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by Stin Furniture on Dec 6, 2021



Indeed every one of us needs to relax especially on Sundays and snuggle up into a comfortable lounge chair that provides complete relaxation. The Eames Style Lounge chair is possibly the most famous chair people use for Sunday relaxation. You might have seen the designer chair in various TV soaps, films and advertisements since its inception. Most famous instances of this chair you will come across after 1956 includes "Iron Man", "Fraiser", "House" and in the first season of "Friends". Soon Charles and Ray Eames updated the Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman for the higher end consumer with top grain leather and layers of steam bent rosewood. Eames Lounge Chair for sale available at online stores is the true epitome of grace as they accentuate some of the most stylish offices, contemporary houses and lavish apartments. This is a gorgeous chair that is designed by the unparalleled designer and one of the chairs ever created that is as luxurious as ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Jul 27, 2021



Did you know that you can refurbish your dining area on a budget? Giving your dining table real makeover doesn't have to drain your pocket dry. There are ample ways to buy nice, stylish, and affordable dining furniture at online stores. Manufacturers and online shops are only a few examples of places where you can get wonderful pieces on your budget. These affordable stylish dining furniture pieces even come in a variety of styles and designs, from eclectic to traditional. Most often dining room is regarded as the focal point and centerpiece for social entertainment in the family and with friends. Stylish dining room furniture is considered an important part of grand and stately homes that have lavish decorations and stunning dining areas. Today it is possible to have your own smart and stylish dining room to entertain family and friends without spending a fortune. Evidently with the hectic pace of lives dining rooms have become more than just a place to eat. The dining area is ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Jun 24, 2021



Everyone would like to decorate their office area with a circular conference table to give that professional look to the office. Buy Circular conference table from Stin is one of the right choices as it provides a stylish and round table that suits the environment. One of the biggest advantages is that they provide their services online so one can get the desired round conference table to their doorsteps. Some of the interesting reasons to know why one should choose furniture pieces from Stin. Ultimate round design The conference table is completely enriched with beautiful designs so that they can easily occupy space to make it a wonderful important item. The massive collection of designs will help the individuals to choose the best one depending on the space where the table would be placed. Get conference table at Reasonable price Check the size of the conference round table that is available at reasonable prices at the Stin online store. The budget-friendly conference round table ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on May 24, 2021



You will agree that decorating the home is not complete without a having a nice table lamp to go along with it. As rightly said by Aaron rose, ‘In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary’ lamps play a significant role in our homes. There are certain things to consider when choosing a suitable table lamp for your house such as design and quality of lighting. At online stores there are a vast range of lamp designs to choose from to suit any look and feel. There is different types of lamps such as antique style table lamps, wall fixed lamps, and modern style table lamps. With little research at the right website online you can learn a lot about lamps and how you can choose the best table lamps for your dream home decoration. In their own right, antique lamps are seen as classy and beautiful works of art which are also very functional accessories at the same time. For people who love vintage items, antique replicas and lamps that resemble antique lamps ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Apr 28, 2021



When shopping for chairs for your home or office you are certain to be surprised by the sheer choices available. Today chair designers ensure that their connoisseurs have a vast collection of chairs to choose from. You will come across contemporary chairs that have modern trends mingled with aesthetic looks. Some of you might like traditional designs and some of you might go for classic collections at online stores. Homeowners might have a fondness for the old and antique look of the furniture while others might like everything to be fashionable and modern. Online furniture stores ensure that chairs are made to suit the tastes of every one of you with art and tradition blended with modern trends. No doubt the latest collection of best selling chairs online will attract you very much. Chairs latest designs are made of chrome and gloss finishes with leather dress. You will notice that chairs are made with plenty of stylish and trendy wood also giving color to them. Now you might choose ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Mar 26, 2021



Panton Globe Lamp got its names from Verner Panton. These lamps are known for their simplicity, creativeness, and functions they have. They are the perfect example of creativity and technology can result in marvels. Every part of these lamps, right from the quality of material to its lights, all the things are designed to spread brightness wherever they are installed. Panton Globe Lamp was a creation that came out of its founder’s obsession with nature and the environment. The reason behind creating these lamps was to establish a relationship with nature and offer a psychedelic experience to all the people using it. There are thousands of varieties of lamps available in the market these days. However, not all of them have the same vibes as that of Panton Globe Lamps. These lamps were not merely designed as a home décor product. Rather, they were introduced to bring a change in the perception of people. These lamps are designed with passion, love, and to get blessed by ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Mar 1, 2019



A conference table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any company or business as often this where a lot of your new business will be organized and contracts signed. The nature and character of your boardroom will largely depend on the shape of your conference table.   In today time, conference tables go beyond serving the purpose of holding meetings and presentations. Conference tables are available in different sizes and shapes. But among the types of such tables, circular conference tables are a popular choice and the most ideal for small rooms, foyers, or offices.   As the circular conference table emit attendee collaboration and not hierarchy. With no obvious head or leader position at the table, nobody has more power than anyone. This is ideally suited to team building conferences and strategy planning teams because it promotes a common goal, and builds intimacy between those that are gathered.   Likewise, a dining room is the place where you spend ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Feb 11, 2019



