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Hotels and resort in Gopalpur, Odisha

by Guest on Jan 22, 2018


Quench your thirst for a serene-living. Pack your baggage for another enthralling experience in the coastline of Odisha. Odisha is blessed with around 482 kilometers of coastline and has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. The Gopalpur-on-sea located in the Ganjam District, is one of India's most beautiful beaches largely due to its solitude. Amidst Palms, Coconut and Casuarina trees the place is so away from the city chaos, offbeat crowd, the picturesque beach town will flatter you with its untouched beauty.  It is rightly referred as a Paradise for the beach lovers and valiant swimmers. It homes several Olive Ridley sea turtles and black buck wildlife sanctuary. Retreat your soul in the serene natural beauty under the endless skies and sea, immense sailing opportunities and loads of fun and frolic. Situated in the tranquility of Gopalpur, Swosti Palm Resort proffers you the best of best facilities for a superlative stay. By the side of the brackish water beach, ... Continue reading →

by Stephanie Thompson on Jan 25, 2018


If you have the passion for teaching and considering teaching English abroad, then you need to take TESOL certification course to do it. TESOL stands for “Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages” and this certification will help you with the job search, better salary options and help make you a more prepared teacher. Most of schools and colleges are looking for TESOL certified ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers and this certification increase your chances of getting hired and make you appear much more serious and professional. If you are planning to do a TESOL certification course but carrying it on-site or in-class is difficult then doing an Online TESOL certification course can really turn out to be advantageous. UNI-Prep's TESOL Certification Online course is flexible in nature with a course option of study from home and this option combines with two-week face to face to complete the total duration of four weeks. Online TESOL courses at UNI-Prep ... Continue reading →

Furious Walmart customers post videos of stores locking up African-American beauty products

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


Walmart is being sued by a customer alleging racial discrimination.  The customer who has filed a lawsuit against the retailer claims that it is segregating products by the race of the people who use them, CBS Los Angeles reported. Essie Grundy was shopping for a comb in her local store when she found it was locked in a cabinet. "That's when I noticed that all of the African-American products were locked up under lock and key," Grundy told reporters at a news conference on Friday, according to CBS. Walmart said in a statement that it does "not tolerate discrimination of any kind."  "We're sensitive to this situation and also understand, like other retailers, that some products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products are subject to additional security. Those determinations are made on a store-by-store basis using data supporting the need for the heightened measures," a Walmart spokesperson said. Other ... Continue reading →

Agency downgrades Parrish Medical Center debt

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


Agency downgrades Parrish Medical Center debt FLORIDA TODAY Business Briefs(Photo: Created by FLORIDA TODAY)Buy Photo Hospital downgrade S&P Global Ratings recently downgraded Parrish Medical Center’s revenue debt to “BBB” from “BBB+” Parrish Medical Center’s revenue debt. “The negative outlook reflects our opinion that the organization’s overall profile was strained, given significant losses in the most recent fiscal year, driven by some non-recurring items but also operational challenges, coupled with declining liquidity,” S&P Global said in a statement. “ This leaves PMC with less flexibility to absorb its historically weak results.” S&P went on to say “We could lower the rating further if PMC is unable to demonstrate improvement in operating performance such that it meets budgeted expectations in fiscal 2016, balance-sheet metrics were to deteriorate with cash on hand decreasing below 150 ... Continue reading →

Losing a Pet Is Devastating and It’s OK to Not Feel Mentally Well for a While

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


Within 24 hours, two celebrities took to Instagram to share their thoughts after losing a pet. On Wednesday night, actress Salma Hayek posted a sweet photo of her cradling 18-year-old dog Lupe. “I have no words or tears to describe how much she meant to me,” wrote the 51-year-old star. “May she run free with my pack of dogs that are already waiting for her in dog heaven.” Then on Thursday evening, Chelsea Handler paid tribute to her dog Chunk (her "chunky monkey"), who once jumped into the Hudson River and swam a quarter of a mile just to join her on a paddleboard. “I cried that day at how much he loved me. And, today I’m crying because of how much I loved him,” she wrote. Despite what anyone says, your grief over losing a beloved pet is absolutely valid. When a pet passes, it may be tempting to downplay the grief. After all, it's not like you lost a member of your family or a best friend. kind of did. “Our ... Continue reading →

