cs seamless pipe flame cutting

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Introduction to Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is a common method for rough machining of steel plates. Flame cutting is gas cutting. Traditionally, acetylene gas was used for cutting, and later propane was used. Now natural gas cutting has appeared, and due to the rich reserves of natural gas, cheap price, pollution-free and other characteristics, it has become the first choice for flame cutting. Natural gas flame cutting generally adds natural gas additives to generate a new type of flame cutting gas. Using this gas for flame cutting can make the cutting effect better, improve cutting efficiency, and reduce cutting costs.

Flame cutting is the oldest thermal cutting method for cs seamless pipes. Its cutting metal thickness ranges from 1 mm to 1.2 meters. However, when the thickness of the vast majority of mild steel plates you need to cut is less than 20 mm, other cutting methods should be used. .

Flame cutting uses the high temperature generated during the combustion of iron oxide to cut carbon steel. The design of the flame cutting torch provides sufficient oxygen for burning iron oxide to ensure good cutting results.

Flame cutting equipment is low cost and is the only cost-effective means of cutting thick sheet metal, but it has its shortcomings when it comes to cutting thin sheets. Compared with plasma, the heat affected zone of flame cutting is much larger and the thermal deformation is relatively large. In order to cut accurately and effectively, operators need to have superb skills to avoid thermal deformation of the metal plate in time during the cutting process.

cs seamless pipe flame cutting method classification

1. Torch cutting

Cutting torch is also called flame gun. The gas used is different and the structure is also different. Commonly used is the oxygen-acetylene flame gun. The acetylene pressure is 0.01~0.12MPa, and the oxygen pressure is 0.50~1.0MPa. The two gases are mixed and burned in the flame gun through their respective channels. The size and nature of the flame can be adjusted. Manual hand-held flame gun is used for cutting. It is usually used for cutting large tube blanks and slabs after rolling or for steel straightening. Supplementary cuts to remove defects later.

2. Cutting machine cutting

It consists of a cutting torch, a sizing mechanism and a slit cleaning device whose working principle is similar to that of a flame gun. The length-setting mechanism includes mechanical type, pulse type and photoelectric type, which can realize automatic length-setting. The slit cleaning device is specially designed to clean the residue adhered to the slit opening to prevent it from affecting the surface quality of the steel during rolling. The cleaning method is to use a scraper to scrape off the sticky residue, or to use a set of high-speed rotating sharp-angle hammers to remove the sticky residue and burrs. Flame cutting machines are mostly used as online cutting equipment for steel billets after continuous casting machines. They can cut large-section billets, slabs and large tube billets. They are also used to cut finished steel plates with a thickness greater than 50mm.

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