EX6200 Wifi Range Extender Features and Management

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Netgear in today’s world is one of the leading producers of the mywifiext Wifi range extenders. Ex600 adds to the collection of all the premium quality range extenders produced by them. Ex600 can be considered as one of the superior AC1200 option. It has an impressive built quality along with a high performance setup. The price range of this product fluctuates in between $118 - $122.

Specifications of the Mywifiext EX6200

The mywifiext EX6200 is designed to sit horizontally on a shelf or vertically with the included stand. It comes with two external antennas, along with 700mW amplifiers to boost the signal. Five Ethernet ports on range extender's back let you extend connectivity to wired network clients. Power and WPS buttons are also located on the back of the EX6200, as are a Reset button and the antenna connectors. A USB 3.0port is located on the front of the range extender. Status LEDs are plentiful, providing feedback on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz link rates, connectivity between the range extender and the existing wireless network, each of the five Ethernet ports, and the USB port. You can install it through the site mywifiext.net.

The rear of the EX6200 features five gigabit Ethernet ports. The absence of a USB port is due to the port's location on the front.

Features of the Wifi Range Extender

One performance-based feature available on the EX6200 is the FastLane which gives you the ability to configure one band for connectivity between the range extender and the router, and the other for client connectivity. The problem with Fast Lane is that it's always utilizing the 2.4GHz radio, resulting in a bottleneck. It won't achieve the same performance level as a network leaning on 5GHz from one end to the other. Where Fast Lane may offer some benefit is for clients without 5GHz connectivity, since the 2.4GHz band could be used solely for client communication.

The Fast Lane feature will let you configure one frequency to use for communication from the range extender to the router and the other for clients to connect to the range extender.

Observations from the EX6200

The visual design, styling and coloration of the EX6200 is pretty aggressive. With the black chassis, red accents and base, triangular vent designs, and tapered shape, the EX6200 is meant to be seen sitting on your shelf. It's also the largest of the range extenders, though it's not significantly larger than the Amped Wireless REA20. When you are ready either with the Android device or Mac OS X/iOS, you can simply login to the mywifiext.net and follow the steps there for setup.

There is a Broadcom BCM4708 SoC, which includes a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU. Broadcom's BCM43217 controller manages 2.4GHz connectivity, while the Broadcom BCM4352runs 5GHz networks. Each wireless frequency is powered by two amplifiers for improved signal strength.

How to Manage the Wifi Range Extender?

The EX6200's configuration is pretty straightforward, offering a familiar selection of security settings and SSID options, even allowing you to enable each band or tweak the SSID broadcast. There is no way to manage network availability on a schedule, but the EX6200 will let you configure a client whitelist by MAC address. The range extender's USB 3.0ports can be used a number of ways, including basic file sharing, HTTP and/or FTP access, media server capability, TiVo support and the ability to share a USB printer. It can even be configured for security, limiting usage to allowed devices. The EX6200's USB functionality is a clear highlight, offering support for multiple file-sharing protocols, media server capabilities and even USB printing.

In order to setup the wifi range extender just go to the mywifiext.net setup site you will have to login with the default credentials or make an account and then login, after which it will take you to the setup site where you can follow the instructions and successfully install the wifi range extender.

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