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Ins and outs of Scandinavian silver fox fur to refurbish your style statements

by Alen Cooper on Aug 17, 2020



The activities related to breeding or raising certain types of animals for their fur are known as ‘fur farming’. Fur extracted from wild animals is not the same as farmed fur. Rather that variety is called ‘wild fur’. European farmers enjoy hegemony in production of farm fur all over the world. There are nearly 5000 such farms scattered across the EU if not more. Thus it is safe to conclude that over 50% of the world’s production of the item comes from Europe alone. The ever-spanning global market As far as fox fur is concerned the EU nations combine product reaches nearly 70% of the world’s net production every year. Denmark, the Netherlands and Russia are some of the major exporters of the item in the world. The item facilitates a wide and robust trade while its export involves major economic activities of these nations. On the other hand Finland is the largest exporter of fox pelts to the United States. Other than the US across the Atlantic the ... Continue reading →

6 Crucial features to select moto leather jackets for both men and women

by Alen Cooper on Aug 7, 2020



While choosing a motorcycle jacket, there are three criteria that you should focus upon. Those include durability, stylishness and ofcourse affordability. The three cardinal factors are equally important for every category of riders namely sport riders, bike cruisers and adventurers, who love thrashing around the woods on a two-wheeler. Perfect fitting is the crucial criterion for any leather jacket, whether for men or women. That is why almost all good quality jackets come with extensive sizing option to make sure the item fits just the way a customer wants. In general, leather jackets come in two broad varieties as far as fitting is concerned. These include the aggressive-fit designs that are closely tailored and the standard ones offering roomy fit. Bikers mostly prefer the first category of jackets for all obvious reasons. In the following section of this blog post let us explore few quintessential features that make these jackets sexier and more adorable.    Rugged ... Continue reading →

Time to refurbish your closet with men’s leather bomber jackets!

by Alen Cooper on Jul 21, 2020



Programmed by Mother Nature, summer bids us goodbye at one point of time every year to make way for the harsh winter to roll in. As a precursor to the imminent cold season, chilly air starts blowing. This signals it’s about time to bring your best leather jackets out from the closet. Leather jackets are versatile and ageless to say the least. It suits men of all ages. And this is the reason why this fashionable item never goes out of trend! You easily get these jackets in any given size and style. A leather jacket is super cool Poet said, ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’. Taking a leaf out of this eternal truth it is not unjustified to say a ‘cool’ leather jacket makes anyone feel better than having a million bucks. Thanks to the real life personalities who pioneered the cult of these jackets – like Marlon Brando, James Dean and others – just putting on a leather jacket automatically provides an attitude boost. The way it should fit ... Continue reading →

by Alen Cooper on Jul 3, 2020



As feminist ideas are taking their roots deeper and deeper into the society there is an increasing need for their garments to be ultra feminine. Thus if you take a conscious look at the ongoing female fashion trends, you will see that features like pastel colors, peplums, ruffles are doing their rounds.   Bomber jackets in leather: cult status However a bomber jacket is something that makes the entire division dumb and meaningless. Conventionally it was meant only for men but in course of time it acquired a cult status and no one can just miss this out – whether male or female.   Girlish features: Later addition But thanks to immense innovation of our gifted designers a bomber jacket too has acquired hundreds of feminine features to reflect a girlish look. Thus as a fashion-conscious woman if you’re interested in investing in such an item to refurbish your wardrobe, just go ahead without any confusion. There are varieties of such jackets that are categorically ... Continue reading →

Evolution of Parkas along High-End Fashion Highway

by Alen Cooper on May 19, 2020

Shopping and Product Reviews


Parka is a type of jacket that is available across the market in wide versions based on the variety of material, color and style. Compared to other jackets, it provides sufficient warmth and coziness. Thus particularly in cold rainy seasons, people rely more on parkas than any other jacket. The originals The Arctic region is one of the coldest places in the world. It covers a large area including northern Russia and Alaska. The word ‘parka’ is said to have originated from there and basically means ‘the skin of animal’. Today parkas are a chic and stylish clothing option but its original version used to be made from seal’s skin. Thus it offered sufficient warmth and comfort to the indigenous community there while going on a hunting or kayaking spree. Functional designing of the garment proved helpful in ways more than one. The original version roughly included a hood lined with fur and roomy proportions to provide the much needed insulation and protection ... Continue reading →

