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Information About cPanel And WHM And Uses Of cPanel Apps For Customers

by Buy cPanel on Aug 10, 2018


Every big or small company needs data preservation solution to restore its data in case of a crisis. It is always beneficial to store the backup data on a server provided by professional hosting companies. A data backup service providing company often use terms related to cPanel. The cPanel WHM is a commonly used the term. A concept of cPanel is known to be an online Linux-based website hosting control panel. It provides automation tools and a graphic interface. It is used to simplify the process of website hosting. The main benefit of cPanel is that it allows third-party web hosting services, software vendors to automate the processes. cPanel WHM This is the term used to mention control panel hosting and Web Hosting Manager. Both these versions are used for the documentation of the backup data. Advantages of cPanel web hosting This web hosting service is very easy to install and use. It is more reliable. It is portable. It is compatible with different types of browsers.  ... Continue reading →

by Victoria Williams on Sep 7, 2018


We know the right way of setting up Google Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network. If you are unable to Connect Chromecast to WiFi, then you need to check whether the internet is working fine or not. Connect other devices to the Wi-Fi network, and if those are working fine, then the issue is with the internet. Call us to get the right solution.                                                                            Chromecast Setup Pc    |   Chromecast Setup Laptop Continue reading →

Boost Your Website by Acquiring Professional Hosting Company in India

by AGM WEB HOSTING on Oct 9, 2018


Today, each and everyone is looking for the professional VPS Hosting Company in India in which they can understand the customers’ actual requirements and thus can provide what they actually want. If you too wish to achieve successful business campaigns, you can utilize the professional web hosting company in India. Yes, we are talking about AGM WEB HOSTING Company that provides the best hosting solution in order to enhance the business quickly. It is made up of 100% satisfaction solution and increases business dreams at an affordable cost. This Web Hosting Company always take care of customer satisfaction forever. Moreover, a good website needs a hosting service and hosting requires undergoing services that are marketing skills-based services. It is delivering only best class and original solution providers of the industry based on the hosting. Hire a professional hosting firm Most importantly, the web hosting aims to provide complete true service to everyone and enhance the ... Continue reading →

AGM Dipawali Offers: Save Extra 25% on Domains and Flat 50% on Hosting

by AGM WEB HOSTING on Oct 28, 2018


With little more than a week until Dipawali, every best hosting service provider company are offering their best discounts offers saving your big amount of money making this season more festive. AGM Web Hosting has come up with some unique and amazing discount offers for those who want to grow their business online. With so many options to shop around and enjoy the great deals is definitely something that all tech individual loves to avail. What’s more, you can get free hosting for one year with AGM. Isn’t it exciting? Definitely yes!, right? Additionally, one can ensure extra 50% saving on all the hosting plan(except startup one). It might be you’re wondering why you are not getting 50% saving on startup too? Firstly, check the plan in your own and we suppose you might get the question answered in your own! Also, we believe you are sure to love that plan because of it’s cost friendly nature to match every budget and needs. Moreover, AGM ... Continue reading →

Get Best Web Hosting In India from AGM Web Hosting

by AGM WEB HOSTING on Nov 20, 2018


No matter you own a small or a big business, choosing the best hosting provider in India can certainly prove beneficial for you. Wondering how? Let’s see the whole scenario in detail and know the actual use of Web Hosting for your Online Business: With the quality Web Hosting Service, you will get the space and bandwidth for your websites or webpages on Internet. And if taken from the experienced professional team dealing in various Web Hosting Services, you will experience a great management and power of the strong web servers for the uninterrupted services on your website. Giving you the guarantee of best Uptime, the AGM Web Hosting Company take care of your data via large data centers and give you the services like Linux VPS hosting by charging very minimal fee. Offering you the benefit of exact technology required to keep your brand alive, AGM also deals in Linux reseller hosting for the Cost Effective approach. Our reseller hosting plans along with Linux reseller hosting ... Continue reading →

