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by Mario Sazos on Feb 11, 2021

Food and Drink


There are several variables that decide if your occasion would be good or an evening with the boring drinks and food when you're planning a catered event. Here are the tips on how to organize an event by hiring catering company in Sydney. When you have arranged your event by selecting the day, inviting the guests, and choosing a venue, the part of preparing the food and drinks for the catered event comes now. If you're a first-time event planner and event manager or an old hand at planning catered menu events, to ensure excellent service, food, and beverages, it's crucial to consider every move. You may help ensure a good birthday or corporate catering in Sydney with the following checklist. Who’s on Your Guest List? The guest list will vary from a small group of friends to a large gathering of professional business people for a catered function. The first step to a successful catering event to understanding what sort of event and who is attending. ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Feb 2, 2021

Food and Drink


Regardless of the scale, preparing for your subsequent event means a lot of check boxes to be ticked. It can be a frustrating nightmare to have a long list of dos and very little time until the day of the case. Yet there are caterers who genuinely enjoy it. In event planning, food takes up a huge portion of so many items to remember, such as the amount of people to feed, what food/dishes to serve, food arrangements, food service, and cleaning up after visitors leave. To learn the things to remember before hiring a company for catering in Blacktown, read below. When choosing a catering in North Ryde, remember your personal needs and event size Make sure the number of people you want to invite can be controlled by whom you recruit for your case. Considering what you'll need from your caterer is also important. Sometimes, or only one versus the other, you might need aperitifs and entrées. Without hesitation, your caterer should be able to accommodate the size of your ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Jan 11, 2021

Food and Drink


A reliable staff, professional training, hard work, and commitment to provide the best experience for clients all define a good catering service. No matter the challenges they have to face, professional caterers will continue to provide the best food and service they possibly can. If you are looking to hire a service for birthday party catering in Sydney or any other event for that matter, make sure that they have the following 5 qualities: Good Food: Obviously, the number one reason that you hire a catering services is for the food. No matter how beautifully you arrange or decorate the venue, your guests will still be unimpressed if the quality of food is not up to the mark. When you hire a capable catering company in Sydney, their number one aim will be to prepare and serve good food for everyone. They know how to plan menus, arrange recipes, and deliver large quantities of food within a prescribed time period. Good Customer Service: Besides offering delicious food, a ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Dec 28, 2020

Food and Drink


Canapes are inarguably the best snack to serve at an event. They come in different variants, look appetising, and are easy to consume as well. Be it a family or corporate event, canapes can definitely leave an impression amongst your guests. Just in case you didn't know, canapes are small pieces of bread, pastry, or cracker that is topped with different ingredients or foods. Here are 5 reasons why serving canapes, with the help of a catering Surry Hills service, for your next event is a good idea: Customised to Your Needs: A great advantage of canapes is the versatility it offers to everyone. When you hire a catering Redfern company, they will be able to customise the food and ingredients depending on your guests’ preference. It could be completely vegan, or a combination of meat and vegetables. The possibilities are endless! Catering to people's varying needs is easy with canapes. Budget Friendly: When it comes to food, it is possible that ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Dec 10, 2020

Food and Drink


In any case, catering is a crucial point, the one to which the public pays the most attention and scores the highest. A good spit roast catering Sydney will ensure that outstanding memories of the event are taken away by the visitors, improving and intensifying the experience. It can also be seen as an inducement to attend the event if the service is of a certain category. It is important, therefore, to spend some time selecting the best catering service for your case. We have this quick guide to selecting the right catering for any occasion to support you: Event Style It is important to adapt the professional catering company in Sydney to the event’s style and even the underlying theme. Ultimately, it is one of the things that go together to build the experience, so it can help to accomplish its purpose if it harmonises with the rest of the event. When looking for birthday party catering Sydney, some catering services are more refined, while others are ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Dec 2, 2020

Food and Drink


It is a major challenge to coordinate, schedule, and host an event of any scale. Only so much time until the day of your event is a long list of to-dos catering company. This long list will make it a frustrating ordeal for the entire operation. Events are meant to be fun and pleasant in the minds of caterers, both before and the day after. Food is a big part of planning for an event: knowing the amount of people you needs to feed, finding out what food you want to serve, cooking the food, serving the food, and cleaning up after your guests leave. That sounds like a lot of work, but company that provide catering Surry Hills love doing work. Reduced Stress As said, it takes a lot of time and effort to organise a case. There are a lot of items in an event that are complete and unforgettable, from decorations and invites to food and drinks. In preparing for one of the big to-dos: food, a company that offer catering Redfern will assist you. At an occurrence that can be ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Oct 30, 2020

Food and Drink


So you are planning for a big day and have covered most of the things on your list. When it comes to planning and organising a party, you want everything to be perfect. But, there is so much to do, think about, and several details to cover. In the excitement and workload, it’s easy to forget something. However, there is one aspect of organising a party that you must work on it. Yes, catering! You have fixed the venue, decided the theme of the party/event, and have the guest list. That’s great. But, have you sorted out catering service? Fixed the menu? Probably not! It doesn’t matter what type of party you are throwing, there’s always a high standard for food. One small mistake can ruin the party mood. To avoid pitfalls, you need to avoid these mistakes:- Lack of defined budget This is one of the most common mistakes that every event manager makes. Never waste your time in search of party or corporate catering Sydney service if you haven’t ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Oct 27, 2020



