by aashi kapoor on Jun 8, 2020


ESPADRILLES Our culture gets influenced by the traces of the past and we tend to go here quite often and get ideas from it. Fashion is the perfect example of this phenomenon, in many ways, ideas and concepts make constant comebacks, just to fade away or die out completely. Years, even decades later, they get rediscovered again and everyone is in love with the trend again. One of the new trends that has been “rediscovered” is the shoe design called Espadrilles. Espadrilles is a type of footwear that is made of natural fiber yarn such as cotton, animal skins, wicker or canvas with esparto, fique or hemp soles, or a mixture of jute and caranday (in Argentina), esparto (in Spain and other countries), which is secured by simple adjustment, a piece of elastic sewn to the fabric or with ribbons. It is mainly used in Spain, the southern part of France and various areas of Latin America. Warm and dry climates allow people to wear them often and year round. “MUST-HAVE” ... Continue reading →

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Majority of the women reading this article would agree with us upon the fact that a girl can never have enough number of shoes with her. There are several different types of footwear options available in the market these days, out of which heels are every girl’s favorite.    For those who are new to the heel game and are not sure about how to rock their look with the right pair of heels, this article will prove to be really helpful. We've created here a list of all trending heel styles in 2020 which every woman must add to her shoe wardrobe.     Stiletto: Stiletto heels are a classic pair of high heels that every girl must own. It adds up to the height of the person is wearing it and lengthen his/her legs. The height of a stilettos sandal ranges from one to 10 inches ... Continue reading →

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For a fashionable man, it is quite important to know the details of dress shoes because they are a very crucial part of men's wearer. Usually, dress shoes with fine details express the quality and they prove as the multi-purpose wear for men. Since quality is very crucial it is preferred by many men that they buy Italian leather shoes. When you are buying Italian leather shoes there are a number of minute details you can view to estimate the quality of the dress shoes you are interested in purchasing. The shoes must be with real leather, soles must be stitched not glued to the bottom of the shoes, the lining must be made of high-quality natural leather, and the stitching of the shoes must be very neat and barely noticeable. You might find that men's dress shoes are strongly similar to each other and it is difficult to choose the right shoe style for any particular event. However Italian leather shoe stores help us divide these shoes in a number of categories on the basis of ... Continue reading →

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