Tips for improving my credit rating?

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Your credit rating is a three-digit number between 000 and 999 that tells the bank how high your risk is. This is one of the most critical factors in deciding whether to get a home loan.


What is good credit?

A credit score of 600+ is considered acceptable and likely high enough to approve your loan application, depending on the bank's loan criteria. A credit score of 800+ is excellent, and home buyers want to do their best to achieve such results.


How to improve your credit score quickly? 

If you are concerned that your credit rating is not good enough or that you have received a rejected application, fear not because there are ways to boost your credit score. Some of these methods only work in the long term (in most cases, it takes an average of six months to Boost my credit score); While others can provide an instant boost. The following suggestions include methods to improve your credit rating within 30 days. 


  • Check credit report for errors: One action you can take immediately is to review your credit report for errors and inconsistencies. The credit bureau calculates your credit file based on your payment history and account, but your report may contain mistakes. Challenge some black spots in your credit history, e.g. Late payments that are not late, and you may be able to earn some extra points.

  • Payment of unpaid debts: Outstanding debt has a significant impact on your credit record, so pay off as many as you can and as much as you can. Start with credit card accounts, as they tend to have the highest interest rates.

  • Reduce your credit ratio: The difference between the amount you owe and your loan limit affects your credit file. This is called the credit utilization rate. For example, if your available balance is R20,000 and you owe R10,000, your credit utilization rate is 50%. A good rule of thumb is to keep your credit utilization rate at 30% or less. So, in the example above, paying off your debt to reduce the interest rate from 50% to 30%  boosts my credit score. Paying your bill before the due date will also increase your score. Credit utilization rate is one of the main factors in determining your creditworthiness, along with payment history.

  • Billing and Account Closing: If you close your account after you have completed it, the number of credit accounts associated with your name will decrease. Having too many open accounts will have a negative impact on your credit score because it means a large amount of credit.

  • Avoid using credit: Of course, you should refrain from using existing credit until you take the necessary steps to boost your credit score. Avoid taking on new responsibilities and opening new accounts.

  • Make sure your partner takes the same steps: Your spouse's credit file is also considered if you are applying for a co-loan or getting married in a condo. So if your spouse takes the steps listed above or buys cpn packages to improve their credit score, you will increase your chances of getting a home loan approved.


If you are wondering and looking for ways to boost your credit score, you must follow two basic rules: First, keep your credit card balances low. In addition, pay your bills in full and on time.Do both of those things, and then throw in one or more of the sneaky ways above to give yourself a score. And remember, you don't have to use a scale to get a good score. You'll find yourself on a slippery slope to getting into debt if you do. To improve your credit score, purchase CPN packages. 


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