Reasons to Invest in Malaysian Stocks

by Marks Tylor on Aug 1, 2018


There are many options to invest but Stock is one of the most Trusted option to invest as Stock provide highest potential return and as compared to long term there is no other type of investment tends to perform better. 1. Malaysia is an attractive investment destination, since progress of the Malaysian economy is on right track. Malaysia is the advanced emerging market with a strong economic base and developed market infrastructure which makes advantages to trade in. 2. If we go through the past facts & figures Since 2009 Gross National Income of Malaysia has increased by over 50 percent. Over the course of 2017 alone, it is estimated to have expanded by a very healthy 9.1 percent, to RM1.3 trillion. Malaysia’s GDP growth rebounded from the contraction of 1.7 percent we saw in 2009, to a very positive 5.9 percent in 2018. 3 if we talk about the Malaysian capitalization that has increased 187 percent and previous year in 2017 foreign net fund inflow recorded a RM10.8 billion ... Continue reading →

Small Mistakes that Traders do while Trading in KLSE Market

by Marks Tylor on Oct 9, 2018


As interest in Bursa Malaysia securities exchange is considered as a beneficial wellspring of making capital, there in every case some hazard is included. On the off chance that having complete information about the key variables to expand benefits, it's useful to exchange by limiting the hazard factors. Moreover, here are some normal mix-ups which must be maintained a strategic distance from to limit the hazard factors. Notwithstanding the exercises from the speculation specialists, somebody can have awesome information from the basic mix-ups made by different financial specialists, particularly the individuals who make retail ventures. When we have adequate learning on the most well-known mix-ups and the key factors behind losing cash, it turns out to be simple for us to dispose of such oversights that our kindred financial specialists have beforehand made. It can even augment our benefit by applying the contrary methodology. At last, Prior to interest in Bursa Malaysia, as a ... Continue reading →

Worst Days in Stock Market History

by futu fan on Mar 27, 2020


Stock Market In Crash Mode! What Now? well Holy Smoke is cowboys and cowgirls we are getting absolutely tore up in the market today oh my word look at that stock market today the Dow was down well over, 800 points a gain by the way after I took this screen shot I actually saw the market was going down even more about 850 points, okay this is one of the biggest drops in the history. Of the Dow Jones when it comes to a point drop okay. Here today Nasdaq is down three point seven three percent and once again that one was giving even worse as I was taking these screenshots I think it approached a 4% downward move their S&P 500 down. Over 3% Russell 2000 down about three point, three percent massive massive downward moves I want to talk about what is coming what is next okay and what, is really going on in the stock market right now okay the volatility index okay the VIX is up over. 30% here today okay the VIX kind of tracks like what how much volatility there is in a market in a ... Continue reading →

by John Miller on Dec 2, 2020


In this article, you will learn about the Best Broker for Options Trading through the list of best stock brokers for options trading.   When you are looking for a broker, you should go through the Best Option Trading Platform Blog. The options traders have the unenviable task. They have the ability to balance an accumulation of requirements precisely.   Here are their abilities: Excellent customer support Real-time options data Low brokerage charges Not to mention a higher margin for option selling   Advanced charting platforms  World’s best Screening tools   Some beginners may find Options trading as an advanced and complicated level of trading. An option trading is a decidedly profitable offshoots product.   The company just has to wage an insignificant quantity as a premium for its interested traders. They are into trading for a long time. They used to trade over the future and options. This technique allows them to give ... Continue reading →

by John Miller on Dec 2, 2020


To do an Online Forex Trading Option, you should first understand what forex option is. In trading terms, the forex option is a derivative based on underlying currency sets. There are various strategies available to use in the forex market for trading in forex options. It depends upon the trader what kind of strategy he wishes to employ and on the trader's kind of trading platform. The forex market's most tremendous significance is that it is decentralized and the options in the forex market very much compared to the centralized stock exchanges and futures market.    In the online forex trading option, the marketplace differs from the other markets, as it allows traders to trade without taking the asset's actual delivery. Traders prefer forex options trading compared to others as there is a limit to the downside risk and will lose only the premium; they have to pay for the buy options.    But it is compensated by the unlimited upside ... Continue reading →

