Avocado Chocolate Cake Recipe

by Scott Cotton on Jul 19, 2018


This delicious two-layered rich chocolate cake with a lush chocolate frosting, is both vegan and gluten-free. Often cakes without eggs can be dry and bland; however the use of the creamy avocado and dark chocolate creates the most decadent delicious frosting! For the cake: chocolate cake recipe 180g gluten-free flour 25g cocoa powder 140g brown/coconut sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 155ml oil 235ml almond milk 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar For the frosting: avocado cake 2 ripe avocados 4 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted 4 tbsp maple syrup 160g Love Cocoa Ecuador 70% organic dark chocolate Chocolate gifts Method: Preheat your oven to 180*C (160*C fan assisted) Mix the flour, cocoa, sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Pour in the milk, oil and apple cider vinegar. Mix to combine Separate the batter evenly between two 8” cake tins. Bake for 15 minutes.  Leave to cool completely before frosting. Add all the ... Continue reading →

An effective guide to select the best Indian restaurant in Prague

by Mark Sheldon on Nov 17, 2018


A lot of Indians are in Prague for the sake of the job or business. The number is getting high day by day. If you too are one of them then this article is for you. It is a very normal matter that you are in far Prague and missing home-India. When people think about their home, after the parents they miss most the food. If you are feeling same then just book a flight and ask your parents to take the flight and be at your place in case you cannot manage days of break from your work. Now you may say you need Indian food too as you are feeling bored with the same regular lunch menu! Here is a solution too! There are a lot of restaurants out there where you can get Indian foods. It has been also noticed that a lot of people have expressed their dissatisfaction that a lot of Indian restaurants in Prague have disappointed them with the food quality and taste. And that’s why in this article, the author is sharing her personal experience with a popular restaurant in Prague- Mala ... Continue reading →

by Mario Pimienta on Jun 9, 2019


  Did you know consumers are extremely enthusiastic about ethnic cuisines and around 75% are eager to try new flavors? When we think of varieties and flavors, there is only one type of cuisine that comes to our mind. Of course, it is authentic Mexican food in Mountlake Terrace. According to the research reports, Mexican cuisine, in its most authentic form, is actually reputedly based on replications of cuisine from as far back as 2000 years ago that the Mayan Indians created. When you have authentic Mexican food, you will feel like taking a trip back in time to this beautiful country and its richness. But, what makes Mexican cuisine so authentic and delicious? Well, here we have listed four factors that make Mexican dishes original and tasty.  Vegetables  The wide range of vegetables used in the Mexican dishes makes it more nutritious. The common vegetables you can find in the recipes of a typical Mexican dinner menu in Mountlake Terrace are tomatoes, ... Continue reading →

by Mario Sazos on Jul 5, 2019


  Food is one of the most important considerations, regardless of the kind of party you are organizing. Luckily, we have many culinary trends that are creative and distinctive in their own way. If you are planning to organize a birthday party, you want the food to be just right and will have to take a lot of pains to get everything that way. That needs a lot of planning, acquiring fresh produce and ingredients and of course, managing all the cooking. Since this is a time-consuming task, most people prefer to hire birthday party catering in Sydney to make this job more manageable.  While inviting a huge count of guests, opting for a banquet hall would be the best possible mode to organize the birthday party or any other party. But, if hiring dinner party catering in Sydney seems a bit extravagant, then have a look at some of the benefits of hiring a catering company in Sydney.  - While using the services of catering, you don’t have to get busy ... Continue reading →

by Simon Fadous on Oct 15, 2019


Aussie seafood is the best in the world, and local dishes have their charm. But, let’s be honest – nothing can beat a proper pizza. Who doesn’t’ like a dish with cheese oozing out of every slice of pizza? It is no wonder why Aussies go gaga over them. Whatever type of pizza you like, Australia has it. Do you want to taste classic Roman and Neapolitan? Or, Deep-dish American? Vegan? Yes, every pizza lover, be it vegan or non-vegan, has got something to eat. Pizza is an authentic Italian dish that is served in different styles and loaded with a range of toppings that enhances the flavours. In fact, there is more to this cheese- loaded delight. You need to move those regular pizzas as there is a range of pizzas that are sure to drool for. Here is a list of exotic pizzas which you must try:- Capricciosa Pizza Capricciosa Pizza is the best pizza in Mascot as it is unlike any pizza you have had before. It is made, ham, mushrooms, Italian sausage, ... Continue reading →

