankings. Thankfully, it is good news for small and medium-sized businesses whose listings are overshadowed by large corporations and chain companies. To experience the complete benefits of Google Maps, it is essential to get it rank higher on Google My Business and Google Maps. Here, we have listed a few tips to get your business ranking higher in Google Maps.  1. Add Some Clear Photos to the Google My Business Listing  Another way to rank higher on Google Maps is to add some photos your Google My Business listing, which is closely connected to your business. So, choose the best photos of your business, which highlights your business or on your website. Also, it is recommendable to list more than 2 photos, so that your customers ... Continue reading →


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