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Here explore the best place to enjoy the best Indian foods in Prague

by Mark Sheldon on Sep 1, 2018


If your Bohemian mood has planned for the European tour then it is simply impossible to avoid Prague! It is the place where Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, and Sigmund Freud used to live. Every year a lot of people come to feel the pleasance of this culture-enriched place. Tour seems incomplete if there is no comforting food! If your stomach is happy then you are going to enjoy every step of your tour more. Actually, there is an Irish proverb, “Laughter is brightest where food is best”. If your next travel destination is Prague then here you will get the best restaurant idea to enjoy the best Indian foods. Indian foods are the best foods which people from all across the world want to taste and they simply fall in love. And probably, for that reason, a lot of Indian search for their native foods even if when they are out of India. No matter you are an Indian or not, if Indian food is on your mind then there is a solution even in Prague. Mala India, a restaurant with Indian ... Continue reading →

Here get the best and cheap place to eat Indian foods in Prague

by Mark Sheldon on Sep 1, 2018


Being NRI missing the authentic taste of traditional Indian food is the most common matter of getting upset! But if you are in the Czech Republic then you don’t have to get upset anymore. Now you can enjoy the best Indian foods at Mala India in Prague. In search of getting the best places to eat in Prague, non-residential Indians almost hit all the possible links they find on Google. But not all the options are satisfied enough. But all these headaches are gone as now you can easily enjoy the delicious Indian foods at Mala India. It has begun its journey in 2017 but within a short span of time, it has gained a huge popularity due to its amazing food taste and awesome restaurant services. There are some facts which have made Mala India different and more comfortable than others. If you are in search of the cheap places to eat in Prague then don’t leave it as untried. Most of the people like Mala India due to these below-mentioned reasons- First of all, it ... Continue reading →

Why you should visit Mala India this weekend?

by Mark Sheldon on Sep 30, 2018


When it comes to FOOD then Indians just get melt! And only the authentic taste of Indian foods can make them go crazy! But dilemma takes place when you are outside of India and craving for Indian foods. Now you don’t have to wait for days to come back to India and enjoy the favorite foods as Mala India is in Prague to let the NRIs have a great Indian food experience in the Czech Republic.  Maybe there are a lot of restaurants out there but why Mala India is this much special? It has started its journey in 2017 and within a short span of time, it has gained a huge popularity simply because of its high-quality food and pleasing restaurant service. So, if you too are planning to have the best dinner in Prague an Indian restaurant this weekend then Mala India simply worth your time and money. Specialties of Mala India If you are planning to have dinner outside with your friends or family then Mala India will satisfy you at the best level. Before choosing a restaurant, ... Continue reading →

Consider these facts to choose an Indian restaurant outside India

by Mark Sheldon on Sep 30, 2018


“Eating out at weekend” is one of the refreshing ideas that we possess in our mind all across the working weekdays. And maybe you too are doing same without selecting a comfortable place to enjoy at the weekend. This article is about an Indian restaurant in Prague and how it can treat you way more special than any other one available out there. So, when it comes to a restaurant, at the first move, we automatically imagine a comfortable soothing place which takes away all our weekdays’ stress. But sometimes, a few restaurants not only dissatisfy us with the food quality but also ruin the mood with a non-professional service. And that’s why you need to be a bit choosier before selecting an Indian restaurant in Prague for the weekend enjoyment. Yes, there are a lot of restaurants out there in Prague but if you are planning to have authentic Indian foods then you should not roam randomly as you can simply select Mala India. It is a reliable restaurant in ... Continue reading →

An effective guide to easily find the best Indian restaurant

by Mark Sheldon on Nov 24, 2018


“First we eat, then we do everything else”- M.F.K Fisher Food is the ultimate motivation! You agree or not! If there is no delicious food then probably all human beings will give up on life. It has been noticed that when people are in a hectic working schedule and getting puzzled then only good lunch or dinner can help them to refresh their mood, here food just acts like a great motivator. In this world, there are a lot of different foods from different genres and Indian foods hold a great place there. Not only the Indians rather a lot of people from outside of India also like traditional Indian foods. If you are in the Czech Republic and in search of authentic Indian foods, then this article can help you out the best. Being an Indian you can relate that Indian foods hold how much space in your heart. Often a lot of Indians especially who are out of India, complain that they are not getting the same taste and authenticity in their nearby Indian restaurant in Prague. ... Continue reading →

