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by Todd Peovski on Feb 23, 2021



Is your business looking to step it up on its branding when presenting your menu items? Are you still presenting your menu in non-absorbent papers? Does your logo get lost in grease or oils? If this is the mistake your branding is falling into, call printed greaseproof paper suppliers now. Yes, the easiest way to create a luxurious feel for your business is to add beautifully printed packaging. Creating winning packaging is simple with so many customisable opportunities available nowadays. You can effortlessly find a solution that fits your business needs. With the extensive range of finishes and colours for packaging supplies available, here is a guide to help you focus on attractive packaging solution. Printed greaseproof paper to expand your brand: Greaseproof paper is your number one source for custom printed food paper products. Personalised printed greaseproof paper is a fantastic all-purpose solution for the food and hospitality dining sectors. Whether you ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Jan 28, 2021



Are you looking to step up your business on its branding while presenting the food items as well? Then printed greaseproof paper should be your go-to. Among every other industry, the food industry is the most challenging markets to establish yourself and prosper. The chances are that different variables can affect your business. However, with branding, you can make it easier for your prospects and customers to find your business and remember you. Branding helps to create an identity for yourself among the rivals. When talking about branding, we should not miss packaging. Packaging plays a vital role in brand building, specifically in the food industry. This is why many food businesses are looking to showcase their brands when presenting their menu. In that case, serving the greasy, oily food or a sandwich on your menu in printed greaseproof paper is your best bet. These extremely versatile papers are funcional while at the same time provides high-impact space to advertise ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Jan 10, 2021

Small Business


Are you running a business that serves take away food to the public? If so, probably you will know that it is challenging to find the right packaging for your business. Why not consider printed greaseproof paper, the packaging which is not only cost effective but gives you the opportunity to brand your packaging at an affordable rate. Greaseproof paper is an essential hospitality supply. Moreover, it is a marketing opportunity for promoting brands. A well designed, printed greaseproof paper can reflect your brand and the standards you represent. It can grab the attention of your customers. Foodstuff wrapped in grease paper maintains their appearance, aroma, and flavour as the paper lets them breathe. In this article, we have listed a few of the many benefits of printed greaseproof paper for your business which shows why they are the best choice for your business to serve food. Greaseproof papers are cheap and attractive: In addition to being a cost-effective choice, ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Dec 1, 2020



Do you want to step up your business on its branding when presenting fried menu items? Then printed greaseproof paper should be your go-to. The food industry is one of the most challenging markets to establish yourself and prosper. So many variables can affect your business. However, branding makes it easy for your customers and prospects to find and remember you. Branding creates an identity among your competitors. Packaging plays a significant role in brand building, especially in the food industry. We understand this is why you are looking to showcase your brand when presenting the menu. In that case, wrapping a sandwich or serving greasy fried food in printed greaseproof paper is your best option. These versatile products are functional and provide high impact space to advertise your brand. What is greaseproof paper? Greaseproof paper as named is impermeable to grease and oil. These are a cost-effective solution for wrapping a wide range of food products. ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Aug 22, 2020



When it comes to food preparation and packing, there is no better option than Greaseproof paper. Yes, whether you are baking cookies and cake, or packaging frozen or hot meals, the greaseproof paper is the right material due to its grease-resistant properties. However, not all greaseproof paper is created equal, especially when it comes to printed greaseproof paper. Choosing the right greaseproof paper is crucial as it has a great impact on the quality of the printed piece. You may have never thought much beyond the ubiquitous paper. But, the quality differs from one manufacturer to another. There are a few things you need to consider when shopping for greaseproof paper and here are they:- Quality The quality of the greaseproof paper is one of the significant factors you need to consider when looking for greaseproof papers. As the Greaseproof paper is made from pure wood pulp, it provides excellent grease resistance. Moreover, this type of paper prevents penetration of ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Jun 17, 2020



The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting lives across the world, from transforming the virtual classrooms to early restaurant closing times. Many public health measures are adapted to reduce the exposure to this virus to bring down the spread of this disease. No one is aware of how long this virus will stay in place, but it calls for the need to protect and improve your health with social distancing. Also, everyone is aware that the disease can be spread from person to person through small droplets ejected from the mouth or nose when sneezing or coughing. This could land on objects and surfaces nearby. As a restaurant owner, you might have realised by now that it is important to follow good hygiene practices and cook to the right temperature when handling or preparing foods. Moreover, people prefer healthy eating more important to keep their immune system in good shape. Here are some good reasons that you must use greaseproof paper to deliver healthy food to your ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Mar 2, 2020



