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by Hema Sathish on Feb 20, 2020

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Acid attacks typically involve throwing acid or a similar corrosive substance deliberately over a person with the intention to disfigure and cause serious harm. Statistics of acid attack cases in India show that the crime is on the rise. Did you know India’s Supreme Court has announced a raft of orders to regulate the sale of acid in an attempt to curb attacks on women? There are about 1,000 acid attacks in India each year. Until recently, there was no separate legislation for such incidents, and data was not collated. But, the gang rape of a student in New Delhi in December prompted the government to look at strengthening laws on violence against women. It resulted in an amendment to the penal code that made acid attacks a standalone offence. The court set a minimum 10-year prison sentence and a maximum of life for perpetrators. Most acid attack survivors are poor, and their families struggle to pay for medical care. Are you one among them? Then choose the best ... Continue reading →

by Hema Sathish on Feb 17, 2020

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Spinal stenosis is a common orthopedic injury that occurs most often in the lower back and the neck. It often occurs due to degenerative problems in the discs and joints of the spine. The best ortho specialist in Madurai will help decide what treatment works for you, and get back to enjoying your favorite activities pain-free. When Spinal Stenosis Occurs? Spinal stenosis occurs when the space around your spinal cord narrows and causes pressure on your nerve roots. The main cause is wear-and-tear arthritis. As cartilage wears away, bone rubs against bone. This can result in an overgrowth of bone that intrudes into spinal cord space. Other causes of spinal stenosis include herniated disks, thickened ligaments, and abnormal growths. Paget’s disease or major trauma to the spine can also lead to spinal stenosis. When this condition is present due to back problems present at birth, it’s called congenital spinal stenosis. You’re more likely to develop spinal ... Continue reading →

by Hema Sathish on Jun 24, 2019

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Super-speciality-hospital-in-Madurai   Did you know more than half a million people had a hospital stay in the past year that included the placement of a stent? But, what do you mean by stent placement, and who is it for? Read on to find the answer for the most intriguing question. What is a Stent? A stent is a tiny, expandable metal mesh coil that a doctor places in an artery or duct to help keep it open and restore the flow of bodily fluids in the area. They are also made of fabric which is more commonly used when treating larger arteries. It helps relieve blockages and treat narrow or weakened arteries. Getting stent placement from the best angio center in Maduraican, - Open narrowed arteries - Reduce symptoms related to heart disease - Help treat a heart attack Different Types of Stent - Drug-eluting stents - Bare metal stents Drug-eluting Stents They are coated with medicine that is continuously released into the artery long after the stent placement is over, with the goal ... Continue reading →


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