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Young children tend to explore a lot. Every new experience, the behaviour they adopt, and the word they learn is an investment for their future. In fact, it paves the way for building their future. Children learn from everything they hear, see, feel, smell, and everyone they interact with. This is why parents should spend quality time with their kids when they are young as it helps them to shape their future. Early childhood education offered in child care Five Dock offers a range of benefits to not only children but also to their families and communities. In fact, children education specialists suggest that pre-schoolers in child care centre Five Dock tend to learn best when they interact and play with their peers, receive quality care from educators and parents, and don’t feel pressured to learn. Here is how your child will be benefited from early childhood education:- Improved social skills Young buds learn to mingle and interact with each other when they ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Nov 25, 2019



Sending your little one to the child care Five Dock is a huge step in parenting. But, choosing the right child care centre can be overwhelming and challenging for you as there are a lot of factors to consider. Besides, the fact that your child will be away from you in a different setting is more than enough to make you feel anxious. But, you don’t have to worry. High-quality child care centres in Fives Dock provide a safe, child-friendly, and nurturing environment where your kid can play and learn. If you want to make sure you are making the right decision, here are some essential factors you need to consider:- Hours of operation If both the parents are working, you need to find a child care that opens early and closes late. Ensure you have enough time to drop your child at the child care Five Dock NSW in the morning and still be able to get to work on time. So, make sure the day care is open early and late enough so that you don’t have to rush from ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Nov 19, 2019

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Research shows that child’s early years play an integral role in their brain’s development. Your child’s first learning experiences and the bonding between you deeply affect their future social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. This is one of the significant reasons why you need to enrol your child in the early childhood education provided at the child care in Five Dock. Early childhood education is beneficial for children of ages 2 to 4, and it is also referred to kindergartens, preschool, and child care centre Five Dock. However, all these schools serve the same purpose. Yes, they help prepare your child for their smooth transition into elementary school. So, sending your child to the early childhood education is crucial as it creates a positive impact on them and provides a great start toward the future. Here are a few reasons why you need to send your child to the child care in Five Dock nsw:- Exploring and learning A child is ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Sep 30, 2019

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When it comes to early childhood education, many parents are sceptical and confused about whether or not to enrol their child in an early childhood program. A survey shows that in addition to benefiting children experiencing development, it was also shown that children with speech delays, learning or other disabilities benefit greatly from early childhood education. Some research shows that young buds enrolled in child care five dock usually do well in their academics, have few behavioural issues, and do not involve in criminal and fraudulent activities in their adolescent years. In fact, most of the childhood education specialists claim that toddlers learn best when they are not pressured, they have an opportunity to explore, interact with their peers, and their parents and teachers at the child care centre five dock treat them well. Children who attend early childhood education benefit in the following ways:- Every new word they learn, every new experience, and ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Aug 30, 2019

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  Any parent of a toddler would tell you how difficult it is to teach them social skills. Gone are the days when kids leave the house and play together all day. With structured activities, scheduled play dates, and video games, teaching your child about social skills are now much needed than ever. Of course, your children will learn social skills in the child care Five Dock, but, still, it is your responsibility to encourage learning social skills.  It can be more frustrating to watch your child struggle to make friends or find it difficult fitting into a certain social setting. There are several steps you can take to teach your child about social skills. Here are a few tips suggested by the teachers from the child care in Five Dock NSW to improve your child’s social skills.  Practice role-playing  Pretend-play with young children is an excellent way for kids to practice their social skills. Let your child pretend to be the person they have ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Jul 29, 2019

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  As we live in a modern, fast-paced world, many of us don’t find time to spend time with our children. But, our time is one of the valuable things we can give to our children. Be it a toddler or teenager, spending quality time with children is essential. Instead of posting pictures that were taken with your kids with a caption “Making Memories” on Instagram and FB, you have to make real memories by spending quality time with your children.  However, quality time involves more than just an hour a day as it is a short period and doesn’t allow in-depth bonding.  Know the importance of family time on kid’s mental health  The goal of every parent is to raise a happy child. Doesn’t it? Whether it is about health, child development, nutrition, child care five dock, and parenting, there are thousands of books and blogs that provide valuable information and advice on raising children successfully. However, one thing that is often ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Jul 1, 2019

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  If you have children between the ages of 2 and 5, you know well that you have to make an important decision on whether or not to enrol them in child care. But, you’ll probably be confused, afraid that your child is too small to start schooling and anxious about how they may cope with the separation. Well, you don’t have to. A quality child care centre in Five dock can help your children.  Young buds gain a lot from early childhood program as it is designed to learning through play. In fact, children develop social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children to play, share, and contribute. Several findings show that children who have attended early childhood program perform well in academics than those who don’t. So, why not send your child to quality child care in Five Dock when it can help and is good for your kid?  Here are a few good reasons why early childhood education is good for your child than ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Apr 29, 2019

K-12 Education


  As per reports, in Australia, nearly two-thirds (571,830 or 64.8 %) of families are using approved child care for Long Day Care and around one-third (324,260 or 36.7 %) chose outside school hours care. For a working mom, caring for their kids is a big task; so they demand high-quality daycare centres. The child care in Five Dock improves the psychological and social activities of the kids. Some of the benefits of child care centres are as follows:  - Prepare for Schooling:  The process of changing your kids from home/daycare to school is very complicated since they have not experienced a social environment. Leaving your kids at child care in Five Dock will be a secure method to prepare them for several activities and develop more skills on the transition of your kid to school. It is evident that the kids who are engaged in day care centres will have the capability of capturing any new methods and are developed with the competences of classroom ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Apr 14, 2019

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  Today, the economic reality of our country is that most of the families consist of working parents – either two working parents trying to juggle work schedules and families or a single parent doing it on her own. For those who are unemployed, affordable child care can provide them with the time to attend school, look for jobs, go to doctor’s visit or just get a much -needed break.  Though childcare has become increasingly important in Australia, quality and affordable options are limited. Approximately half of the Australian families that use child care turn to centres or schools. But, this number varies depending on the family annual income and low-income families rely on a mix of care from neighbours, grandparents and unlicensed facilities.  In fact, recent research has found that the quality of child care is essential to the language, cognitive, and social development of young children as consistent and emotionally supportive care is highly beneficial ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Nov 26, 2018

K-12 Education


  Did you know? The first five years of a child’s life are really their most formative! It is renowned that early childhood education plays a major role in the brain development of the child. With high-quality care and early education in a safe and secure environment, you can bring the best in your child.  As of May 2017, there are 5,398 early childhood education services, including preschools, long day care, family day care and outside of school hours care centres across NSW. This number has grown by 42% since 2013 when there were 3,813.  Children learn best when they are not forced too hard and when they are given time for creativity. Also, sending your young ones to the child care centres in five dock has been found to be very supportive in their development. Here are some admirable benefits of early childhood education!  Helps in Development!  Children’s early learning experiences have a great impact on their future ... Continue reading →


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