Norwegian Cleaner Happy to Use GreenEarth Cleaning, Industry's Only Non-Toxic Cleaning Alternative

by Dinesh Kumar on Feb 3, 2023 Finance 152 Views

Oslo, Norway and Kansas City, MO, February 3, 2023 -- According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s World Happiness Report, Finland (#1), Denmark (#2) and Sweden (#9) and all rank higher than Norway (#10). With GreenEarth Cleaning solutions and processes now being utilized at Mrs. Hang’s Tailoring & Cleaners (Fru Hang’s Skredderi & Renseri) in Oslo, Norway, it’s conceivable Norway could move up in the rankings and be an even happier place.

Why? GreenEarth is the world’s largest brand of environmentally friendly dry cleaning, offering the industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative. Using the GreenEarth cleaning process and solutions eliminates that dry cleaning smell and is gentler on the fibers. That lengthens the life of the clothes and they look and feel better.

“That certainly will make customers happy as well as all Norwegians who care about reducing their carbon footprint,” said Tim Maxwell, president of GreenEarth Cleaning. “We commend Fru Hang’s Owner, Thomas Tran, for doing the research and being the first cleaner to bring GreenEarth to Norway.”

Tran learned of GreenEarth Cleaning while researching environmentally friendly laundry solutions for his business. Since there are no other cleaners or businesses in Norway currently using GreenEarth, he traveled to the U.S. to learn firsthand.

“I spoke with a number of cleaners who use GreenEarth as well as meeting with Tim and the team at GreenEarth and I liked what I heard in terms of how GreenEarth cleans clothes, no hazardous waste in the cleaning process and its energy efficiency. When I learned I could switch over to GreenEarth by updating my equipment rather than purchasing new equipment, it was a fairly easy decision,” said Tran.

GreenEarth Cleaning was formed almost 25 years ago by founders General Electric, Procter & Gamble and three dry cleaners, Jim Barry, Ron Benjamin, and Jim Douglas, who sought to improve the industry by providing a safe and non-toxic alternative to perc, the predominant solvent in use at the time. Since 1999, GreenEarth Cleaning has provided an environmentally non-toxic technology to thousands of dry cleaners around the globe who in turn have cleaned some 600 million pounds of clothes during that time.

“Our sustainable technology enables GreenEarth cleaners to use less energy and less chemicals, saving them money and being better for the environment. Since the pure fluid we use is silicon-based and not the chlorine-based chemicals traditionally used in dry cleaning, the cleaning process is proven to be environmentally non-toxic, allowing GreenEarth’s customers to reduce or even eliminate hazardous waste fees,” said Maxwell. “That’s why the technology has been widely embraced by not only dry cleaners, but by the real estate, financial, insurance, garment manufacturing, and retail sectors as well.

For information about Fru Hang, visit For more information on GreenEarth Cleaning, visit

About GreenEarth Cleaning:
"Doing business without doing harm" has been the mission statement of GreenEarth since its birth in 1999. Utilizing a proprietary product line of pure silicone and unique "cold" filtration media, the Kansas City, MO-based GreenEarth provides its proprietors the best possible fabric care while lowering energy costs by more than 50 percent. Since the pure fluid GreenEarth uses is silicon-based and not the chlorine-based chemicals traditionally used in dry cleaning, the cleaning process is proven to be environmentally non-toxic, allowing GreenEarth’s customers to reduce or even eliminate hazardous waste fees. Leading dry cleaners, property owners, fashion brands, and financial institutions recognize GreenEarth as the clear leader in meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. For more information, visit

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