Web Hosting In India: Everything You Need To Know

by AGM WEB HOSTING on Dec 17, 2018


In today’s internet world, everything is done online because of its straightforwardness and easy approach. Actually, having the online presence lets you reach the potential people in the best way possible, which was previously almost impossible. However, starting a website can be a daunting and difficult task. No matter, whether you develop your own website or have hired someone to build it, the web host is necessary to publish your website online. In this article, you will get to know all the important things about the Web Hosting in India. Explore the web hosting options The web host is actually a company, which offers space on the server for you in order to store your site as well as the connection required for others to use your site. The server can be anything whether it is a computer software or computer, which acts like a big highway interchange for the systems throughout the world. The web host boasts and maintains all the website information. In the ground, plenty of ... Continue reading →

by Buy cPanel on Dec 28, 2018


Needless to say that cPanel is well-known web-based control panel featuring website development tool that assists in managing a website by using a graphical user interface (GUI). It is a pleasure to share that with the cPanel, the users will have an entire control in managing their website without hiring veteran website developers. Moreover, with it, the users can manage the significant aspects of file management, email management to control each possible mail-related tasks, FTP, backups, password protection of web folders, MIME types, Leech Protection, HotLink Protection, Apache handlers, CGI Scripts, Chatroom management, bulletin board, statistical information, users management, Cron Jobs, Shopping Cart, SSL Manager, Network Tools, MySQL database administration, etc. In brief, cPanel is the most popular panel to manage a website, but to use it the users must have a cPanel License. Now the question arises why and where to get the license to use the cPanel? The fact is that a cPanel ... Continue reading →

Republic Day Offers by AGM

by AGM WEB HOSTING on Jan 16, 2019


If you are one of those savvy savers who squirrelled away extra cash to buy different hosting solutions and other services after New Year, you're in luck. This year, we're introducing something new: Republic Day Exclusive Sale offer: remembering country's transition toward becoming an independent republic on 26th Jan, 1950. It is the right time to snag the best deals of the year — on hosting solutions, anyway. It is also said that even more great sales can be unearthed if you know where to look. AGM Web Hosting has come up with some great Republic Day deal to help build your brand and grow your business online saving huge sum of money. Isn't it amazing? Probably, yes! With so many options to shop around and get benefits from such amazing deals is definitely something that all techie loves to avail. Indeed! yes, choosing hosting service provider company for your brand can seem like a grueling task—but it doesn’t have to be. When you opt AGM ... Continue reading →

Cloud Hosting Will be the Future of Web Hosting?

by AGM WEB HOSTING on Jan 31, 2019


Cloud Hosting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are several reasons responsible for its recent rise. You probably may wonder why it's happening so and if this continues, will cloud hosting will be the future of web hosting? Simply, observe around why many big enterprises, marketing departments are preferring cloud based platforms to interact and accomplish various operations. Today hosting your business website is a lot easier than ever before. Step back with me if you will to the mid-nineties, web hosting was only a self-service industry. A lot has changed then and the evolution of cloud platform has boosted the power of internet more than ever and thus impacted positively in every sector of businesses, industries and organizations. In this article, you will discover why we think the Linux cloud hosting will dominate the future. Ready? Let's get started! Look at the flexibility, the cloud platform offers. It provides quick, efficient, high uptime and ... Continue reading →

by Buy cPanel on Mar 19, 2019


There is no secret about the fact that today cPanel also known as control panel has become one of the most popular and well-loved web hosting control panels. But why? It is really important to know about the control panel benefits before you make a final decision of any kind and by the time you take to look into this cPanel, the more likely you will be to use it to your own benefit. Today e-mail communication has become very important and managing multiple users email, business email addresses, creating email filters and stopping spam can be a daunting and problematic task. But with the help of cPanel, it will be easy for you to create email addresses, mailing listings, email forwarders, manage filters and anti-spam tools that enable you to control all your emails with just a few clicks. If you are a website owner, then using cPanel provides you with easy to use tools to manage your website and allows you to easily create and use email addresses. So as a website owner, are you looking ... Continue reading →

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