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Caravan awnings and porches are specifically designed for use in different conditions. Like caravans, awnings can go in a great number of dimensions and configurations. A caravan awning allows you to do daily activities outdoors, plus getting some fresh air out of direct sunlight. Caravan awnings can be quite expensive and can also take a lot of your time as you decide on which is best for you from the various types available. Choosing the right one can avoid frequent Caravan awning repairs in Mandurah in the future. Here we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right Caravan awning. Type Before you start shopping for an awning, you need to understand the different types in the market. Traditional awnings are typically fixed on the caravan, and they have a changeable roof and walls. Another type is the modular awning which can be easily fixed to other awning helping you get more covered space. On the other hand, a leaning porch awning extends from the caravan as a roof, ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Oct 11, 2019



Caravan maintenance and servicing definitely is not something you should ignore. It is important to take care of your caravan to give you peace of mind that your tourer is safe and ready for your next vacation. The best way to do is through regular maintenance and scheduling annual service with the help of professionals. A poorly maintained caravan is exposed to certain risks of being worn or damaged beyond repair. As a caravan owner, it is good to be familiar with the parts of your caravan and learn how to check the vehicle yourself from time to time. Identifying potential problems early will help to fix the caravan repairs as early as possible before it becomes worse. Keep your caravan undercover If you are not using your caravan often, it is best to park them under a protective cover, if possible. Covering the vehicle help protecting it from the natural elements and reduce the risk of damage from falling debris. Pay close attention to seals Seals often deteriorate over time due to ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Oct 1, 2019



A road trip can be exciting, as well as overwhelming. Yes, there is nothing worse than being left stranded by the side of the road at the most inconvenient time. Your caravan could break down anytime and which is why it is essential to prepare your caravan and ensure it is in optimal condition before heading to a road trip. If you are a first-timer at this activity, here are the things you need to consider and ensure you have covered before you hit the road. Prepare a checklist You will need an array of items for a caravanning trip. While you need towing equipments, there are other essential caravanning items. You will need a fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, caravan jack, towing mirror, extra coolant and oil, a spare fan belt, insulation tape, etc. Some items are essential, while others can be purchased over time for extra comfort. Hence it is good to start from preparing a checklist that has all comprehensive items required for the caravan. Get rid of the damp One of the most common ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Sep 10, 2019



Make your life of caravanning even more enjoyable with the regular Mandurah caravan repairs and services. It offers not only good value for your money but also avoids future costly issues. Want to know some valuable tips for caravan service? Here we have shared a few tips for caravan service that will ensure that there are no issues with the caravan. Tip 1: If you find any problem on caravan awning, call the professionals for Caravan awning repairs. So, that caravan awning will be fixed, and you don’t want to replace it in the future because of costly damage. Tip 2: If you feel that your caravan wheels need an alignment, take the caravan to the nearest service station where it can be fixed. Tip 3: Check the brakes. Are they grabby? If yes, contact the professionals who specialises in caravan brake repairs. This is because the 80% probability is that the brake controller is faulty. Tip 4: If your caravan is old, no need to replace your ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Aug 30, 2019



  There are dates that you all have to remember: anniversaries, birthdays, the dog's booster jabs... and arranging your caravan's annual service. Caravans, for many, are a source of pride and joy. Caravans spend plenty of time on bitumen, so wear and tear is inevitable. That's why proper caravan care and maintenance are essential.  You've likely parted with plenty of cash to purchase your mobile home, so you want your caravan to have the longest life possible.  Here are a few tips from the Mandurah caravan repairs experts about what a typical service involves and what to look out for.  Things to Check before Your Caravan Service Appointment  1.Stabiliser friction pads for wear or contamination  2.Ventilation and gas drop-out vents  3.All water hoses – ensure the tightness of connections  4.The residual current device (RCD) cut-out safety test switch  5.Connection cables, plugs and sockets for signs of wear or ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Aug 27, 2019



  Does my caravan really need a service before my big trip? It sounds like you have convinced yourself that your caravan doesn’t need a service; however, you should get the caravan serviced and have Mandurah Caravan repairs to have a relaxing trip. Yes, it’s always a good idea to get your caravan serviced before heading off on a big expedition. So, if you're planning to bring your caravan out of the storage port for a long road trip anytime soon, it’s essential to have it undergo a pre-trip caravan servicing to ensure that it’s safe for a long journey.  1. Structure  The servicing of the caravan is very much essential for the safety of both travellers and the vehicle. The caravan repairs specialist will undergo visual inspection (windows, blinds, and doors), and other inspection (dampness and ventilation, fire and safety parameters) to monitor whether the function of the caravan is in the proper condition or need any service. If it ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Aug 16, 2019



  Caravans and motorhomes are vehicles that offer you a comfortable place and also serve as a home while you’re travelling. It’s surprising how many people who own a caravan do not book in for a regular service. Often the same people will be highly conscientious about getting their car serviced.  So, it is essential to take your caravan or motorhome to a caravan service center after every 10,000 kms, or at least once a year. Also, whenever you notice any issues with the caravan, it should be checked by an expert. It could save your life, save you thousands of dollars and save ruining a great holiday.  Our caravan service tips provide a guide to how you can help protect your investment.  Why Caravan Servicing is Important?  Caravan servicing is an essential part of maintenance.  1.Ultimately extending the lifespan of your caravan  2.Help prevent major damage to the vehicle  3.Helps prevent risks of accidents caused by the failure of ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Jul 11, 2019



  Caravan are the source of pride and joy on your holiday outing. They are used for long distance driving and the equipment inside the caravan is continuously utilised over a long period. The electrical connections & water supply inside the living area may get damaged. So, proper maintenance is very important for caravans after every long drive. You better decide to hire Mandurah Caravan repairs, so you can get all comfort of services and proper installations in a hassle free manner!  Some of the caravan repair services includes:  Proper Checking of Brakes, Wheels & Bearings  The wheels are the most used parts in a caravan that would easily wear out. Mandurah Caravan repairs will check the wheels of the caravan for their proper balancing and alignment. The brake linings and brake magnets are properly checked for any cracks or damaged. If so, the brake system is replaced by a new one. Wheel bearings suffer a great stress while on friction; ... Continue reading →

by Ryan Bulluss on Jul 3, 2019



  Just like any other vehicle, caravan needs to be maintained to ensure they are in good shape. While maintaining your caravan is an ongoing task, certain jobs that must be left to professionals who are specialised in Mandurah Caravan Repairs. Getting your vehicle serviced by a professional will ensure that the problems are identified early and fixed to prevent further complications. Preventive regular maintenance on your caravan is crucial to keep your family safe and avoid disasters on your next holiday trip.  However, there are also times your caravan will need repairs. Understanding the common types of Mandurah Caravan repairs will give you an idea of what should you look out far and how you need to handle it.  Safety Inspection  A regular check-up and safety inspection are paramount to make sure the vehicle is working in good condition. General maintenance check-up must be done after every 10,000kms or every 12 months. A caravan consists of a ... Continue reading →


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