Las Vegas seminar shows how to spot insurance fraud, auto arson

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


As the flames engulfed the green Toyota outside the Clark County Fire Academy on Tropicana Avenue, the glass in the windshield cracked. An explosive popping sound ensued. “The first air bag,”explained Steve Moore, an analyst for Fire Cause Analysis. “I give this car about six minutes.” On Friday, Moore was part of a one-day training seminar, sponsored by Western States Auto Theft Investigators, focused on educating investigators about auto arson and detecting insurance fraud. His organization joined forces with the Clark County Fire Department, insurance agencies and law enforcement to show how to recognize fire patterns and understand how a fire can react in order to detect arson. “We’re simulating an intentionally set fire by someone who wants to get rid of their car,” he said. “Evidence is left, everything doesn’t just burn away. We work on recognizing the point of origin.” U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated ... Continue reading →

Howes: NAFTA, fed gasoline guidelines, China press Detroit automobiles

by Olivia Sorbet on Feb 10, 2018


  before the delivery of the Chicago Auto reveal, Tesla CEO and Evil Genius Hell-bent on skills World Domination Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a vehicle into outer area for the primary time ever. What a time to be alive. while we can sit back and take a second to surprise at the success of area exploration in our lifetime, the news doesn’t cease to take a breath. yesterday, the Chicago Auto reveal officially commenced (for media anyway), and we have a bevy of info to feed your insatiable appetites for all things autos. despite the fact, if you were expecting any manufacturer-new motors debuting in the Windy city, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. The display primarily consisted of refreshed, redesigned and particular-edition models of current cars. For these no longer interesting in auto reveal news, we have a review of the 2018 Nissan Rogue and an inventory of the precise 10 superior-selling small SUVs of 2017. those reports and extra are able for launch during this ... Continue reading →

E Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

by Speego Vehicles on Jul 12, 2018


In the era of the population, the methods of transportation and their methods are expanding with the progression of time has been changed. In any case, this expansion in the number of vehicles is straightforwardly influencing nature. In this manner, a few options must be settled keeping in mind the end goal to adapt up to this significant issue of corruption of condition with these Carbon radiating vehicles. Thus as another option to carbon producing vehicles, Electronic Rickshaw was created. Electric Rickshaw also called E Rickshaw rose as a standout amongst the most mainstream method of traversing the urban communities, cities, and towns because of which E Rickshaw manufacturers in India, Haryana the nation over started advancements and began fabricating better and better Rickshaws. The appearance of E Rickshaw acquired a radical new insurgency history of voyaging. E Rickshaw began picking up prevalence crosswise over Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, ... Continue reading →

by Ricardo Rios on Feb 4, 2019


When you have the leather jacket, leather pant, globes and motorcycle helmets Albuquerque on and you hit the start button of the machine, you are all set to hit the road hard! But it seems that this is not enough for the recent day’s riders. They are simple looking for more. In order to fulfill such needs of the riders, Renegade New Mexico has come up with the mens motorcycle jackets that can help them look cool. If you really want to make a big style statement out there, then these helmets are what you should consider buying first. In US there are 19 states where wearing a helmet while riding the bike is mandatory. This sort of law has come into play in order to enhance the safety level for the motorcycle riders. But selecting style over the safety like aspect is always considered as a deadly choice. Despite this fact, motorcycle owners these days choose to go for style and that has really pushed the helmet manufacturers to their limits. They are up to a great challenge and ... Continue reading →

by Steve Hahn on Mar 22, 2019


  When it comes to purchasing the used trucks, we all need a fully featured truck with in cheap price, which doesn’t compromise any quality of the brand-new vehicle. The only solution for this is, rely on Trucks Plus USA which introduces you to the pre-owned ride of your dreams! Now, your question may be, why Trucks Plus USA? Read on to find more.  What Are The Advantages Of Buying Used Trucks?  1. Trucks Plus USA Offers Customer Convenient Features  Whether you want the used RAM 2500 or used Ford F-250 in Yakima, Trucks Plus USA lineup a wide range of model years of used vehicles to help you find just the right level of convenience and technology for your needs.  2. Pre-Approval for Financing  As per the customer request, they help you get online pre-approval for financing. No matter what your credit situation is, their professionals will help tailor a finance package to fit your needs. Their experience with a wide variety of financial ... Continue reading →

