Types and application areas of mechanical pipe fittings

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What are mechanical fittings?
Mechanical pipe fittings refer to components that are used to connect, support, seal, etc. in mechanical equipment and bear mechanical effects. Mechanical pipe fittings include elbows, tees, crosses, flanges, pipe caps, pipe hoops, pipe buckles, pipe sections, etc., which are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, food, aviation and many other fields.

What is a mechanical tube?

Mechanical tubes refer to pipe systems installed in mechanical equipment and used to transport gas, liquid and other media. It is usually composed of multiple pipes, valves, joints and other components, and is an important part of realizing automated production of mechanical equipment. Mechanical pipes should have high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance to ensure the reliability, stability and safety of the pipeline system.

Mechanical tubes are widely used in various mechanical equipment, such as manufacturing, chemical industry, energy, medical, construction and other fields to provide guarantee for the automatic operation of mechanical equipment. In modern factories, mechanical pipes are often used to transport materials such as raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, coordinate the operation of various components, and improve production efficiency and quality.

Types of mechanical pipe fittings:
1. Elbow
Elbow is a kind of pipe fitting, whose name is the expression of its main purpose, which can bend the pipe at a certain angle. Elbows are divided into 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees according to the angle. Elbows with specific angles can also be customized according to needs.

2. Three links and four links
A tee is a T-shaped pipe fitting, and a cross is a T-shaped pipe fitting with a branch added. Their main function is to change or divert the flow direction of liquids and gases. At the same time, they ensure pipe connectivity and sealing.

3. Flange
Flange is one of the key components for connecting pipes. Our common hanging pipes need to be fixed with flanges. There are two types of flange connections: covered flange and protruding flange. The first type is currently the most commonly used on the market.

4. Pipe caps, pipe hoops, pipe buckles, pipe joints, etc.
The functions of these components are to connect and seal pipes. Pipe caps and pipe hoops are generally used to seal pipes, pipe joints are generally used to connect different parts of pipes, and pipe buckles are a kind of fasteners that connect pipes.

Application fields of mechanical pipe fittings:
Mechanical pipe fittings are widely used in industrial production and daily life. They can quickly and stably connect, support and seal various pipes. Specific application fields include petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, food, aviation and many other fields.

In short, mechanical pipe fittings are a very important part of mechanical equipment. They play important roles in connecting, supporting and sealing pipes. In different fields, different types of mechanical pipe fittings play different roles and promote the development of various industries.

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