by Alen Cooper on May 4, 2020

Shopping and Product Reviews


Crafting unique and individual style is the job leather can best do. A real leather jacket is a dream of both man and woman. But there was a time when only men have access to leather jackets and coats. Military men and aviator employees used to wear leather stuff to keep them protected and stylish all the season. During the late 1990s, women too started to take part in leather clothing properly. In 1954, a woman-friendly Cycle Queen Leather jacket took place in the practice for the first time. Even women who dared to wear a leather jacket at that time were accepted as desperate women. During the ending of 1960s, these jackets started to go more mainstream as a result of mod fashion. During the ending of the 1990s, women who were associated with rock bands, have made these jackets more acceptable among common women. And as a result, you can see that today there are a lot of women bikers and fashionista girls using real leather jackets as mandatory styling stuff. Today there is no ... Continue reading →

Know how to style with parks in winter days

by Alen Cooper on Apr 24, 2020



Winter is good until you are inside a parka with a hood! A parka is an ideal option to stay extra warm and cozy all day. There are various kinds of parka available in the market. According to the weather type and your need, you should choose the best one. Goose down parka is the kind and most of the people are just gaga over it. But if you live a temperature climate, medium quality down filling is okay for you. If you live in a climate where you face snowfall but the temperature does not dip down in a single digit, you need a parka with amazing waterproofing power with medium quality insulation. Today, there are various kinds of parka available in the market. But which one can be the best that you can understand through a good amount of research. Today you will get lots of natural and synthetic blend parka with adequate warmth and water-resistant quality. Wearing a parka in a random style may ruin your winter style statement. This article will show you some exciting ways of wearing ... Continue reading →

Why a leather jacket is important for female motorcyclists?

by Alen Cooper on Apr 10, 2020



A female motorcyclist has the capability to ensure the head turns. It is not that women have invented something new and thrilling but the real picture is that a large number of people think that riding a bike is not a women’s cup of tea. But women have proved everything stereotype wrong and trying to enjoy their own lives. If you ride a motorcycle and you live in a too cold winter country, you need a properly protective biker jacket. When it comes to choosing a perfect and protective jacket for riding a bike, nothing can replace a real leather jacket. The leather biker jacket has been in the trend since the Second World Wartime. There was a time when the US military used to wear these jackets for patrolling. After that, common men used to wear it to get incredible warmth, protection, and a super stylish appearance. But at that time, women’s winter wardrobe did not include this jacket as it was only men’s outerwear. But at the end of the 1990s, a female rock band had ... Continue reading →

Know why the leather jacket is an ideal winter outerwear option

by Alen Cooper on Apr 10, 2020



Winter is full of fun. You can enjoy all the exciting vibes of winter if you manage warmth and comfort for you. Room heater is no doubt a great way to keep you and your indoor warm. But it is not going to work outside. To keep yourself warm and healthy, you have to wear something which has amazing turbulent capacity. In order to get the required warmth, you cannot wear multiple clothes and look like a polar bear. You can make your winter look as amazing as you want. Just single and right winter outerwear is enough to keep you warm and super cozy during too cold snowy days. When it comes to choosing a durable and effective winter outerwear type, a lot of people pick leather jackets at the first move. Real leather jacket is a hero option to deal with too cold harsh winter days. Since the Second World War time, these jackets are in the trend and satisfying the warmth and comfort need. There are so many controversies over using a real leather jacket but it is the ultimate truth that ... Continue reading →

Know the importance of fur-trimmed hood in your winter parka

by Alen Cooper on Apr 6, 2020



This article aims to break-some the myth about men’s parka with a fur hood and shares how much important it is to having a real fur hooded parka for people who live in too cold winter countries. People often say that fur hoods come with parka just as a money extracting feature tailored by the manufacturer. But the real scenario is completely different. Fur-trimmed hoods are not the excuse of the outerwear brands to make extra money from you. The fur trim around the hood is there to prevent airflow and create turbulently and it effectively protects the face from frostbite. Winter seems romantic until your face and neck experience harsh frostbite and frizzing cold air. A lot of people already know this fact yet they are not willing to accept. Today this article aims to dig a bit further and presenting research explaining how fur hoods are better than fur-less hoods. According to research published in Climate Research, in Northern Siberia, people mainly wore reindeer skin ... Continue reading →