Las Vegas seminar shows how to spot insurance fraud, auto arson

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


As the flames engulfed the green Toyota outside the Clark County Fire Academy on Tropicana Avenue, the glass in the windshield cracked. An explosive popping sound ensued. “The first air bag,”explained Steve Moore, an analyst for Fire Cause Analysis. “I give this car about six minutes.” On Friday, Moore was part of a one-day training seminar, sponsored by Western States Auto Theft Investigators, focused on educating investigators about auto arson and detecting insurance fraud. His organization joined forces with the Clark County Fire Department, insurance agencies and law enforcement to show how to recognize fire patterns and understand how a fire can react in order to detect arson. “We’re simulating an intentionally set fire by someone who wants to get rid of their car,” he said. “Evidence is left, everything doesn’t just burn away. We work on recognizing the point of origin.” U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated ... Continue reading →

Prof brings Latin American novels to an English-speaking audience

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


UO Spanish professor Amalia Gladhart has several book recommendations she wants to share to help deepen people’s understanding of world literature — if only they weren’t written in Spanish. But some of Gladhart’s favorite texts are written in that romance language. So about a decade ago she started translating published writing from Spanish to English because she wants to make those books and other written work more accessible to a broader audience. Her newest project is to translate Argentine writer Angélica Gorodischer’s “Jaguar’s Tomb,” a 218-page novel that explores the difficulty of representing loss and grief in literature. Gladhart was awarded a prestigious 2018 National Endowment for the Arts literature translation fellowship to complete the work. “I think it’s important to translate books like ‘Jaguar’s Tomb’ because I want to broaden and complicate people’s ideas about Latin American ... Continue reading →

Perfectionism ≠ Self-improvement

by nisse lind on Jan 29, 2018


Perfection turns into an -ism and an internal voice when we agree with: “Perfectionism will make me a better grownup.” “Perfectionism will force me to do more advantageous work”. “Perfectionism will conceal my flaws and retain me from gathering new ones.” “Perfectionism will make me seem to be greater virtuous…” not SO. Perfectionism is a liability. Perfectionism keeps you from achieving your dreams. Perfectionism dulls your engagement with the area. Perfectionism limits your capability to make a contribution. Perfectionism explanations pain. Perfectionism is a entrance for shame. It’s a method to disguise it, even from your self. in case you are looking to evolve into probably the most extraordinary version of yourself, do every little thing that you would be able to to unencumber perfectionism out of your lifestyles. Perfectionism Hinders fulfillment“realizing the difference between in shape striving and ... Continue reading →

Langtang Valley Trek

by Guest on Feb 5, 2018


Langtang Valley trek a short yet compensating enterprise. The valley situated around 90km from Kathmandu and hosts excellent high landscape in Nepal. En route, we can trek through Langtang National Park. There we could watch some wild creature and winged animals like monkeys, musk deer, Pika and the national fledgling of Nepal, Danphe. Travel is the development of individuals between generally removed geological areas, and can include go by foot, bike, vehicle, prepare, pontoon, transport, plane, or different means, with or without gear, and can be one route or round trek. Travel can likewise incorporate generally short remains between progressive developments. The beginning of "travel" is in all likelihood lost to history. The expression "travel" may begin from the Old French word travail, which signifies 'work'. As indicated by the Merriam Webster lexicon, the main known utilization of the word travel was in the fourteenth century. It likewise expresses ... Continue reading →

Five Things You Can Buy for a Dollar To Experience Happiness

by Guest on Feb 6, 2018


“People who say that money can’t buy happiness have apparently never used the money.” For a very long time, many psychologists and behavioral economists are indulged in a conversation and trying their best to argue each other out. The topic of the discussion is- can money buy happiness? Many experts say that if you want to live your life cheerfully and full of some joyous celebration, then you must start investing in experiences rather than buying materialistic things. People who are more into purchasing assets always compare their stuff with those of others. On the other hand, if you are more into gaining experiences and feel happy about it, then you are the most lively person on this planet. If you want to feel what it’s like to buy some moments of happiness that cost only a dollar, then read this article. Here, the wordsmith has mentioned five amazing things that can give you inner satisfaction. 1.) Food to a Beggar If you buy food and give it to a beggar, ... Continue reading →

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