Food packaging is a fickle thing! Just imagine, you order your favourite food online from a local restaurant, and when the food arrives in your hand, you find it all spilled with oil leakage. How would you feel? Will you think of ordering from that restaurant again? Probably you will not! If you are a restaurateur, that offers delivery or takeout food to be picked up, you must use the right greaseproof paper food packaging that will keep the food safe from your restaurant to the diner’s doorstep. However, the right food packaging is not just to keep the food safe. Instead, it can help you have a competitive advantage in the digital food delivery market too. To gain this competitive advantage, you must make a smart decision about using a food packaging that will help grow your brand as well! Here are some factors that state why you must consider printed greaseproof paper for your food packaging – -Safeguards food – The right packaging ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Feb 18, 2020



It might be surprising to know that people working in the food industry have trouble deciding whether to use greaseproof paper or wax paper. The appearance and similar makeup of these two types of papers could make you choose the wrong one leaving the product not tasting good as you wanted it to be. While deciding what to use while baking or cooking, you should know the fundamental differences between these two papers. Let us now discuss at the makeup of both and how it impacts the way you can use it. Wax Paper: Wax papers are also known as paraffin. These papers are infused with wax to make them grease and waterproof. Wax papers are perfect for laying on countertops during food presentation, thanks to its moisture-resistant property. Even though these papers can be used to substitute greaseproof paper, the wax paper should not be put in the microwave. At high temperatures, the wax coating and low heat resistance property can cause the wax paper to melt and even catch fire. - Wax ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Jan 10, 2020



So you are wondering how to use a greaseproof paper. A greaseproof paper is a specialty grade paper used in the food industry. This type of paper is has low GSM and amazing features to achieve the desired results. From baking a cake to wrapping food items, printed greaseproof paper can do much more than it is advertised. Although this paper is exposed to high temperature and come in contact with high grease levels, it performs well. Its special features enhance the paper’s production process and also classify it as a specialty grade with the characteristics and costs of a premium paper. Here is how you can use greaseproof paper:- Food service If you are searching for a wrapper that not only absorbs oil but also keeps the food fresh even after a long period, then printed greaseproof paper is the right choice. Since this paper is breathable, it keeps the baked, fried, and cooked food fresh and less soggy by letting steam and moisture escape. This paper is perfect ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Dec 19, 2019



Greaseproof paper is an essential accessory for the hospitality venue, and it is a marketing opportunity for promoting brands. A well designed printed greaseproof paper can grab the attention of your customers, reflecting your brand and the standards you represent. Serving a bowl of hot chips in greaseproof paper will stay warmer for a long time because of its exceptional thermal qualities. We bet no customer ever resists a portion of piping hot fluffy chips served on greaseproof paper or a paper-wrapped burger. Do you know the elements that are used in making the greaseproof paper? Can you ensure that the paper you use contains no harmful chemicals? The Paper: Greaseproof papers are recyclable with no chemical coating or treatment. The greaseproof property is acquired during the pulping process. With a high-quality pulp, the paper fibre becomes smaller than a grease molecule as they are tightly entwined. There are many cheap alternatives as well in the market, which ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Dec 16, 2019

Food and Drink


Learn to use baking papers, and it will become your go-to baking material. Baking papers can help to bake picture-perfect cookies every time. It can also keep the cookies in your bakery you make for your customers from sticking and spreading. Baking paper protects the longevity of the bake ware used, and it is the ideal paper to stack between layers of cookie dough. Here are three reasons to use baking paper in your bakery. Baking paper for creating better Cookies: Unlike the wax paper and aluminium foils, the baking paper are specially treated to give it a non-stick quality. Thus the baking sheet can be used to obtain a freshly baked batch without having to peel off the silver coat from the bottom of your baked cookies. Have you ever thought about substituting wax papers with baking paper? If so, you are not the first person to do it. However, the wax coating belongs nowhere near the baking paper. Of course, we do love wax coated papers yet save it for wrapping ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Nov 22, 2019



If you own a casual dining restaurant or a takeaway food company and are looking for ways to strengthen your brand identity, look no further than printed greaseproof paper. Once your brand name is reinforced automatically, you will witness an increase in customer retention and of course, profit. Printed greaseproof papers are a perfect solution to present a wide range of food products, including pastries, fast food, sandwiches, cakes, and even chips. Greaseproof papers are ideal for: - Caterers’ - Restaurants - Cafes - Gastro pubs How are Greaseproof Papers made? Greaseproof sheets are manufactured using a naturally sustainable source that is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. These sheets are designed to withstand heavy oil applications. They can also be printed on 100% of the surface area. How will Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper Boost Your Brand? Use your business brand on the greaseproof paper sheets to display your design or logo. Present your brand ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Oct 23, 2019



