Thing to Consider when using Helium Gas Cylinder

by Lincy John on Jul 5, 2020


Once you mention Helium, the first thing that usually comes to mind is flying balloons at birthday parties or other similar activities. These are the perfect way to give a party an extra fascinating part. Apart from this is easily obtained in gas bottles that are easy to use. There are only a few things to consider while using helium cylinders. Helium gas is generally safe compared to other products, non-flammable and non-toxic. It can be used comfortably indoors or outside. However, as for all the other gas bottles, you have to take precautionary steps when transporting and handling the helium gas cylinders.   Do's   Protect the containers from children all the time, because only responsible people can be able to use the containers as well as all devices containing helium gas. Using a trolley to transfer the wide cylinders even though the distance to be reached is small. This will avoid leakages which may occur as the cylinder falls. Store the cylinders in an area that ... Continue reading →

Uses of steel in assorted sectors

by Andy on Jul 6, 2020


Steel has a brought revolution in manufacturing industries. It is unique with its attractive and assorted attributes. Its robustness makes it the most useful metal to be used in important manufacturing sectors. It is the most-demanded object across the world. Its features include sturdiness, light-weighed, anti-corrosive, hygienic, easy-to-maintain, and more. Many sectors need it essentially to run productions. Here is a brief discussion to understand how it becomes one of the core elements for various industries. A list of areas where steel is used widely: Steel is the key part of automobile industries. Making heavy and regular vehicles and their parts such as engines, steering, doors, windows, wheels, and other small objects, it is a very important metal. The use of steel is crucial in making heavy motor vehicles such as crane, bulldozer, truck, train, and more. You cannot ignore the contribution of steel in household issues. From making of bedroom cabinet to kitchen sink and ... Continue reading →

Acceptance Standard of ERW Steel Pipe

by lvy lee on Jul 20, 2020


How to accept the ERW pipe? 1. Product quality certification document requirements 1) Welded steel pipes should have factory quality certification documents Including: product certificate, material certificate. 2) The quality certificate of the welded steel pipe product, the material certificate should be the original, if it is a copy, the content of the copy and the original should be consistent, and the official seal of the original storage unit should be stamped, indicating the storage place of the original and the signature and time of the operator. 2. Acceptance criteria According to the inspection certificate and material certificate, the material certificate should indicate: a. Name of supplier b. Name of buyer c. Delivery time d. Contract number e. Standard number used f. Product name and size g. Steel coil batch number and steel grade h. Standards and testing and various test results I. Seal of Quality Inspection Department 3.External assessment: There is no serious ... Continue reading →

by Property Withme on Jul 27, 2020


Buying commercial property is very challenging as it requires more skills to search for a good commercial unit than to look out for a living place. Commercial properties in recent times are the most standard type of investment within the property market. Location, the prominence, and the appearance of your commercial property influences your business. To buy commercial property for sale you should first know the business type to be established. If you are going for corporate estates, then the property must be well located and commuted as per the nature of the business. It is advised to take the help of a good developer sales representative, who will help you in sorting out properties that suit your kind of business. If you are thinking about buying a commercial property in Bandar Sri Sendayan, it is probably one of the best investment decisions you are ever going to make. Commercial properties in the township not only have great utility, but also offer tremendously profitable returns ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Jul 29, 2020


ExxonMobil Chemical ExxonMobil Chemical ranks number 7th in the world by sales among the largest chemical companies. Despite ranking 7trh in sales, ExxonMobil Chemical is the largest chemical company in the world by market cap at a valuation of USD 308.91 billion last year. LyondellBasell Industries LyondellBasell ranks 8th on this list of the largest chemical companies in the world with sales figures of USD 30.78 billion generated last year. LyondellBasell is a public multinational chemical company that produces ethylene, propylene, polyolefins, and oxyfuels. The company’s legal headquarters are in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Mitsubishi Chemical Ranking 9th on this list of the top 10 largest chemical companies in the world is Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, a Japanese company formed in October 2005 from the merger of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company saw a sales grow by 7.1 percent last with last year’s ... Continue reading →

