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by Paulo Pinho on Sep 16, 2020

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Is wisdom teeth removal worth the investment? Yes! Making small investments in your health now will save you a lot more money down the road. And so, having wisdom teeth removed is well worth the cost to prevent complications and oral health problems later on. Besides, the wisdom teeth removal cost is affordable. The skilled dentists today offer quality Wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne with a flexible payment plan with less or no interest. Also, some of the dentists are offer discounts for removing all four wisdom teeth. The most important thing here is, the wisdom teeth removal is covered by dental insurance. We have listed below just a few reasons why removing your wisdom teeth is a sound investment: Reason 1: Removing wisdom teeth can prevent pain and discomfort, which is valuable for your health and well-being. Reason 2: It prevents damage to adjacent teeth and bone tissue, which can be more costly to repair. Reason 3: Removing your wisdom teeth can prevent infections, ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Jun 2, 2020

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Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars grow at the back of the gums and are usually the last ones to emerge. Many people have four wisdom teeth, while in some they don’t emerge fully. Since there is very less space at the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth may erupt at a different angle, and these are called impacted wisdom teeth. These impacted wisdom teeth are sure to cause a variety of oral problems, which might damage the neighbouring teeth, infections, crowding of teeth or tooth decay as they are hard to clean. People opt for Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne to solve these dental problems. After having your wisdom teeth removed it is important to consume the right nutrition. A nutritious diet brings down the oral complications and helps with the wound-healing process. Here are a few foods that you should eat after removing your wisdom teeth in Melbourne. Soups You can devour some blended soups like pumpkin or tomato after having your wisdom teeth ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Mar 2, 2020



Most of us will undergo wisdom teeth removal at some point in life. As wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical procedure, it is understandable to be nervous about it, especially when you require sedation. But knowing exactly what will happen during the extraction may help you relax. Before the procedure: Your dentist will give certain instructions to follow before the surgery. These instructions should be followed strictly. Also, inform your dentist about the supplements and medications you are currently taking. How to prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne? Wisdom teeth removal is performed in the dentist's office. Here are the steps that will be followed during the procedure. Selection and administration of sedation: Your dentist will suggest one or more sedation options if the extraction requires. This may include general or local anaesthesia. Usually, local anaesthesia will be recommended, but if you are nervous about the procedure, you can get general anaesthesia so ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Jan 20, 2020

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The third molars, which typically appear between the ages of 17 and 25 are named wisdom teeth. At the age of 6, we get our first set of molars and the second around the age of 12. In most cases, people get four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant of the mouth. However, some get no wisdom teeth at all. If you visit your dentist regularly for a general check-up, he might be able to see where your wisdom teeth are erupting. However, there is no guarantee for how these pesky teeth will behave. Why these teeth are called Wisdom Teeth? Wisdom teeth will not make you smarter. They are called so because they usually come when you are old, around 17 to 21. Generally, you get 4 of these teeth as part of a complete set of 32 adult teeth. What are the Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth growth? The symptoms of wisdom teeth growth include facial swelling, bad taste, pain in the mouth, and also swelling of gum lines at the back of the mouth. However, these teeth can erupt without causing any symptoms ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Dec 17, 2019

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The wisdom teeth might begin to cut through the gums during teens or late twenties. Luckily some people develop wisdom teeth like other healthy teeth that cause no problem that all. The luckiest people don't get their wisdom teeth at all. These people are fortunate because the third molars tend to impose so many problems when they erupt. In fact, in most cases, the dentist suggests undergoing removal of wisdom teeth Melbourne even before the complications popup. How to recognise Wisdom Tooth pain? Knowing some of the symptoms and signs of wisdom teeth pain can help you deal better with the situation. Patients commonly complain of indications like: -Bad smell or taste -Pain in the jaw -Pain and swelling near the back of your mouth -Earache or headache -Fever -Swollen or sore lymph nodes -Difficulty to open the mouth Remember, these symptoms don't start until you are at the age of 16 or 17. However, they can occur anytime after that. The signs and symptoms of wisdom ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Dec 13, 2019