Are you just moving into your dream home? Do you want to make your brand new home look fresh and fabulous? If so, then a floor lamp can become a master please in any room of your home as it can create mood, brightness and the perfect finishing touch to the room. After all, light is an essential element in any household and hundreds of homes around the globe take advantage of floor lamps to provide additional lighting in their living rooms, bedrooms, dining room and even bathrooms. One of the main benefits of purchasing floor lamps is its lightning versatility and these products can easily be moved and placed wherever you like to place or want to move whether in the living or bedroom. Floor lamps have some amazing benefits and come in a variety of styles and colours which are meant to beautify the home decor and can match up with almost every type of home decor. This is the reason today floor lamps have become an unforgettable lighting product in every house due to their rising ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Sep 18, 2018



Today it is the era of modern designer possessions which is the prevailing fashion endowing you with great opportunities. With furniture that is interesting you can give your home or office or residential apartment style statement. With the inspirational designs and style of the contemporary designer furniture you can turn your living room and the offices a dream land.   Designer accessories, furnishings and fixtures along with furniture add spice and essence of aestheticism to your working and relaxing techniques. Honestly old style look of the houses and the business places tend to create a negative impact on you and your visitors. Today the heavy wooden furniture is out of fashion and people love the minimalistic look of light, stylish and durable furniture.   Craftsmen come up with awe-inspiring designs of furniture that rightly fit the modern trend of decoration to deliver a more sophisticated look with some aesthetic touch. If you love contemporary accessories there ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Jul 20, 2018



Today with the advancement in the technology, many people are opting for online shopping as it is the most convenient and hassle-free way of shopping. Online furniture shopping proves to be a great option for getting your desired products at the doorstep. Compared to shopping at retail furniture shops, buying a furniture item from the online store will offer you many benefits and there will be no pressure on you to buy furniture item from the salesman even if you don’t like it. They are many online furniture stores available today but not all provide you with the best quality of Designer Furniture at affordable prices. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you choose a right online furniture store that offers people a variety of options to choose from and help you to get the best quality of furniture.   STIN is the most reputable and well established online furniture store which is known for the convenience they offer to you and their reliability. For instance, when ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Jun 13, 2018



Get the best quality of furniture and give the best look to your place with STIN. We have offered the wide range of furniture at very low cost and with good quality. We directly deal with the manufactures so that we cut of the middleman prices and avail these wonderful products at affordable cost. We have given full assurance of quality, as we use the best quality of material to prepare this furniture range. It’s time to change your home look with this excellent furniture and lighting range. We have offered lighting range, different verities of sofas, chairs, and tables with many beautiful colors and designs. Our dedicated team always works to offer you the latest products at fair prices; we focus on good quality and fine finishing furniture. Our furniture is very comfortable and comes with a stylish look that will modernize your home and office interior.   Replica Furniture – We offer premium quality of Replica Furniture, the benefit of this furniture is you will get ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on May 7, 2018



When purchasing modern furniture from online furniture stores durable, convenient and excellent quality items are the important things to be considered. As furniture is a one-time investment, shopping from known brands and best online furniture stores are the best choice to go with. STIN is the online furniture store that sells furniture from known brands and does not compromise on quality. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your current furnishings then online furniture shopping from STIN is just the right option for you.   The Corona Chair is one of the most recognizable icons in the modern furniture industry and the brainchild of Danish designer Poul Volther invented and designed the Corona chair back in 1964. He believed that quality and functionality were imperative to good design and invented this corona chair along with perfect combination of style, comfort, and support. For many years people generally used to watch corona chairs in many fashion series, movies, and music ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Apr 11, 2018



Peoples in the world like to buy the different and creative product for their home that makes their home get to shine and beautiful. The main products that can make your home looks gorgeous are furniture, lighting lamps, sofas, tables, chairs and so on. Peoples love to buy this product should look as creative and different. Stin is the online store to sell these products with the best quality. Stin is the collaborative effort of researchers, manufacturers, and specialists can create the products with high quality and more attractive.   Reason for buying products in Stin 1) Stin maintains the best quality and doesn’t have dealers that make the customers can save the money. 2) The cost should be the low and good quality that makes customers to buy the product here 3) Stin can sell their products by online so it can afford timeless, well-crafted pieces to the customer home. 4) Stin can manufacture their products with highest quality material and with the wide range of colors. ... Continue reading →

by Stin Furniture on Feb 26, 2018



STIN offers affordable furniture range that enhances the beauty of your place, we offer these prices by skipping the middle vendors, and we avail all the products directly from the manufactures. We have expert team those have very well hand on the furniture making, very fine finishing and excellent designs make our furniture best option to choose. We use the best quality of material to prepare the different range of the furniture, we have a wide range of products like sofas, chairs, lighting, and tables etc. We have offer wide verity and color options for the different range of products. Get the comfortable furniture at affordable prices, we also do customization in designs as per the requirement as prepare the furniture on orders. One of the big advantages of our service is we serve online, you check numbers of the products and can order them from your place, it will save your time and money. We do provide home delivery for our entire range of furniture.   2 Seater Sofa Online ... Continue reading →



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