Printed greaseproof paper baggage are impermeable to grease and grease, making them a superb alternative for takeaway meals comparable to burgers, chips, sandwiches and rather more. Printed greaseproof paper bag proceed to be a preferred packaging materials regardless of its competitors from different choices. The greaseproof lining within the baggage permits the meals to breathe and steam offs extra moisture to maintain meals recent. Greaseproof paper may also be used for cooking and baking. It gives a non-stick, heat-resistant floor to bake on. It’s also possible to use them for cooking as a liner to forestall meals from sticking to the pan. Here we have mentioned a few benefits offered by greaseproof paper. What Are Benefits Of Selecting Greaseproof Paper? The greaseproof paper is made of pure paper pulps and so they are an eco-friendly product. They are also are biodegradable and are utilized within the food niche for several purposes including wrapping ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Sep 6, 2019



Greaseproof paper or parchment paper is a special grade paper used in the food packaging industry. The greaseproof paper has special features that ensure the performance of the paper as expected. The greaseproof papers are exposed to high temperatures and often in direct contact with high grease levels. These improve the paper’s production process and also classify it as a special grade with the characteristics and costs of a premium paper. Greaseproof Paper & Greaseproof Boards Greaseproof paper is microwavable and biodegradable and is produced by refining the paper stock. It is super-calendared to improve the density, creating glassine paper. This is treated with alginates and starches in a size press to fill pores, making it grease, oil, and fat repellent. Greaseproof Board provides various options in the baking industry. The greaseproof boards are good to bake in a standard oven and they are designed to withstand freezing foods, and are able to microwave and ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Aug 26, 2019



  Parchment paper – also known as baking paper is coated with silicone, which makes it heat-resistant and nonstick. This coating is the biggest difference between parchment paper and waxed paper: waxed paper is coated with paraffin wax, which will melt or even burn. Parchment paper also comes in pre-cut sheets, even more convenient. The difference between the baking paper, wax paper and foil wrap are mentioned below.  - Parchment paper is a grease proof paper that provides a heat resistant, nonstick surface to bake on.  - Wax paper actually has wax on it so it cannot be used in the oven. It can be used in other ways for those times you need a non-stick surface though.  - Foil Wrap is basically a form of very thin aluminum. You can use it to line baking dishes for easy clean up but it is not non-stick. It can be used in the oven to reheat breads and other foods.  Here we have mentioned a few ways you can benefit using baking paper bought ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Apr 27, 2019



  Did you know? Greaseproof paper was first invented in the Ptolemaic Dynasty, in Egypt, during 305 to 283BC. Being in a fast world, where everything can be obtained in no time, even food preparation is made easy and quick with various cooking techniques. And one among the latest cooking techniques is the cooking with greaseproof paper. This paper is eco-friendly and makes your cooking mess-free. This article explains in detail about how smartly the printed greaseproof paper can be used for baking your favourite dishes.  Why Greaseproof Papers?  A greaseproof paper is a handy kitchen tool. It is a long-time favourite of chefs, bakers, and home cooks due to its non-sticky property and easy cleanup. The following are the top reasons for keeping a roll of greaseproof paper in your pantry at all times.  - Even Baking  Generally, some pans and baking sheets tend to have unequal hot and cold areas that result in baking issues. While baking ... Continue reading →

by Todd Peovski on Mar 25, 2019



  Professional bakers and chefs have had long rolls of baking paper in their kitchen so that they could use it for a range of reasons. If you don’t have a roll of baking paper, you have likely seen it lining the trays at your favourite bakery.  Grease-resistant and moisture-resistant, it really should not be relegated to professionals any longer. Home bakers and cooks need the baking paper too for many reasons. Come on; let’s discuss why a baking paper is essential in your kitchen.  What is baking paper?  Baking paper or parchment paper is a grease-resistant sheet that can be found in bleached or unbleached versions. It is coated with silicone that makes it non-stick and heat resistant. Baking paper comes in pre-cut sheets and is environmentally friendly. This is the biggest difference between parchment and wax paper. As wax paper is coated with paraffin wax, it can melt or even burn. This is one of the reasons why professional chef and bakers ... Continue reading →


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