by John Miller on Dec 21, 2020


The foremost trading gives us an explanation of a low price level that will resist and support for the complete time duration. This opening pricing rule has a lot many services if utilized in combination with the intraday trading session. I9option has some special features. It assists the traders with different types of opening of accounts in trading. The following points are given below: I9 yellow        i. Only requires $5 for opening.      ii. You can get a free tournament for one-month.    iii. Achieve 2 coupons per month.    iv. Get 5% insurance      v. No other commission    vi. Can have 4 hours at maximum for withdrawal time  vii. Up to 95% payout, which is highest. I9 gold        i. Only requires $250 for opening.      ii. You can get 3 free tournaments.    iii. Achieve 5 coupons per Month.    iv. Get 10% insurance.     ... Continue reading →

by John Miller on Dec 22, 2020


In today's digital world, various apps are available for traders to conduct their trade in the stock market. But finding the Best Mobile Trading Platform which will suit their individual way of trading is a big task. Some traders like to do intraday trading; some like to do swing trading, others are interested in the future and options; some are interested in the Forex Investment, etc. As you can see, there are various markets available for different kinds of traders.   There are many criteria on the basis on which a trader can select their mobile trading platforms. Still, there are some common criteria that are essential while selecting the platform, and they are mentioned below.    The most important factor is the reliability of the platform. As a trader, if you can get back profits against your trade only, it will make it sensible to trade on stocks. So, the trading platform's reliability to execute your orders and the reliability of withdrawal ... Continue reading →

by Martha Smith on Dec 23, 2020


Share trading has become a very popular additional income opportunity for lots of people. But before you trade on the share you need to know every aspect of the share market so that you don't end up with a loss. To accomplish any work perfectly you need to have a demo of that before you commit yourself to that task. Here also in the case of share trading, there are lots of demo trading platforms that help you to understand the share market properly. But in this article, you will come to know about some of the world's best demo trading platform and you will get every kind of assistance you need before you start trading online. As per the experts, there are some apps through which you can trade not only better but they provide you the best experience of share trading so far.   E-trade is one such app that facilitates you with several kinds of reports and expert opinions before you start operating in the share market. It was founded in 1982 and it is among the best share ... Continue reading →

by Martha Smith on Dec 23, 2020


Forex or foreign exchange market is a global market for the trading of currencies of different countries. It determines the rate of exchange of foreign currencies. It is also so indulged in buying and selling of currencies of different countries against the currency of a particular country. This is the largest market in the world just after the credit market as per the volume of trading. Though most of the banks of the world are indulged in Forex trading, there are some people who also like to participate in the act of buying and selling of foreign currencies. As the currencies are always traded in pairs so the Forex market never determines the absolute value of a currency. Previously people had to go through filling up several forms to participate in the foreign currency exchange but in the modern context, the whole thing is operated through mobile applications. This is why people love to trade on foreign exchanges and several companies have designed their best Forex demo account ... Continue reading →

by John Miller on Dec 28, 2020


Many of you must have gone through the web search 'Online Stock Brokers for Beginners'.   The company can notice the difference for each investor. As they are different, so they will have different goals obviously along with their objectives, dissimilar risk appetite, dissimilar amount of cash to invest, spend unlike the amount of time on trading, and dissimilar types of choice to use tools for trading. This can be for website, mobile, etc.   I9option has considered all these reasons. We can conclude that there is not a single investor who can easily fit all his dealings with brokers. There is no need to get surprised that there are millions of brokers around the world who are offering brokerage services to customers.   Let's keep apart all franchises, sub-brokers, branches, and authorized persons and discuss the situations they come under. The beginners have encountered many difficulties as compared to the brokers.   The number of brokers is huge, and ... Continue reading →

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