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by Vera Ding on May 23, 2023



  In the world of renewable energy, energy storage systems are becoming increasingly important as we shift towards a more sustainable future. But what exactly is an energy storage system, and why are they so crucial to our energy landscape?   Put simply, an energy storage system is a device or set of devices that are used to store energy for later use. This can be in the form of electrical energy, thermal energy, or mechanical energy. The idea is that the energy can be stored when it is available, and then used when it is needed. This has a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.   One of the main challenges with renewable energy sources is that they are intermittent. The sun doesn't always shine, and the wind doesn't always blow. This means that we need to find ways to store energy when it is generated, so that we can use it later when it is needed. This is where energy storage systems come in. ... Continue reading →

The Benefits of Prismatic lifepo4 cells for Efficient Energy Storage

by Vera Ding on Feb 23, 2023



LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells are known for their stability, long cycle life, and high efficiency when used in the energy storage industry. But what makes prismatic lifepo4 cells stand out from the rest? Let’s take a closer look at how these cells are different and why they may be right for your energy storage needs.   What Are Prismatic lifepo4 cells? Prismatic lifepo4 cells are lithium-ion battery cells constructed in a prismatic shape—unlike cylindrical or pouch-type cells. This form factor offers several important advantages over traditional alternatives. For example, prismatic lifepo4 cells have greater flexibility when it comes to designing power systems that include energy storage components due to their superior design and packaging capabilities. Additionally, these batteries can fit into much smaller spaces than other types of cells, making them well-suited for use in compact applications where space is limited.   Advantages of ... Continue reading →

Industrialization and acceleration of sodium ion cathode materials

by Vera Ding on Jan 19, 2023



New progress has been made in the cathode materials of sodium ion batteries.   On January 6, Meilian New Materials and its Meicai New Materials signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Cubic New Energy and Qicai Chemical to jointly carry out research, development and experiment on the positive material of sodium ion battery Prussian Blue (white), with the first cooperation period of 10 years.   On January 5, according to the 2022 performance forecast of Zhenhua New Materials, the market promotion and application of the company's sodium ion battery cathode materials progressed smoothly. The cathode material of Zhenhua new material sodium ion battery is a layered oxide route, which has been upgraded to the second-generation product, and has improved in terms of capacity, first effect and alkalinity control compared with the first-generation product. At present, Zhenhua New Materials has sent samples to customers, and some of them have been produced and sold on a ... Continue reading →

What is lithium battery pre heating? What is the role of lithium battery pre heating?

by Vera Ding on Dec 26, 2022



What many friends don't know is that it is very beneficial to preheat the lithium battery when using the lithium battery, especially before the large current discharge of Dada lithium battery. But what is lithium battery preheat? What is the role of lithium battery pre heating? I'm sure many friends don't know. Now, Graeme will give you some knowledge about these aspects.   Whether it is a Lifepo4 battery of iron phosphate or a NMC battery, in the low temperature environment, it will be affected by the reduction of the activity of positive and negative electrode materials and the conductivity of electrolyte. As a result, the charging time will increase accordingly, and it is more difficult to fully charge the lithium battery. During use, the power down speed of the power lithium lithium battery pack will be significantly accelerated. Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, engineers developed a lithium battery preheating ... Continue reading →

How to measure Lifepo4 battery performance?

by Vera Ding on Dec 26, 2022



There are several important indicators to measure Lifepo4 battery performance:   1、 Charge and discharge ratio: the higher the better "C" is a special symbol to describe the charge and discharge current of the battery. 1C discharge represents the current to discharge the battery from full charge to empty within 1 hour. If the capacity of each battery used in BYD e6 electric vehicle is 200AH, the 1C discharge current of this battery is 200A. If a battery is discharged at a high rate, it usually releases less energy than the low rate.   2、 Number of charge-discharge cycles: more is better The number of charge and discharge cycles is 500 times, which is a common value for lithium batteries. The number of charge and discharge cycles for lithium batteries made of different materials varies from 300 to 3000 times. Winston Battery, CALB Battery, CATL Battery, Sinopoly Battery, Headway Battery and so on. The specific meaning of this value may vary ... Continue reading →

What are the eight advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery?