Be it a birthday party or wedding reception; it’s the right food, and the serving style set the event’s tone and make the party memorable. Undoubtedly, food is the key element of a successful party. While there are different types of food serving style, buffet and plated service are the popular options. However, should you give your guests the freedom to choose from various options or treat them to a platted meal? Well, both options have pros and cons. Let’s discuss and find out which catering Blacktown is right for you. Buffet catering North Ryde:- In Buffet catering, the foods are arranged on the table and classified according to the sequence required for a good set up. With a buffet style, you could offer a variety of foods to please the tastes of everyone. The arrangement ranges from several delicacies to the desserts, which are the final serving. Besides, the buffet table also contains dinner plates, bowls, cutlery sets, and saucers, which are ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Sep 23, 2020



Spit roasting is a method of cooking or grilling, where people roast a pig, turkey or chicken on an open flame barbecue. Often popularly known as a rotisserie, spit roasting is a roasting procedure where the meat is skewered. Yeah, the pig or chicken is absolutely fastened to the rod and it is slowly roasted on the barbecue so everyone can watch it and ready their taste buds for this delicious delicacy. Spit roasting is much favored during camping and outdoor leisure events and parties where spit roasting can be achieved with a fireplace or campfire. Choose the best BBQ catering services Spit roasting is commonly used for the rotational roasting process to roast a whole animal, such as pig or turkey. The meat extracts juices and is cooked by means of a self-basting process. Today, most people enjoy BBQ parties because they are ideal open-air parties for a big family or meeting for work. By hiring spit roast catering Sydney, you can throw a BBQ party right in the front yard or ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Aug 13, 2020

Food and Drink


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘party?’ Well, you should agree that apart from the guest list, venue location, and decor of the venue, it is the food that acquires the attention of most. Hence, you must get the right catering company in Sydney to provide you food that’s hygienic, fresh, and savoury. There should be starters, main course, desserts, and juices that are tempting to eat, and importantly, it should all be presented well. Why Spit Roast Catering? Now, understandably the moment you hear the word ‘spit roast,’ you imagine roasting meat over the fire in the wilds. However, spit roast is something more than that! It is one awesome treat your entire family can enjoy, from elderly to kids. The main reason why we Australians love spit roasts the most is that this simple delicacy can make the event a blast and be the talk of the town for the years to come. A wide range of options! There is not just one ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Jun 24, 2020



Have an upcoming celebration you need catering service? Consider spit roast catering! Food is not just eating energy; it’s an experience. Choosing spit roast catering will give your guest a good and tasty experience! Spit roast catering involves plenty of methods, and these are carried out well only by professionals. Only when you choose someone who specialises in spit roast catering, you can expect well-cooked food using various methods.So, it is best to go for a spit roast catering service that will offer you an entire package at an affordable price. Spit Roast Caterers Sydney caterers have a great passion towards cooking, and they are also committed to present beautiful dishes. Spit Roast Catering Is a Healthy Food Choice Spit roasting is the best nutritious choice that gives a good flavour to your dinner party catering in Sydney. The delicious and mouth-watering meat will greatly satisfy your guest taste buds with its juicy flavour. This healthier food choice ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Apr 21, 2020

Food and Drink


You may have agreed on the schedule, chosen the location and sent the invitation for your upcoming event to your guests, and you may even have a list of anticipated guests, but you have not yet named any caterer for your event. It doesn't bother what kind of event you're hosting, what you need to do is make sure every guest leaves happy, and that can only be achieved by hiring a professional catering company in Sydney. For your case, you can hire the spit roast catering in Sydney, as they are skilled in making delicious food. They will prepare your guests with fresh, tender and delectable roast food items. Factors to consider -Good food starts with healthy produce. The catering companies buy the best meat cuts so they can make the best possible roasts. Unlike many other caterers who procure their salads from bulk salad suppliers, they make all the salads in-house, making them available from the freshest ingredients. -While planning for spit roast for birthday ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Apr 15, 2020

Food and Drink


We are social beings, which means that with our close friends and loved ones we more often enjoy good company and great fun. And planning an amazing event is the perfect way to celebrate the companionship. No event without healthy and delicious food is complete though! Nowadays concession trailers are increasingly common and gradually become the preferred option for catering facilities. While planning for an event, you can prefer hiring mobile catering in Blacktown. Here, we have mentioned a few reasons to opt for mobile catering service. Tasty Food Every mobile catering concern, provide customized services to all their customers which means you can prepare a menu that is special to your case. If you don't want a personalized menu, however, then you can simply choose delicious dishes from their current menu. At your case, you no longer need to go the route of serving generic party food items. With a wide range of foods present at your case, your guests will be fully gratified ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Feb 20, 2020

