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Dr. Daniel Imperato is Running for US Presidency in 2024

by Daniel Imperato on Aug 6, 2021



Born on March 9, 1958, in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Daniel Imperato is a worldly diplomat achiever and a well-learned global businessman who ran for the White House as a Libertarian Party nominee for the President of the United States in 2008. The 2008 Presidential election was Dr. Daniel Imperato’s first run for political office.  With expert worldwide experience, Dr. Daniel Imperato is a humanitarian and pro se litigator for humanity (amicus). He is a Papal Knight and a Knight of Malta as well. As a Knight of Orden Bonaria, Dr. Imperato is serving as the organizations’ United Nations representative. Sovereign Military Order of Malta SMOM or the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a Roman Catholic Knighthood headed by a Grandmaster working at the behest of the Pope. Organizational membership is derived from, Industry, Finance, Intelligence, Military, Media, Politics, and Entertainment. Dames and Knights of SMOM first swear loyalty to the Pope and then to their ... Continue reading →

Daniel Imperato  "Experience Is The Best Teacher"

by Daniel Imperato on Jul 26, 2021

Public Relations


Dr. Daniel Imperato We learn more from happenings around us than from hearing about or studying other people. Experience is the best teacher and no amount of books you read will teach you how to run a business. After all, it is experience alone that makes it possible. Dr. Daniel Imperato builds a career on these foundations. He is a worldly diplomat achiever and a well-learned global businessman and independent political constitutionalist who ran for the White House in 2008. Dr. Imperato is trained with a set of particular skills that separate him from the others. He knows and understands the world like the back of his hand. He is an investigator, master negotiator, and a specialist advisor on business, religious and political affairs. Mr. Imperato, the Chairman & CEO of Octobotic Corporation and founder of Alive Advisor is fearless, and no mission or challenge is too big for him. Live the experience. It is progressing and growing by overcoming difficulties. Obstacles, and ... Continue reading →


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