5 reasons why everyone needs a pure leather jacket

by Alen Cooper on Apr 6, 2020



This article aims to let you show the top five reasons for having a real leather jacket for men and women today. Reading all the reasons will give you a better understanding of the fact.  Winter and leather jackets are commonplace. Winter brings opportunities for trying new clothes and foods. When it comes to choosing the best winter outerwear, the leather jacket holds a great place. Since the very introduction, leather jackets are in craze and will never go out of the trend. Actually leather jacket is the single outerwear that can offer the ultimate warmth and comfort without taking the help of other clothing. There are cotton, polyester, and so many other materials available in the market. But real leather is arguably the best all-around the options. Previously leather outerwear was men’s game only but today both women and men can wear these jackets are ensure head turns. There are some strong reason for this much popularity rather those traits have made leather an ... Continue reading →

Here know 5 timeless yet trendy leather jackets types for women

by Alen Cooper on Mar 31, 2020



This article aims to guide women the best leather jackets to try in 2020. Women’s leather biker jacket is a timeless style and here you will explore four more styles to try in the coming winter. Women’s leather jackets have been in the trend over the decades. They are the true timeless article of clothing and winning hearts every day. But previously the scenario was little different as it was only men’s cup of tea. Military and aviation professionals were the main people who used to wear these jackets and coats in order to prevent cold and stay warm all day. The leather jacket has come into women’s trend after a female rock band’s members started to wear these jackets with some fancy customization. In order to craft complete rock and punk look, customization was needed at that time. After that, markets started filling with women’s leather biker jacket. Today, there are various kinds of leather jackets are available in the market for both men and ... Continue reading →

Here know top 3 most-stylish leather jackets types for women to try in 2020

by Alen Cooper on Mar 31, 2020



Leather biker jacket is an ideal winter outerwear for both men and women since the very introduction time. Here today you will get other options to get the same level of stylish look and warmth. Those days are gone when biker jackets were for men only. Now women too can wear leather biker jackets and roam like a true fashionista. And even now no one needs to be a biker to wear a leather jacket. Without being a biker now a woman can enjoy the advantages of a real leather jacket. The real leather jacket is known as one of the most durable clothing items available out there. It has been noticed that a leather jacket can run from one generation to the next generation easily but obviously with proper care. Initially, it may seem expensive but it runs for a long time than any other option available in the market. There are various kinds of leather biker jacket available in the market for women. But in 2020, how one can style in news ways with leather jackets will be revealed below- Short ... Continue reading →

Four  Stunning ways to styling your regular leather jacket

by Alen Cooper on Mar 30, 2020



According to the season, you can modify your leather jacket obviously by matching it with the current trend. Every individual has his own and different choice. If current trend is not your cup of tea, you can create your own and unique styling ways as real leather jackets offer this broad flexibility to all. Let’s concentrate on the best four ways you can style with your leather jacket 1)  Try it with a green sweater : If there is too cold and you want to impress the world without losing both comfort and warmth value, you can easily pair it with a bottle green sweater and look iconic. Without any doubt, it is a nice thing to wear under a leather biker jacket. You will feel warm and look handsome at the same time. 2) A milk-white shirt under a brown bomber jacket : If you like the simple yet attractive combination, this pair is going be your favorite. You can pair your real leather brown bomber jacket with a comfortable white T-shirt and keep the jacket zipper open to flaunt ... Continue reading →

by Alen Cooper on Oct 24, 2019

Shopping and Product Reviews


Men, motorcycle, and leather jackets are just commonplace. When it comes to riding a motorcycle then you need to be sure that you have all the right accessories. Among all the leather jackets, biker jacket has gained the most popularity. Biker jackets are not there only to give you a cool look but also offer required protection and safety. If you have got bored with the traditional jackets, it is the best time to try various types of biker jackets. Maybe it is a casual day out or evening pub date, you can carry this type of jacket everywhere. During the Second World War time, U.S military started to ride motorcycle o perform their day to day military jobs. The atmosphere was too cold! In order to beat the cold and to ride the motorcycle safely, military men require more protective outerwear. In that time, Irving Schott has first designed the leather biker jackets. Biker and regular leather jacket have some distinct differences. The regular jackets are really good for day to day normal ... Continue reading →