Food and Drink


While organising an event, the most challenging process is to find the spit roast catering service providers. It is vital to choose the right spit roast company that offers mouth-watering food and also covers everything you need. So when you plan to choose the spit roast catering service for your need, you need to ask a few questions to make the right choice. How Many Staff Will You Provide? You will not want a scenario where your guests are left hungry for more time because the spit roast company you hired has only a few staff. The amount of staff your event will have is dependent on whether your guests will be having a sit-down dinner, buffet style or finger food. Your venue is also a determining factor. What Menu Do You Recommend? The spit roast company you choose should also be able to offer you tips on options that are friendly towards your tight budget. It is essential to look for a company that is flexible and gauging their level of flexibility in working with your ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Feb 18, 2020

Food and Drink


While planning for an event, you need to search for a company that offers catering in Surry Hills. You need to choose the right catering service provider to make sure that your guests are served with tasty and delicious meals. As food is one of the important aspects of every event, it is essential to choose the right catering in Sutherland Shire. Here, we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right catering service providers for your need. Experience If you are planning to hire a catering company, you need to look at the experience of the company in this field. You need to make sure that the caterers you choose have the experience in catering the event similar to yours. You should also search for their reputation in the market to know about their service. You can know their reputation by searching in their social media site and their website by seeing what the customers have said about their service. Quality of Food Quality of the food should be one of the most important ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Feb 8, 2020



Picnics are not just unforgettable memories filled with laughter and fun, but also about mouth-watering food and tasty drinks. It lies in the hands of the best catering company in Sydney, who back your event with the high paradigms they maintain. Make sure to choose a service that brings in a flawless assistance with the best expertise. Here are our top tips to choosing the right picnic caterer for your event this trip? - High-Quality Food – After you have designed a menu filled with the delicious treats, you must stay confident that your guests will enjoy every bite. For this you must make sure that your catering company prepares the food in the right way with the right flavour of each element. This can be made possible if the caterer sources the highest-quality ingredients and handles them appropriately till it reaches the plates of the guest. - Experience and Reputation – One important factor to look for is the reputation and the experience of ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Jan 30, 2020

Food and Drink


Are you looking to host a 80s themed party? Everyone loves to get an extra dose of nostalgia, especially of the radical parties, awesome games and the righteous tunes of the 80s. The decade was filled with flashy colours, exciting fashion, music and food. Ultimately it is a fun theme to create a night full of fun and food. Styling the Dining Table – There are endless ways to style a table for the retro themed party. It can be decked with disco balls, silverware, the rubix cubes and inflatable guitars. If you get the help of right catering Blacktown, they will create a rocking atmosphere for your party. Party Food and Drink – The cuisines of the 80s was an assortment of classy food and appetisers. Here are some convenient types of retro food for the party as suggested by the experts from catering North Ryde – a) Chocolate mousse b) Delightful French Onion dip c) Steak with lobster and lemon butter sauce d) Baked potato e) Yummy Profiteroles, ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Dec 16, 2019

Food and Drink


The holiday hustle is happening. And it’s time to throw a holiday party! Planning a holiday party can be overwhelming. Taking on planning your party’s catering menu with these holiday-inspired menu ideas and tips will make it easy and stress-free. When the time comes to host the holiday event of the year, it takes careful planning catering in Surry Hills. Planning a party is a delightful idea that often turns difficult. Hosting a party doesn’t need to be a hassle. Here are some tips that'll help you relax and be a guest at your own party. Throw the best bash of the year with these easy holiday and Christmas party food tips and ideas. Christmas Catering Idea 1: Cocktails and Canapés From styling to personalise decorating, to entertainment, and the other entire fine details on food catering in Redfern will make your Christmas party truly memorable. Choose the right caters to serve your guests gourmet canapés and handcrafted cocktails. ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Dec 13, 2019

Food and Drink


You’ve picked a date, found a venue, booked the band, and now it’s time to turn your attention to the food. Food is the most expensive line item on any event budget, and for many, the most important. The tasting isn’t just an important step in the process; it is also, unequivocally, the most fun. Whenever you want to celebrate with a meal, Mosman catering will help you make the event truly special. Schedule an appointment with your selected caterer by seeking the help of them in choosing the perfect fit for your taste and budget. Catering menu’s requiring a different thought process to the usual restaurant menu. As per your wish, the chef will make a perfected new menu to present to you all on your big day! Here are some questions to ask your caterer when planning your dream wedding. 1. Can They Coordinate External Suppliers, Or Should I Attempt To Do This Myself? It is recommended to make use of professional suppliers who can assist with styling, ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Dec 5, 2019



Corporate events are a fantastic way to show off your company brand while establishing your event brand. Not all firms are the same and no corporate parties should be the same either. So, when it comes to corporate events, you should plan it based on your company style. Did you know one of the top complaints from employees on corporate party is that the event planner should spice things up a bit based on their style? So, no matter whether you are planning a professional corporate party or just readying to feed an army this holiday season, you should hire the best catering in Blacktown. Come Up with the Best Party Theme That Entertainment Go Along With It Pick out the perfect party theme that will be personalized to your event. That should also help add structure to the décor and activities as well as tie it all neatly together. It is a great way for your attendees to get involved and it can be a fun participatory activity in itself, while creating plenty of photo ... Continue reading →


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