by African Creative on Aug 5, 2020


African baskets always come with unique designs, and that is one of the reasons why most of the buyers like to purchase the baskets for their home needs. The best thing about these beautifully crafted baskets is they can be used for storage purposes. In choosing the best online shopping site, a buyer will get the chance to get the quality Tonga baskets straight from the artisans easily. These Handwoven Tonga baskets supplied from the bestsellers like African Creative teams are durable in nature and it also fits well for the wall decoration. First quality Tonga baskets The reason why buyers fear to purchase from the online shopping site is due to the quality of the products. But when some good quality product manufacturers sell products in the online shopping site, people will never miss that chance. Sites like African creative are offering first quality crafted Tonga baskets at affordable costs for all. The products are manufactured by the artisans, tested by the qualified testers, ... Continue reading →

by Bottle Tea on Aug 22, 2020


Do you know that tea bottles are super convenient for brewing hot loose-leaf tea on the go? No need for a separate tea pot to wash at the end of the day. All you are required to do is boil hot water and while the water is heating, open the top of the tea bottle and remove the mesh insert. Rinse the bottle out with hot water to warm up the inside of the cup. Tea bottle with infuser is a great option for brewing tea at work. They have enough space to allow the tea leaves to expand and release all flavors and nutrients. Made of glass these bottles add beauty to brewing experience. They are suitable for all real and herbal teas. They are easy to clean and perfect for the modern day lifestyle. Bottle-tea offers a helping hand with a stylish, one-of-a-kind Bottle Tea a bottle with infuser. Tea bottles are the perfect item to have if you’re travelling or just want to prepare tea in a bottle. You will find them to be based on their excellent quality, durability, usability, and ... Continue reading →

by African Creative on Sep 10, 2020


We always find ways to beautify our home with unique decorative pieces. Since the market has many options, but beautifully hand crafted products have no match. Binga baskets are always appreciated hand woven products which are made by only veteran artisans. Basically, Tonga artisans in the Binga region of Zimbabwe made this sort of handcrafted baskets. These look very unique and enthralling. About Binga baskets To give an exceptional look, each basket is woven like an art piece. With conventional techniques, small vines and dyed palm leaves are woven into influencing woven patterns. The fact is, woven for the winnowing of grain, and the baskets give financial support to the weavers along with their families. Conventionally, these baskets were used for occupying maize and sorghum from harvesting in the fields. In simple words, each basket is unique and also varies in size, color and pattern. What are the basic features of binga baskets? Binga baskets have a round shape with a ... Continue reading →

  Common Anticorrosion Methods for Offshore Oil Casing Pipe

by lvy lee on Oct 9, 2020


The corrosion problem of downhole oil casing pipe in China's offshore oil and gas fields is extremely serious, which seriously affects the service life of downhole oil casing and normal production of oil and gas fields. Through cement sealing, corrosion-resistant alloy pipes, injection of corrosion inhibitors, use of anti-corrosion coating pipes, and enhanced monitoring, the oil casing can be anticorrosive and the normal production of offshore oil and gas fields can be guaranteed. 1. Cement sealing and anticorrosion technology In the earliest period, it was analyzed that the main cause of casing damage was due to insufficient cement return, which caused the external water layer to not be completely sealed, which caused corrosive gases in the water layer to erode the casing surface and cause corrosion. Therefore, in the 1980s, a strategy of increasing the cement return height was proposed to increase the corrosion resistance of the ... Continue reading →

Comparative Analysis of Seamless Casing Pipe and ERW Casing Pipe

by lvy lee on Oct 9, 2020


According to the manufacturing method, the steel pipe can be divided into two categories: seamless steel pipe and welded seam steel pipe. Among them, ERW steel pipe is the main variety of welded steel pipe. Today, we mainly talk about two kinds of steel pipes used as raw materials for petroleum casing pipe: seamless casing and ERW casing. Seamless casing-casing made of seamless steel pipe as raw material; Seamless steel tubes refer to steel tubes manufactured by four methods: hot rolling, cold rolling, hot drawing, and cold drawing. There are no welds on the pipe body itself. ERW casing-casing made of electric welded pipe as raw material ERW (Electric Resistant Weld) steel pipe refers to a straight seam welded pipe manufactured through a high-frequency resistance welding process. The raw material steel plate (coil) of ERW welded pipe is made of low-carbon microalloy steel rolled by TMCP (Thermo-Mechanical Control Process). 1. Outer diameter tolerance Seamless steel ... Continue reading →

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