by Steve Hahn on Mar 22, 2019


  People buy used Chevy Silverado 2500 in Yakima to move stuff from one place to another. It could be a boat, a travel trailer or a load for the dump. These trucks satisfy the vast majority of buyers, including the most who tow boats and travel trailers. So, how to make a knowledgeable purchase?  Step-By-Step Procedure for Truck Purchasing  Step 1: Know Your Budget - Shortlist a few used trucks to pick the right model based on your needs.  Step 2: Make Decision - Decide which model of used trucks in Yakima WA you are going to purchase and how much you are going to spend for it.  Step 3: Choose the Truck Based on the Budget - Then choose the truck that suits your budget and features.  Step 4: Pick the right Company - Choose a reputable company that specializes in offering used trucks and cars of great selection of models at affordable prices.  Step 5: Make Contact with the Dealer - Before you take a look at ... Continue reading →

by Anna Lampasona on Mar 28, 2019


  Car plays a major role in day to day life for everyone. All parts in the car are of important, but wind screen is one of the prime features to be considered. Even a chip or crack may spoil your car’s attractiveness. So, quick replacement for your car’s damaged windscreen is essential to avoid any future problems.  Situations that Demands a Windscreen Replacement:  Chips and cracks are the two most common windscreen damages. They cause an impact on the driver’s vision on the road and lead to cause accidents. Windscreen replacement is necessary for this accidental or intentional damage and it must be checked by a specialist in car windscreen replacement in Sydney immediately. Regular examination of chip helps to prevent the longer problem and also the size of the blow and its position decides if you should repair the window screen or replace it.  The following constraints would be helpful to you in taking decisions for the ... Continue reading →

by Marcus Niles on Jun 8, 2019


  Your car is one of your best investments and using imitation parts when repairing and maintaining your car is not always the best idea! Installing imitation parts in place of import auto parts in SeaTac WAcould save you money but are not as safe or reliable as genuine OEM parts. OEM parts are the original auto parts made by the original manufacturer to use it to replace broken or worn-out parts. By using OEM auto parts, all the components in your German vehicle will work together perfectly and give you maximum safety, optimum performance, and incredible longevity. So, here is a brief comparison between OEM and Non-OEM auto parts for your German vehicle.  OEM Auto Parts  OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto parts are manufactured by the original manufacturer or outsourced to Tier-1 suppliers and advanced fabricators. These OEM auto parts are the exactly same as the components installed in your vehicle and designed to prolong the life of your German vehicle. ... Continue reading →

by Brian Steadman on Jun 10, 2019


  Did you meet with an accident? From collision to paid and repaired vehicle, the whole process can be confusing. To help simplify the process, we’ve featured a simple list of the steps involved in a collision repair process.  Step 1:  Once the accident occurs, make sure to do the following:  - Take photos of the accident scene before any of the vehicles have moved.  - Make sure everyone is safe and call an ambulance.  - Exchange the contact information and other insurance details name, address, phone number, email address, insurance name and policy, and more with the other driver.  - Contact the police and inform your insurance company about the accident.  Step 2:  If you have met with an accident and your car is severely damaged, it may not be drivable after the accident. So, tow your vehicle to an auto body repair shop in Federal Way to save more time and money. But, remember not to take the advice of your insurance ... Continue reading →

by Mark Andrew on Jun 18, 2019


  Security cameras are an essential addition to your home’s security system as they provide your home with a 24/7 access. However, to gain the best out of the security cameras they need to be installed by a professional in security cameras Fairview Heights IL, as they know how the camera works and which parts of your home will need them. These professionals will also be able to recommend the best camera type, based on your budget and requirements, and suggest if any additional security measures like an access control systems in Fairview Heights IL, is needed.  This article discusses on the various places where security cameras can be of great use, as narrated by an expert locksmith in Fairview Heights IL.  - Home's Main Entry Point  Your front door is where most of your break-in attempts begin. So, it is important to have security cameras positioned in your front entrance to capture anyone who enters the premises and whoever goes out of ... Continue reading →

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