Finding the Best Popular Muslim Baby Names

by jenny watson on Jan 14, 2021 Religion 83 Views

This is the second part of an article that is designed to help you find  Popular baby names 2021 with meaning without worrying about investing too many resources. Finding a suitable baby name for your newborn may seem easy but it actually is not. It often becomes very difficult quickly. You may find yourself at loss when encountering thousands of Islamic names.

That is why, this article brings to you a quick checklist that helps you with tips to find the best Muslim baby boy name and Muslim baby girl name. In the previous article, you may have already learned about the tips such as:

Passing on Trending Muslim Baby Names
If the Name is too Difficult to Pronounce
Agreeing with your Partner

Let’s discuss the next tips to help you find the best baby name.

4- What does the baby name mean?
You may be surprised to know that some parents actually don’t bother trying to find a suitable baby name with good meaning. The meaning of your baby name is extremely vital not just now but even when he or she grows up. It is strictly advised in Islam to only choose Muslim baby names that mean well and should not be disrespectful to anyone or to the baby’s personality in anyway. Therefore, when choosing a name for your baby, look for its meanings.

5- Choosing a baby name after a loved one
This trend is most prevalent in the Jewish community. They often prefer to choose baby names that belong to some old loved one who has parted ways. This trend is also consistent with the Muslim community. You can also choose an Islamic name that belongs to the elders in your family, some old teacher you had an emotional attachment with or after a sacred personality from the past. This works well as your child—when grown—may find himself or herself more close to his or her family or religious customs.

6- Matching with the last name
This one is kind of a loophole. Many parents tend to forget about the last name entirely and only focus on the first baby name. Parents often find an amazing Muslim name that sounds really well on its own. They then tend to feel nervous after combining the name with the last name as when grouped together, the name doesn’t sound as impressive. This is why it is really important that you consider the last name as well and keep combining the prospective Islamic names with the last name to come up with a name that sounds impressive both ways.

7- Consulting with Loved Ones
Many parents are confused as to whether they should consult with others when finding most popular Muslim baby name for their newborn. It is absolutely recommended that you should consult with others. Especially, your closest family members and friends. They can give you some serious help. Even the suggestions alone would be enough to give you a long list of best Muslim baby boy names. You can also consult with a religious scholar to help you with finding a name that means and sounds well with your baby. 

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