by Vera Ding on Dec 26, 2022



Lithium iron phosphate battery is also called Lifepo4 Battery Cell. Lithium iron phosphate battery refers to the lithium ion battery using lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. The cathode materials of lithium ion battery mainly include lithium cobalate, lithium manganate, lithium nickel oxide, ternary material, lithium iron phosphate, etc.   Among them, lithium cobalate is the cathode material used by most lithium ion batteries at present. In terms of material principle, lithium iron phosphate is also a process of embedding and de embedding, which is identical to lithium cobalate and lithium manganate.   1. Improvement of safety performance The P-O bond in lithium iron phosphate crystal is stable and difficult to decompose. Even at high temperature or overcharge, it will not collapse and generate heat like lithium cobalate or form strong oxidizing substances, so it has good safety. It is reported that in actual operation, a small number of samples ... Continue reading →

by Vera Ding on Dec 26, 2022



Car lovers who love RV travel know that RV uses electricity in an outdoor environment that is bumpy and cannot be charged in time for a long time, and RV has a relatively long idle period.   The main function of the battery is to store the power generated by various ways to supply power to the household appliances on the RV.   Although the lead-acid battery is cheap, it has a large volume and weight, and a short service life. It is a good choice for motorists who use less electricity every day and use recreational vehicles less frequently. However, if the average daily power consumption is about 8 kilowatt hours, at least 8 lead acid batteries of 100 Ah are required. Generally, when the weight of 100Ah lead-acid battery is 30KG, eight batteries will reach 240KG, which is about the weight of three adult men. In addition, the service life of lead-acid battery is short, and the storage rate will become lower and lower with the passage of time, requiring riders to replace new ... Continue reading →

What is the function of the lithium battery protection board?

by Vera Ding on Dec 23, 2022



The reason why the lithium-ion battery pack needs a protective plate is due to its own characteristics. The internal reaction of the lithium-ion battery is not stable, which makes the battery have the potential of explosion and fire. This dangerous accident happens precisely because of the overcharge and over discharge of the battery. Therefore, there will be a lithium-ion battery protective plate in each lithium-ion battery module. What are the functions of the lithium-ion battery protection board? How to better protect customized lithium-ion batteries?   The customization of lithium ion battery has two important parts: the lithium ion battery cell and the protection board. If the lithium ion battery cell is the "heart" of the battery, then the protection board is to protect various antibody organs of the heart. A safe and reliable lithium battery pack must be equipped with the protection board component. When the overcharge voltage of the customized lithium-ion ... Continue reading →

Relevant knowledge of household energy storage system

by Vera Ding on Dec 23, 2022



In order to effectively use energy and save household electricity expenditure, household energy storage systems are becoming more and more popular. The energy storage system is divided into vertical and wall mounted, which can be very helpful for the current peak and valley charging in the city. The energy is stored during the low peak period and supplied to the household appliances in the peak period.   Lithium ion battery, as the most widely used energy storage mode at present, has the advantages of high energy density, fast response rate and long discharge time. It is expected that it will be the main mode of energy storage system in the future.   Lithium ion batteries are classified according to raw materials. The main types are lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary. According to the use, it can also be divided into energy storage lithium battery and power lithium battery. As the name implies, lithium energy storage batteries are mainly used in energy ... Continue reading →

What should I do if the battery cell of the lithium battery pack is unbalanced?

by Vera Ding on Dec 19, 2022



Lithium battery pack is composed of many cells in series and in parallel. In the process of use, some people will encounter the imbalance of power between the battery cells. If it is not handled in time, it will accelerate the consumption of the entire service life of the lithium battery pack.   What can be done to solve the imbalance of lithium ion battery power and restore it to normal?   1. First charge the entire battery pack, and float charge for 2-3 hours after turning the lamp. If the battery pack has been placed for a long time without power, it can no longer be charged. It can be charged directly across the protective plate for 10 minutes (using the discharge port for charging), and then charged normally.   2. Unplug the flat cable of the protection board. Before unplugging, please make a mark. The flat cable of the board with two flat cables cannot be inserted reversely. Measure the voltage of adjacent pins on the flat cable. If it is 48V, there are 16 ... Continue reading →

26650 Cylindrical Lithium Battery Details

by Vera Ding on Dec 9, 2022



There are two basic methods for naming lithium batteries. One method is taken from the positive electrode material of lithium batteries, and the other is taken from the size. These two basic classifications start from the commonality and have general characteristics. In addition, there is a classification derived from a certain performance or application, which starts from the personality and has specific characteristics. 26650 lithium batteries are classified in terms of size, so they have a common shape, and their positive electrode materials, performance and application fields are diversified.   26650, whichever is strictly defined, refers to the size of a single cell: 26mm in diameter and 65mm in height. The size of the appearance of this cylinder will be slightly different from each manufacturer in actual production. The so-called: height, short, fat and thin are different, and they are all called 26650. But this difference will not be very big, the diameter will not ... Continue reading →


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