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For years wisdom teeth removal of young adults and teenagers were considered as a routine part of transitioning into childhood. Most people find themselves separating from their pearly whites even before they get the opportunity to emerge. However, nowadays, a lot of questions arise on whether to pull out those teeth or retain them if they don't impose any problems. Either way, you should make a decision or simply stick to what your dentist suggests. Here is some information to help you understand the choices and why removing those teeth might be the right choice. What are Wisdom Teeth? Between 17 and 25 years of age, the wisdom teeth erupt in the back of the mouth. These are nothing but the third molars lacking sufficient space to erupt. Hence these teeth start to push through the gums, or they will grow at different angles or partially emerge. In such a case, you should undergo wisdom teeth removal to avoid further infections. However, this is not how it is in every situation. ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Nov 19, 2019

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Although wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, no one looks forward for it. But what if your dentists suggests you wisdom teeth removal? Probably you will be worried about the procedure and not to mention about the Wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne. But, when it comes to your oral health, you should not compromise it over money or fear. Gone are the days dental procedures were painful. Today, with advanced dental technologies and techniques, dental procedures, including wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, has become minimally invasive, less or no painful, and affordable as well. So, when your dentist suggests you removing your impacted wisdom teeth, you need to do it because it is for good for your oral health. Here are the facts you need to know about wisdom teeth removal Wisdom teeth removal is a standard procedure Wisdom teeth removal is a standard process in dentistry and it involves removing one or two third molars that are located the top and bottom of the back ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Nov 18, 2019

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Although dry socket is rare and occurs only in a few teeth extractions, it can be treated. Every year, millions of Australians remove their wisdom teeth with minimal swelling and discomfort. Only a few people experienced dry socket about in 2-5% of wisdom teeth extractions. Educating yourself about the dry socket will help you prevent getting them. What is a dry socket? Once a wisdom tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms so that it helps in healing and new bone formation. If the blood clot is dislodged, the bones and nerves would be exposed and this when a painful dry socket occurs. Basically, the blood clot is formed for two major reasons such as it stops the bleeding after the Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne, and over time, it aids in healing as well. If the blood clot is dislodged, it delays the healing process and eventually leads to a painful socket. When compared to the extraction of upper teeth, lower teeth tend to get dry socket. Dry socket can be avoided if you follow ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Nov 1, 2019

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A wisdom tooth generally erupts at any time after 18 years of age, and if they are developed in the right position you are lucky. But when they do not emerge correctly, they become impacted or infected and cause pain that leads to extraction. An impacted wisdom tooth causes all sorts of dental problems. This is one of the significant reasons why most of the dental professionals suggest wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. Being able to identify the impacted wisdom teeth is crucial so that you can get them out before they cause trouble to the teeth structure. How to tell if you have wisdom teeth coming in? While for some the emergence of third molars can be painful, for others it may not and it doesn’t show any sign at all. So, here are a few signs that indicate the growth of wisdom teeth. Swelling and pain If there is swelling and you experience throbbing pain at the back of your mouth that is accompanied by discomfort, then it is a sign that your wisdom teeth are emerging in. ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Oct 9, 2019

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Extracting your wisdom teeth is the only viable option to stop wisdom teeth infection. Yes, an impacted wisdom tooth causes not only infection but also other dental problems that negatively impact your oral health. Whether you prefer to remove your wisdom teeth or not, you need to visit your dentist as early as possible. Why are wisdom teeth problematic? Read on to find out. Overview Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that develop in your mouth. While some may have all four teeth, others may not have at all. As they do not have enough space in the jaw-line to erupt completely, wisdom teeth can get trapped under the gum and become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can result in pain, infection, and other dental problems. Wisdom teeth that cause pain and other dental complications are usually removed. Some dental professionals recommend wisdom teeth removal Melbourne for impacted wisdom teeth that do not cause symptoms to prevent future problems. Symptoms - Red or swollen ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Sep 14, 2019

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It can be disturbing to hear that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Don’t you need them? Not necessarily, and in fact, it is a wise decision to pull them out. Once you find out that removal is the only option, the next thing you probably think about is the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne. However, it is hard to give an exact price of the wisdom teeth removal as a lot of factors go into wisdom teeth extraction cost, and it may vary from one patient to another. However, simple wisdom teeth removal may cost you not more than $ 250 and surgical wisdom teeth extraction may not cost you more than $375. It may vary from one patient to another. The complexity of the procedure If your wisdom tooth is impacted, the dentist will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and it will add to the overall cost of the treatment due to additional consultation fees. Moreover, the process of removing impacted wisdom teeth is much more complex than a conventional extraction. The ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Sep 9, 2019