Here easily find out the cheap places to eat in the Prague

by Mark Sheldon on Nov 24, 2018


Are you in Prague? Are you missing Indian foods? Don’t you have the opportunity to return to India and enjoy the traditional Indian foods? Then this article is only for you! There are a lot of Indians who are presently in the Czech Republic and have no idea where they can get the authentic Indian foods. Well, if you are one of them, then please continue reading, you will not be disappointed! Before suggesting you a great Indian restaurant, let you know the ways to find the best one is the main motto of this article. If you are in search of cheap places to eat in the Prague then you can minimize your searching hassle online. In this era of the Internet, you can do probably everything online. At the first move, search with right phrases such as ‘best Indian restaurants in the Prague, cheap places to eat in Prague and similar’ otherwise search engines will not understand your need. Clear keyword helps the search engine to deliver the most exact result. After ... Continue reading →

All you need to know before selecting an Indian Restaurant

by Mark Sheldon on Dec 2, 2018


Life would not be this much beautiful if there is no delicious food. People who love to eat they can go miles just to have a great dish. And if you are an Indian and a true foodie then you can better relate it. A lot of Indians in this 2018 are out of India for their job or business purpose. But for sure it can be said that they all surely miss their home foods. India is enriched with different types of traditional foods. Even it has been noticed that a lot of foreigners prefer this place just because of the great food variety and awesome taste. But when you are outside of India then how can you enjoy this great food regime? If you are in Prague or any other country where you hardly find Indian restaurants there you need to consider some facts before choosing the best one. Actually, those days are gone when people only visit the restaurants only on the weekends and holidays. Now, most of the people visit restaurants or order food online in the working days too. So, when you are ... Continue reading →

by Mark Sheldon on Dec 25, 2018


“There is no sincere love than the love of food”- George Bernard Shaw Most of the people will agree to this statement that they find comfort most in the food than any other things. If you are feeling then nothing can make your mood unless the delicious foods. Foods never betray you and that’s why a large number of people prefer to invest in various food items instead of their boyfriend or girlfriend! There are various kinds of delicious foods available in Prague. But if you are an Indian then for sure you miss your country food. It has been noticed that a lot of NRIs and even the foreigners prefer authentic Indian foods. But where will you get Indian foods in far Prague? Don’t get upset! Here is something exciting for you. There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Prague and hope from there you will get the best dishes at the right price. A fact has been noticed that people are not happy with the food quality of every Indian restaurant situation there. ... Continue reading →

by madhaviragu on Dec 27, 2018


You can get different styles and a variety of cakes for your celebration. Choosing the wrong wedding cake for your celebration will be the most common mistake. Sometimes you see a cake in a magazine and then insist one even though it doesn’t suit their style, theme or personality. Here are some of the different types of wedding cakes to consider. Classic and elegant cake: This will be a classic round and square cake with multiple tiers with cream or white fondant icing. Nothing will be over the edge, it just beautiful and timeless. In this case, you will get one layer of fruit cake and the rest of the cake can be marble, white chocolate, caramel, or carrot cake. The cake will be the descriptive one, colorful, and it will be the attractive one. The cake should be the reflection of your thoughts and creativity. If you like to stand out and probably want your cake to be remembered by your guests, then that will be the way to go. There are multiple shapes such as, squares, heart and ... Continue reading →

by Mark Sheldon on Dec 28, 2018


Have you ever wondered how much ease the internet and advanced technology have added to your everyday life? From waking up to bed time, the internet and modern technology are helping people on a great level. Finding any information to connect a childhood friend who lives overseas, are just matters of minutes. But most of the people become happier when the online food delivery regime takes place in the practice. Now you can easily order what is on your mind. There were days when you need to visit a restaurant physically to enjoy foods. There was no better option! But now you can enjoy the restaurant foods at your place without waiting for a long time. If you are in Prague then ordering food online is easier now. But before ordering food you need to check some facts in order to ensure the quality. Actually, ordering food online from a random place is not a smart act. For the taste and health, you need to order Indian food online in Prague from a popular and reliable restaurant. ... Continue reading →

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