Professional Durham Wedding Photographer and Raleigh Real Estate Photographer

by Jojo Franky on Oct 2, 2018


Photographs have always managed to influence us in different ways. There are different types of photographs and thus the styles of photography also remain different. In order to take different types of photographs, photographer also follows different styles and approaches. Professional photography is really different than the usual photography that we use to do with our mobile phones or a high end camera. When you hire a professional photographer, you also get access for his skills, expertise, experience and approaches. At Scale Photography, they offer a wide range of photography services. Whether you are looking for Durham wedding photographer or the Raleigh real estate photographer, this online venue can help you hire the best names in this business. The demand for real estate photography is quite high among the real estate agents operating these days in Raleigh and Durham. Surely, they can do such photography with their high end mobile phones. But the crisp and attractive photos of ... Continue reading →

by Christopher Drivas on Oct 9, 2019


Now that you're engaged, it's time to start searching for a Sydney wedding venue. Plan a stress-free path to "I do" with the ultimate wedding venue checklist. Since the reception will eat up 40 to 50 % of your wedding budget, you'll want to really evaluate every facility or event space you visit. Here's a list of every question you need to ask the manager of any wedding venue you may be considering for your big day. Once you have made a shortlisted by searching “wedding venues near me”, visit the wedding venue, and book it at once. 1. Which of the following are included in the price? Corkage, Cutting the cake, Cleanup, Glassware, Flatware, Linens, Tables and chairs, Lighting, Sound system, Kitchen equipment, Ceremony seating, Dressing room, Coat check, Security, Valet, Parking, and Site rental 2. How many other events might be happening at the same time as mine? 3. Which staff member will be our point person? 4. Can we bring in our own decor? ... Continue reading →

by Christopher Drivas on Oct 12, 2019


If you’ve been tasked with planning your company event, getting the venue right is crucial. Choosing the right venue is an important factor in deciding the success of your party. But, finalising one of the famous party venues in Sydney will take up a lot of time and resources. To make it faster and convenient, and to run smoothly and enjoy your party too, take note of all your requirements, and follow the tips give below. Here are some tips to look out for when choosing your ideal venue. Check the Amenities, Logistics, and Layout When seeking a venue for hire Sydney, work with its event coordinator to assess layout and conduct walkthroughs, noting details like the location of outlets and where any AV equipment is – or can be – located. Consider your event’s level or movement and traffic flow and whether you’ll need areas for check-in, green rooms or storage. Think From Outside the Box and Know the Requirements Whether it’s a corporate ... Continue reading →

by Carly Odgers on Nov 12, 2019


Are you planning a summer wedding? A wedding venue is the most important aspect of your wedding and sets the right mood for the entire event. So, when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, people often go for a beach wedding, garden wedding, city wedding or a country wedding. But, there is yet another option that lies beyond these classic contenders. THE VINEYARD WEDDING! From the lush green to the rolling hills, vineyard wedding venues carry a certain romantic appeal. A winery wedding, when done right, is truly magical. Here are a few easy tips to make your vineyard wedding a joyous occasion. Visit the Venue Before booking Swan Valley wedding venues with accommodation, make sure to visit the wedding venue to ensure whether they have enough rooms for your guests. It allows you to bond with the winery staff and you can also even make special requests for who you'd like to be on staff during your wedding. Add a Rustic Feel Consider adding a rustic farm theme to your vineyard ... Continue reading →

by Carly Odgers on Nov 12, 2019


For many travellers, Australia and New Zealand are the bucket list destinations. The picturesque landscape of Western Australia’s oldest wine region, the Swan Valley in Perth, is one of the must-see attractions of Australia. From the abundance of wineries and vineyards to explore walking trails and the finest foods in the state, it is full of surprises. It’s one among those places where schedules aren’t needed, and clocks shouldn’t be watched. The serene location encourages people to slow down, take time and relax, or run the risk of missing one of life's greatest adventures. The Swan Valley is also known as a food lover’s haven, a wine connoisseur’s delight, and a naturalist's dream. Luxury Accommodation in the Swan Valley If you are looking for luxury accommodation in the Swan Valley Perth, The Vines Resort and Country Club is your ideal choice! It welcomes you to the beautiful view of the Swan Valley 103 resort rooms and 54 ... Continue reading →

You Are the Dad’s Li’l Princess, Why Not a Colourful Vineyard Wedding?

