How To Create A Custom POI With Garmin

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Garmin GPS devices provide users with powerful GPS navigation that is easy to use and customize. You can create customized points of interest for your Garmin GPS in just a few simple steps using your computer.


Download the Garmin POI Loader from the official Garmin website. Install the Garmin POI Loader on your computer, follow the instructions provided. The POI Loader is a free download that allows you to add customized points of interest to your Garmin GPS device.

Create a special file point of interest .csv using MS Excel or a similar program. Enter the custom point of longitude, latitude, name, optional alert speed of interest and comment in the following format: <Lon>, <lat>, ["] <name> [@ <Speed ​​Alert>] [" ], ["] [commentary] ["]. Repeat the process to add additional custom points of interest.

Create a custom point of interest with Garmin MapSource. If you have Garmin MapSource software, you may prefer to create your custom points of interest in .gpx format using Garmin MapSource. Create a waypoint, and in the "Waypoint properties" box, enter the name of your custom point of interest and click on "Ok". Select "File" and then, "Save As" and the name of your file. In the "Save as type" drop-down menu, select "GPS Interchange Format" or .gpx and then click "Save."

Use the Garmin POI Loader program to find your customized point of interest files on your computer. Upload the custom point of files of interest to your Garmin GPS device. If you prefer, you can upload the customized point of files of interest to a third-party SD card for use on the Garmin GPS device.

Access your customized point of files of interest on your Garmin GPS device by selecting "Destination" from the "Main Menu" screen. From the "Destination" menu screen select "Points of Interest" and select "Custom."

Tips and warnings

Visit the Garmin Fuentes custom points of interest page to download more points of interest for your Garmin GPS.

To create custom points of interest in the .gpx format you must have the Garmin MapSource program on your computer. If you do not have the Garmin MapSource program, you can create custom points of interest in the .csv format using MS Excel.

This is how you can create a custom POI with Garmin. Isn’t that a simple process? I’m sure it is, but if you even come across any issue while doing the process, then you can recheck the steps, whether you have performed them in the right order or not. If the steps are correct, yet you are dealing with problems, then you can get your device checked by an expert who will let you know if there is any problem with the device or the process that you have performed. Mostly, users are able to create custom POI with Garmin. But, if you are among the unfortunate ones, then don’t worry, contact Garmin experts.

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Garmin keeps on updating the maps in order to bring the best and fastest routes to its users. If you are using the obsolete version of maps, then you can either download or purchase the latest version from the link. The map updates can then be installed on the device through the computer. If you don’t know the steps to transfer the updates from the computer to the Garmin, Contact us at our customer care toll-free number.


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