by Simon Fadous on Oct 17, 2019


The rise of pizzerias, especially Neapolitan pizza, worldwide has led to a surge of pizza lovers over the past decades. Pizza comes in different shapes and sizes, but Neapolitan pizza is different. It has its own character, and in fact, it is unique in the preparation that goes behind freshly prepared dough and the final product. Neapolitan pizza is known for its perfect crust and excellent topping combinations that make every bite of it delicious. Flour It may not seem to be important. But, using the right flour is not only crucial for earning the right to call it true Neapolitan pizza but also to make the best dough. It is the base of the dish, and it should produce the best Neapolitan dough. The flour used to make this pizza is also one of the factors that influence the taste. Dough Salt, water, yeast, and flour are the major ingredients used in the traditional Neapolitan dough. Although the ingredients are simple, the proportion is the key to achieve the perfect dough. When it ... Continue reading →


by cakepark on Jun 18, 2020


The word cake comes from Middle English kake and is perhaps a borrowing from Old Norse . The definition of ‘cake’ has changed over time, and therefore the first cake was: a rather small crushed kind of bread, round, oval, or otherwise regularly shaped, and typically baked hard on each side by being turned during the method . A normal cake is boring these days. Hence, we would love to experiment with a lot of things regarding our cakes. Some may have theme-based cakes for celebrations. Be it a birthday, wedding,  bachelorettes, or anything for that matter. Cakes are an important part of the celebration and everyone need it unique. Have you ever watched any reality show for cake baking? If yes, this term must be very much familiar to you. Many might not prefer fondant but buttercream. Maybe because it is expensive and not easy to work with. However, the craze for fondant cakes ... Continue reading →

by atlasoliveoils on Jul 31, 2020


Olive oil is considered one of the best for cooking food, considering it has many health benefits. Most of the chefs or cooking books refer to the usage of extra virgin olive oil, which is sold at a higher price compared to regular olive oil. But what is the reason for this disparity?   The extra virgin olive oil is manufactured by the extraction process known as cold pressed olive oil, which provides high quality and pure olive oil. At the same time, regular olive oil is a blend of cold press and processed oil. In the cold processed olive oil, olive is ground into a paste then they are pressed to extract the extra virgin olive oil.   As heat is not involved in the process, it is known as a cold pressed process. The oil extracted is green in color and has a fruity aroma and peppery flavor. Though this process provides pure and high-quality olive oil, it is a time-consuming process. All these entities bring forth high pricing of the extra virgin olive oil. ... Continue reading →

by Simon Fadous on Jan 12, 2021


The Gluten-free diet is popular among fitness freaks! With awareness of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, many are adapting to the gluten-free diet even if they don’t have the disease or intolerant. This trend has become a marketing tactic over the past few years, and you can see gluten-free frozen food, cereal, drinks, and even gluten-free pizzas are available at the pizza restaurant Tempe. Everybody loves pizza. But, is gluten-free pizza a healthier choice? Read on to find out. There is a common myth that cutting out gluten will aid weight-loss. Well, it may be the case for individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, but not for others. Unless you are making healthier choices to eating gluten free, eating processed sugary gluten-free food is not healthy. Also, going gluten-free with your pizza delivery Tempe, doesn’t mean that it is a healthier choice since you’ll be eating sauce, cheese, and other toppings which can lead to weight gain. ... Continue reading →

by Simon Fadous on Jan 12, 2021


Pizza is a popular food in any social gathering or special occasions. Regardless of in which country you live in or what event or meeting you are attending, pizza will likely be on the menu. There are many reasons why most people love pizza. However, the range of flavours and toppings that suit anyone’s tastes and preferences are the significant reasons why everybody loves to eat pizza. Apart from it, the availability of free pizza delivery Leichhardt is one of the reasons many prefer pizza over other foods. Yes, you can even visit a local pizza restaurant Leichhardt or call their delivery service to get a fresh-baked pie in no time. Offering pizza is more than just a free meal for your employees. In fact, it is a great way to bring them all together and show them some appreciation. Here’s why pizza Leichhardt is the best and why you should serve it for your employees in your next meeting:- A Range Of Toppings With a wide range of topping choices that ... Continue reading →

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