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So you have successfully removed your wisdom teeth, and everything went well. But, after a couple of days, you could feel the mild discomfort in the extraction site, and you feel a hole. Well, you may have a dry socket, which means the blood clot formed to help heal after the extraction of wisdom teeth Melbourne has been dislodged. What should you do now? Here is what you need to know about the condition and some remedies which you can try at home to ease the discomfort before you visit the dentist. What is a dry socket? It is a painful condition that occurs when a blood clot is formed after the extraction. This is a complication of wisdom teeth removal procedure but rarely occurs if a patient fails to take good care of the surgical site. Yes, if you have poor oral health or smoke after removing a tooth, you are more likely to develop a dry socket. Symptoms of dry socket include - Throbbing pain - Bad breath - Mild to high fever - An unpleasant taste in your mouth Although ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Aug 21, 2019

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  The wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, and it is an outpatient surgery, which means you arrive and leave the dental office on the same day. It is not the procedure that scares you the most, the stories which you have heard from others who have already pulled out their wisdom teeth. You must understand that no two patients are the same. So do the procedure and recovery.  While most people recover from wisdom teeth removal Melbourne procedure in a couple of days, it could take a full week to recover if the teeth are impacted. Following the post-operative care instructions suggested by the dentist is the key to recover as early as possible.  To promote healing and prevent potential problems after wisdom teeth removal, here are a few instructions you need to follow.  Swelling  Swelling can be reduced by applying ice packs on cheeks for up to two days. This helps to reduce swelling, bruising, and other discomforts. If your tooth was infected ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Apr 15, 2019

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Though wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure, no one looks forward to experiencing it. Don’t panic if your dentist suggests you to extract your wisdom teeth, and more importantly do not hear those horror stories from your friends and family about their experience of wisdom teeth removal. Moreover, don’t watch wisdom teeth removal videos on YouTube. To help you get through the wisdom teeth removal procedure, here are five facts you need to know before pulling out them. Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is a standard procedure According to the Australian Dental Association, there are about 10million molars removed each year. So, you are not the one who is going to pull your wisdom teeth out. There are millions of people who have undergone this treatment, and they are hale and healthy. You can choose dental sedation to help cope-up with your dental anxiety during the procedure. The type of anaesthesia you choose will affect the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. An ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Mar 21, 2019

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  Most people although they know about wisdom teeth, always have doubts if their wisdom tooth needs removal. Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to erupt in the back of the mouth. These teeth typically appear between the ages of 17 and 21. If wisdom teeth come in correctly, they help and support other teeth with functions like chewing. Most often, wisdom teeth grow impacted or misaligned. However, these molars are something that can be somewhat perplexing based on how late they erupt. In most of the cases, there is no sufficient space for these teeth to erupt in the jaw. To prevent any damages to the adjacent teeth, dentists usually recommend wisdom teeth removed before they turn into a problem. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers, read further to find out whether you should consider wisdom teeth extraction.  Should I get my wisdom teeth removed?  Wisdom teeth do not always end up requiring removal. In some lucky patients, these teeth ... Continue reading →

by Paulo Pinho on Mar 21, 2019

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  Molars are the flat teeth that are situated at the back of the mouth. These teeth vary in shape and size however are the largest in the mouth. Molars are used to grind food into smaller pieces for swallowing whereas, the smaller front teeth are used for biting and tearing food. The molars are designed in such a way they sustain good amount of force from grinding, clenching and chewing food. Each molar is anchored firmly to the jawbone with two to four roots.  What are the different types of molars we have?  There are three different types of molars which come in after we lose our baby teeth.  - First molars  - Second molars  - Third molars or the wisdom teeth  Why do humans have wisdom teeth?  Wisdom teeth were vestiges from the evolutionary past when human beings had a larger mouth accommodating these additional teeth. These extra set of teeth help in cutting especially hard foods like nuts, roots and tough meats.  These types of diets ... Continue reading →


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