by Carly Odgers on Nov 19, 2019


Forget hot pink, burgundy, and red – the list of colours that resembles crimson sunset for your wedding. A vineyard wedding is a sweet flip from the traditional Australian wedding and seems dreamy. Yes, in addition to the chic wedding dress, lush bouquet, and the dainty cake, the wedding venue you choose also has a role to play in your fairy tale wedding. A vineyard wedding is the right choice for the bride who looks for a venue option that is out of the box. The rustic appeal of nature and the beautiful scenery of vineyards make it the best place to host the most photographed event of your life. The Vines Resort and Country Club, one of the best Swan Valley wedding venues with accommodation is the ultimate choice for people who are trying to tie the knot in awe-inspiring wedding venues with an elegant mix of floral and décor. So, here are a few reasons to choose a vineyard wedding venue. Elegance and Scenic Beauty Unlike other wedding venues, a Vineyard wedding ... Continue reading →

Eat, Sip and Sleep this Holiday Season at One of the Best Swan Valley Accommodations

by Carly Odgers on Nov 19, 2019


From the starlit skies of Uluru to green vineyards, Australia has been a backpacker favourite since forever. With loads of iconic spots to visit, Australia has everything you are looking for – stunning nature, parties, foodie hotspots, and more. In addition to the best coastlines to explore, Western Australia is also home to the most established vineyards in the country. Book a tour to take you around the valley this holiday season and enjoy the stunning beauty of the vineyard. If you are looking for a Swan Valley accommodation for luxury living, The Vines Resort and Country Club is your ideal choice. It is hidden among a colourful blend of history, people, art and award-winning wine in the historic Swan Valley. Deals & Specials in Swan Valley Family 3 Par Fun Day Includes tee off with family for up to 18 holes of fun on the Ellenbrook golf course. The event is designed for the whole family and perfect for both beginners and expert golfers. The basic price of ... Continue reading →

by Christopher Drivas on Dec 16, 2019


While planning for a party, many different questions are thrown your way. One of the biggest to tackle is the location where you will be hosting the party. To answer this question, you should have answers to many other questions. To help you on your way to answering the few questions and choosing the right venue, we have made a list of things you should consider to make your decision. Size: To answer the question on the size of the party venues Sydney, how many guests can the venue accommodate should be the first thing to come in your mind. If you plan on inviting 50 people, for example, you might want a venue that can hold 70 people. What a lot of people miss while they think about choosing the venue size has less to do with the capacity and the physical size of the venue. Although these two seem synonymous, they are not. It is vital to ask questions like, will your guests be able to move freely after the furniture is placed? How will be the seating? Is it comfortable? Is it ... Continue reading →

by Christopher Drivas on Dec 19, 2019


A wedding is one of the memorable events in a couple’s life. They tie the knot, finally surrounded by family and friends, because it is a relationship that will last a lifetime. Nowadays, each moment of a wedding is recorded, and it is vital to make it memorable, or it is will not get in memories. The wedding ceremony must be traditional but also have a unique touch that would bring in a new flavour. To have a unique wedding, there are a few steps while the most crucial being, choosing unique wedding venues Sydney. DJ Song List: Sometimes it becomes chaos while kids try to request the DJ with their favourite songs. To avoid this, you can prepare a list beforehand and forward that to the DJ. The DJ can mix and match all the songs and play the tracklist that is loved by everyone. Imagine the bride and groom sitting at the garden wedding venues Sydney surrounded by nature where lovely songs are played, won't it be like a dream? Collecting pictures of friends and ... Continue reading →

by Christopher Drivas on Feb 6, 2020


When you begin to search for your wedding venue, it seems easy initially. You will obviously have an idea about the number of guests you are inviting, your budget and the location where you want to get married. By this time, you would have even started to visit different venues to see if it will meet all your requirements. Some venues might feel like a good fit but might come with drawbacks! Don’t rush. Take your time, as its important that you fall in love with your wedding venue. You can get yourself out of the stress of deciding on a venue by considering some important aspects. Prioritise: When you notice that you are falling into the wedding venue tunnel, make sure to start thinking of priorities. One of the best ways to do this is, to write down a list of the shortlisted venues and rate them. Here is what you should consider, venue type, location, availability of dates, the proximity of ceremony to reception settings, ceremony backdrops, and reception backdrops. Ask ... Continue reading →

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