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by Rosario Berry on Jul 21, 2018


Contract staffing differs from temporary staffing in the sense that the staffing is done for each individual position and not for the function as whole. Contract staffing offers you the additional resources without the drawbacks of a traditional hiring process. Contract staffing is basically the spending of several months on a project with one organization and then moving on to a new assignment elsewhere. It has emerged as one of the most demand in staffing services from organizations to meet their unique or specific challenges faced in when doing their respective businesses. There are many outstanding opportunities for contract professionals to rewardingly engage with companies.   In today's dynamic markets, temporary staff can offer agility and cost savings to businesses. The Contract staffing agency provides trained professionals that spreads all over the India. The experts are of the opinion that industries utilizing the services of contract staffing are encouraging the ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Jul 21, 2018


Integrated facilities management (IFM) is a method of consolidating many or all of your office's services under one contract and management team. Integrating your facilities management can increase your office's efficiency. Today’s consumers want simplicity. They want things immediately and, where possible, in one place. That means one stop solution for everything   The global financial crisis triggered a major change in workplace strategies, accelerating the rise of the on-demand workforce as companies were forced to economies by deploying a flexible, non-employee workforce. This indicated that the IFM market is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.4 per cent between 2013 and 2019.   Research proves that a well kept and well maintained business environment helps improve productivity & employee morale. Efficiently managed work spaces are vital to the success of any industry. These services are rendered by using quality tested materials as per ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Jul 21, 2018


Safety is a fundamental corporate value. This is applied throughout every operating unit, either it is subsidiary or main division of the company. This can only be gained by maintaining the equipments properly. As organizations seek to protect capital investments and generate peak efficiency, operations and maintenance are becoming increasingly critical services. Operations often see itself as the customer of maintenance and consequently maintenance is viewed as a service provider. It should be obvious that operations is responsible for the cost of the maintenance work.   The primary role of the Operation & Management teams is to operate the plant and provide routine, planned and breakdown maintenance on the facilities. Their operational services are designed and implemented to operate plants in a safe, compliant and efficient manner. They maintain the overall care and control of the plant and site.   Operational and commercial activities are closely aligned in order ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Jul 21, 2018


Although the equation between demand for malls and supply of space is disproportionate but still Indian mall developers are keen to open huge gigantic malls across the country. Constructing and managing a mall are two different things altogether. To manage this mall management is required. Mall management is synonymous of facility management in the minds of most Indian developers. It can be said that retail mall support services are the backbone for any shopping complex. With little differentiation between the brand and other categories mix, malls are coining newer and innovative ways to increase footfalls, which calls for developing and providing support service amenities to deliver an everlasting shopping experience.   However, over a long period, professional mall managers are coming into the scene, they have seen a huge transformation in terms of the support services that are given to the customers. It has a specially trained manpower for retail industry. The quality of ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Aug 30, 2018


Effective facilities management (FM) has become vital to the operations of large scale corporate houses and the real estate sector at large. Integrated facility management system will reflect FM service provider ‘s commitment to clients satisfaction & employee health & safety standards.   The facility management function consists of a wide spectrum of support services, engineering services, and soft services, with the key aim to bring down cost and bolster efficiency. Facility management software is being used to schedule and manage FM-related tasks which are time and cost effective.   Growth in commercial & residential sector, implementation of government sponsored housing projects, and banking sectors have increased India facility management market. Development of smart cities in India is further expected to positively influence India facility management market in the coming years. The swiftly growing services and real estate sector is creating potential ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Aug 30, 2018


Hiring continues to remain a huge challenge for the Indian labour market. Companies are either choosing to hire via various staffing solutions or going for a Contract Staffing. Contract staffing, on the other hand, offers the same flexibility as another time-limited solution while providing several additional benefits. Contract staffing is a method of recruiting and hiring workers on a contract basis for a specific period of time. Contract staffing is cost-effective. Recruiters can provide qualified talent. Contract staffing provides companies with skilled labour in many fields.   There is a reduced burden on the company in terms of administration/payroll and accounts – there will only be one invoice per week/month. Contractors do not have to be paid redundancy payments, where permanent employees with over two years of service do. The companies have to pay only for the time that the contractor is actually working. Budgets of companies are somewhat tight, and organisations ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Aug 30, 2018


Operations and Maintenance are becoming increasingly critical services as organizations seek to protect capital investments and generate peak efficiency. Five well-defined elements of an effective O&M program includes very distinct functions Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, and Administration. Technical services manage your assets for success by assuring operational maintenance from the earliest point to the end. The demands of today's Contractual employees often come up with excellent ideas that can be further implemented to augment the business, availability, and performance so operation & maintenance service is needed.   Technical operation & maintenance service that helps operates & increase operational efficiency, cut costs, improve safety & boost production in both onshore & offshore facilities. Onshore facilities include developing & establishing production schedules, preventive maintenance programs, and implementing state ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Aug 30, 2018


Soft services are ones which make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in. All businesses require a range of services in order to run efficiently. Soft facilities management is vital for a thriving business. Soft services are those services which involve a high degree of human interaction. Typically these would be cleaning and hygiene as well as manned guarding. Soft Services are the management of the contractors and the cleaning of a facility.   All employers and business owners have responsibilities to ensure the daily health, safety and welfare of their employees. Soft services are services that are directly used by the employees and can make the workplace more secure or pleasant.   Soft services in facilities management are Cleaning Services, Hygiene Services, Grounds Care Services, Waste Management Services etc. It also includes window & door cleaning, mail management and many more than a workplace require.   Effective soft facilities management not ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Sep 19, 2018


Housekeeping is general cleanliness, orderliness & maintenance of any property. Housekeeping may be defined as the provision of a clean, comfortable and safe environment. Housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel, which is responsible for cleanliness & maintenance of the public area, back area and surroundings. Housekeeping in simple words means maintaining a house on a daily or long-term basis.   Housecleaning is done to make the home look and smell better and be safer and easier to live in. Every house, whether private or commercial like offices, shops, hotels, etc. needs to be kept clean and tidy. The basic concept of housekeeping has started with keeping a domestic house clean and has gradually come to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and maintenance at commercial levels. Housekeeping is that task that can make the guest feel comfortable during their stay in Hotel.   The different procedures followed to keep and maintain everything in the ... Continue reading →

The situation of payroll outsourcing in India

by Nivetha on Dec 14, 2018


India has seen extensive globalization in the last few decades, especially in the employment sector. A lot of multinational corporations set up their headquarters here, having their parts in many big cities in the country, most prominently Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata. But these are merely to name a few. These MNCs manage their global payroll operations by using Payroll Management Software from the world over, along with India, giving rise to professional opportunities for the inhabitants. This also continues to the country’s consolidated revenue. Overall, international trade links and globalization have been a pleasant change in the Indian economy. Such an enlargement naturally gives rise to contention, especially with other economies. Countries like China and Indonesia provide low-cost labor as compared to India and other countries. Reasonably, the competition is high for receiving clients and submitting the best services at the most inexpensive prices without ... Continue reading →

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