Setup of Netgear Mesh Extender via Installation Assistance.

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Internet has become a very important part of everyone’s life. And of now  everybody is looking for a strong network and fast connectivity. More than that people need a freedom to roam around their house and use their computer laptop and mobile devices. This requirement can be certainly sorted out by using a Netgear Extender, this device effortlessly extends your excisting wifi network to a huge area. By installing the Netgear Mesh Extender at mywifiext you can enjoy a seamless online experience.

Why Netgear Mesh Extender:                                                                       

There are many extender available but the Netgear Mesh Extender beats them all. Compare to other extenders the Mesh Extender provides better connectivity, and it increases your present wifi conection to a larger extent. This extender is much more reliable than all the other extenders available.

  • It creates powerful complete home wifi coverage.
  • Operates with the latest technology, so obviously is far more efficient.
  • Covers every corner of your home.
  • You don’t have to create a new user name password.
  • It avoids the lengthy process and use the same id password of your existing wifi.
  • It can be connected to any kind of internet providing device.
  • The most easiest setup app. Within minutes you can be connected.

The latest Netgear Mesh Wifi Extender supports bo the tri-band and Dual band. This is a premium device which in comparison to  other wifi extenders provides faster network and has a large capacity of range, so that that you can use your PC Laptop and Mobile devices anywhere with your convenience.

To setup your extender by Installation assistance:

  1. Turn your extender on.
  2. Place your wifi router and extender close to each other.
  3. Plug in the extender to any electrical socket.
  4. Pull on the button.
  5. Wait or the power led to turn green if not then press the power button.
  6. Now connect your mobile or PC to the extender with any cable cord.
  7. With the help of your wifi connected PC or Mobile locate and connect to the extender network called NETGEAR_EXT
  8. Wait for the Client Led light turn solid white.
  9. Move to the site mywifiext with the help of any web browser.
  10. Follow the instructions and connect your extender to the wifi network.
  11. Now move your extender to new location where the signal is poor.
  12. The link status led should turn white.
  13. If the led light does not turns white then may be the extender beyond range.
  14. Bring the extender closer to the  router and then check the connection.
  15. This is how you would get a perfect setup.

As soon as you get the perfect place for your extender connect your PC mobile or laptop to the extender and enjoy your internet. The Netgear Mesh Extender Supports tri band which offers 5GHs connection. This gives you a facility to connect to the fastest network automatically, and a larger area is covered. So you are recommended to connect to 5GHs to get the best Wifi performance from your extender.

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