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1. Introduction Setting up and managing our own servers can take a considerable amount of time especially if we are not a day to day linux user. That is why we see things like serverless and containers catching on. There’s another option out there though too and it’s called unikernels. What are unikernels though? Unikernels are simple single application operating systems. Instead of deploying our software on top of linux unikernels create an operating system out of our application and run only that app – nothing else. There’s no concept of usernames/passwords or sshin’g into the application as it is only running one application. Traditionally unikernels have been hard to work with as they used to require expert level of systems knowledge. Now there are newer tools like OPS that fix that. 2. Setup In the next few minutes we are going to build, run, then deploy a php unikernel. First things first let’s download OPS from https://ops. ... Continue reading →

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We are very sure that by now, you must have heard the word “API” about a million times when communicating with mobile app developers. So, we will explore everything about the API and its development in this article. So wear your seat belt and get ready to enter the world of API – super heroes behind the mobile application. What is API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a series of instructions, standards, or requirements that allow software or applications to use features/services of other applications, platforms, or other devices for better service. In short, this allows applications to communicate with each other. For example, if one clicks the “Connect to Facebook” button on Candy Crush, there is no need to enter details about the Facebook account. Instead, it gets access to data from the Facebook server and allows us to enjoy the game – all thanks to the API. The API is the basis of all applications that process data or allow ... Continue reading →

by lucenta solution on Jun 22, 2019


Till now, each and every one of us is aware with the API Development and its essence in the businesses that depend on the internet. Also, to be future proof, it is must to change with the changing times. Let us talk about API some more! What is API Integration? The API (Application Programming Interface) is a messenger that handles requests and ensures the smooth running of the company’s system. The API allows interaction between data, applications, and devices. It provides data and facilitates device and program connections. The API can also be defined as an online programming interface for organizations. This allows the application to communicate with the back-end system. The application programming interface creates channels for businesses to sell their products and services online. The API allows access to services by adding code to the application, further enhancing binding and strengthening functionality. The API allows unlimited communication between various ... Continue reading →

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 SAP is surely one of generally utilized well known ERP programming program applications on the planet. ERP otherwise called venture help arranging is an association gigantic PC programming program gadget to oversee resources, actualities, and elements of the gatherings. It's far a supplier situated design that speaks with an area region arrange. That is the generally the most esteem powerful way. ABAP known as cutting edge business application Programming is an unnecessary stage programming language made with the guide of SAP. It's far like COBOL and has wide acknowledgment like other programming dialects are Java, and so on. Its miles programming one of a kind fourth era language and it keeps running on SAP database. The ABAP code exists in two paper works, one is supply code and the other is produced code. ABAP keeps running on a runtime which helps in changing the code intelligible to databases the utilization of Database interface. SAP chips away at a three-arrange ... Continue reading →

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Basically every person who is associated with programming guidance and working thinks about SAP modules. SAP is a term that can settle enormous inconveniences in a dealt with way and it urge people to control their associations. All of the data and receipts can be checked and in authentic demand. The official’s territories of an association or business, legitimate works of a division should be conceivable effectively by using the modules that are given by SAP. Structures, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) showed up in the year 1972. It is proposed for gigantic business and parts that have each day tremendous trade of Data. Tasks that oblige the hardware or working structure, (for instance, defragmenting the circle) which causes a gigantic dependence of this sort of programming from gear is known as System Programming.  The mannerisms of the working system or potentially hardware, which should run the program which the product engineer must recollect while ... Continue reading →

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A term Business programming is getting to be pattern in the product business. Distinctive organizations are embracing different programming to control the business and it additionally help to deal with their work, and to lessen outstanding tasks at hand of the general population who are related with the business. UI and clients can question/alter/input information and view results momentarily are known as Graphical User Interface which is one of the applications utilized in business. In these applications each work keeps running in clump mode: they are developing to run dependent on a foreordained occasion or time and a business client does not have to start them or screen them once it is connected. At times applications are worked in-house and some are purchased from merchants. These organizations embrace the new programming which is either introduced in work areas or in big servers utilized in working of the work environment. In 1965, organizations built up their own extraordinary ... Continue reading →

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SAP is one of the renowned modules for Enterprise resource planning software or ERP. ERP is the main component of large and complex businesses. An ERP installation is done in an organization to bring all data of a company under one roof, it is a way to unify and manage a business which is the fundamental goal of this software. SAP QM or SAP Quality Management (QM) module helps in managing of quality of the goods in productions across whole processes that continues in an organization. This management of quality of SAP module helps a company to accelerate and enhance their workloads by adopting a systematic and functional method of managing the quantity and quality in different ways. Module of SAP QM tries to collaborate on sales and production, planning and procurement, inspection along with notification, control and manage the audit section of an organization.  The Software manages all entries through creating a set of unified facts to a business. For instance, all the data ... Continue reading →

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The economy and the globe evolve as an industry grows in various fields.  There is so much you can do with the wide range of field to work, which was available from the very point when you are born into a manufacturing atmosphere which is providing a service and selling. Whatever it is you do to live in a well - equipped environment. The thing named Software, that does not have limits and it can be used for our various purposes. The imagination of the people develops plans and structure with the use of software, the only limit is who develop the ideas have less knowledge of all the features of a program.  The Software has the power to construct or demolish your organization. The only option to stay ahead in business is to innovate and continuously progress and this can be done by using programs.    Employer useful resource making plans is better known as ERP that permit a corporation to maintain and develop databases for exceptional approaches from a single ... Continue reading →

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Advanced Business Application Programming can also be named as ABAP which is a high-level programming language. It is created by SAP. ABAP is similar to other software like COBOL and it has got wide recognition like other languages used for programming which is Java. It is a fourth generation language and it can be operated on database of SAP. The ABAP exists in two code forms, the first code is source code and the other code which generates code. ABAP helps in transforming the code and it is processed on a runtime which can be applied to understandable databases using various Database interface. SAP process on 3-level architecture and structure.           ABAP at the beginning known as Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, which is German for "preferred record advent processor" is a programming language for an excessive-degree that is created by way of the German software company SAP SE. It is presently placed with Java, ... Continue reading →

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There is a perception of Job. It is considered as an “activity for lifestyles”. It has modified and now a prosperous profession relies upon at the skill and capability of an individual.  Now, career managements are doing to offer the people with good surroundings of work, their preference of work, career satisfaction, activity satisfaction, and ability improvement. Considered one of such profession enhancing training is an SAP. SAP or higher called gadget, software programming, it provides a new sort of place of work and ecosystem for the employee. The paintings of an expert in the SAP software program do no longer depend on any man or woman.  It is miles at work that a person plays and in an organized manner. In other fields of work, career fulfillment of someone is classed for better improvement, but this scope is completely absent in SAP.  The Internet has global approach which has covered our existence and the mortal world. Human beings now cannot live ... Continue reading →

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