by Alen Cooper on Aug 14, 2019



Fashion makes you happy! If some extra elegance you can add, you are just going to rock the season. And this extra elegance you can avail with a leather jacket. A leather jacket is an utmost option that can add the desired sophistication. There are so many controversies over a leather jacket but no one can ignore the cool fashion vibes of the leather piece. Previously, there was a myth and that is leather is only a winter game. Fortunately, that is an old myth and people are enjoying this outerwear in spring and summer seasons. How to choose stylish summer jackets? When it comes to choosing the best winter leather jackets, you will get plenty of options. But summer jackets are limited. In order to get some best summer jackets, you need to consider some facts, let’s explore those- You know that summer is hot and humid. But leather will not add any extra warmth if you choose the lightweight jackets. Summer jackets come without any kind of quilt and padding. In summer, you should ... Continue reading →

Real fur and its benefits in a brief

by Alen Cooper on Jul 15, 2019



Winter and real fur outerwear are just commonplace. All around the globe, people prefer to wear fur outerwear during the winter time as it adds an elegant touch to the outfit. Since the Stone Age, fur has been in practice and still, it is ruling the trend. If you are fashion conscious, you must familiar with a sense and that is fashion changes with the time but style never. But when it comes to fur, every traditional fashion and style equation gets changed. Fur was in fashion, is in fashion and will remain in fashion! In the previous days, these outwear were there to offer people the required warmth. But in the 1900s, real fur and leather were accepted as the signs of class. Only the rich people of society were able to afford these items. After that, the advanced technology has made it possible to craft these products at a lower expense comparatively. And that’s why people are getting these jackets and coats at lower prices these days. If you compare real fur outerwear with the ... Continue reading →

by Alen Cooper on Jul 13, 2019



Real leather is the main priority of a lot of people when it comes to choosing the best winter outerwear. Not only men but also women like to have a few leather wears in their closet. Probably there is no celebrity who does not have any leather piece in his or her collection. It is a timeless clothing option and will rock in the future years too. Since the Second World War time, it is offering the required warmth and sturdy vibes. Previously, it was men’s game only but now women are also enjoying its warmth and style benefits. Women are a bit more conscious than men when it comes to fashion. Women love to explore and try new items on a regular basis. And that’s why it is always a pressure to the fashion designers to always produce new designs with strong style appeal for women. In this article, you will get an update about some new styles that you can wear round the year. You all know about the moto biker jackets. It is also accepted as safety gear. But nowadays, women who ... Continue reading →

Know the journey of ladies leather jacket to this modern world

by Alen Cooper on Jul 2, 2019



It took years to understand that real leather jacket is women’s cup of tea too. Leather jackets, men and motorcycle were just commonplace and they forgot to craft something for women in that time. And that’s why maybe Harley-Davidson took quite a long time to craft something women-friendly outerwear. But the problem was that at that time, a woman with a leather jacket was not appreciated. In other words, it can be said that in the 1950s, these leather jackets are for bad girls. It feels really awkward today to hear something like this. Actually, it is an old disease of society to judge women by their clothing. But diseases healed with the right medicine! At the end of the century, some female rock band members, Joan Jett, Blondie, and Blackhearts crafted their own unique style statement with studded leather jackets and appeared cooler than ever. It is really a nice thing that women came and made their own distinct mark on this staple. They can merge anywhere they want. ... Continue reading →

5 key facts of real leather you need to know before buying

by Alen Cooper on Jul 2, 2019



If today one creates a poll in social media and ask to vote between leather outerwear and any other winter outerwear, the leather piece will get the majority. It is not this modern era’s decision but after the invention of leather outerwear, people haven’t found any better alternative yet. Maybe there are a lot of synthetic alternatives but no one claim that alternatives can offer the same level of comfort and warmth. Probably there is no better alternative in this world. 1.) Generally, real leather outerwear is expensive. But its warmth, comfort, style, and elegance really justify the investment. A lot of people buy synthetic alternatives and end up by complaining that they are not getting the expected warmth and comfort. Maybe the alternatives are inexpensive but cannot accompany you for a longer time of span. And as a result, you need to invest in every year to avail winter outerwear. But if you avail a real leather jacket, it can accompany you for a long time. ... Continue reading →


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