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What are the alternatives to Bankruptcy?

by Joseph Franks on Jun 1, 2022



If you are struggling to make ends meet and your debt situation is getting worse every day, filing bankruptcy has probably crossed your mind. Many individuals and businesses have successfully turned a new leaf following bankruptcy, so it could be the same for you. However, everyone’s money problems are unique, which is why you have to be sure if bankruptcy really is the right approach for you. Bankruptcy is only pursued as the last resort, it can be expensive, and has a few major setbacks, such as a sharp decline in your credit score. Your financial troubles might not be as bad as they seem, and that is why less formal alternatives to bankruptcy exist. Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney can help determine the best course of action to resolve your economic issues and overcome crippling debt. One of the following alternatives to bankruptcy could be the answer to your dilemma: 1. Debt Settlement Debt settlement involves negotiation with those you owe money. If you have colossal amounts ... Continue reading →

An Overview of Traffic Violations in Maryland

by Joseph Franks on May 18, 2022



Nobody anticipates being pulled over by the police and receiving a traffic citation, but it happens to the best of us. We’re just driving around town trying to get to work, return home, or run some errands, and bad luck strikes. We may have driven a little over the speed limit, not waited for the signal light to turn green, or left the car in a ‘no parking zone’ for a couple of minutes. The mentioned deeds may not sound like a big deal, but they defy the Maryland traffic law and they are prohibited for a reason. Traffic violations are the cause of many auto accidents and they create problems for our community. Types of Traffic Violations There are many different kinds of traffic violations; some are more common, but less incriminating than others. Frequent violations that are often unintentional and essentially harmless are called ‘traffic infractions’. Violations that pose a threat to life and/or property are referred to as ‘traffic offenses’. ... Continue reading →

Types of Mesothelioma Claims

by Joseph Franks on Apr 28, 2022



A mesothelioma claim, often referred to as an asbestos claim, is a sort of legal action that permits mesothelioma patients and their families to seek compensation for illnesses caused by exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma claims largely comprise of personal injury and wrongful death cases. However, there exists a third type of mesothelioma claim called the ‘trust fund claim’; asbestos trust funds were set up by bankrupt asbestos companies to compensate victims. Compensation for mesothelioma claims might come in the form of a settlement, court order, or money from an asbestos trust fund. The compensation amount primarily depends upon the extent of damage sustained by an alleged victim; some claims are worth more than others, and may exceed a million dollar payout. Asbestos And Mesothelioma attorney New Orleans, LA, possesses the expertise and experience to effectively pursue a mesothelioma claim on your behalf. They are familiar with the names and whereabouts of asbestos ... Continue reading →

The Significance of protecting your Intellectual Property

by Joseph Franks on Apr 15, 2022



Hundreds and thousands of startups are launched every day in the hopes of making it big and even joining the ranks of the Fortune 500. Unfortunately, almost 90% of them cease to exist within the first five years and no more than 30% survive by the end of a decade. Modern businesses differ from traditional corporations in many aspects. Today, businesses heavily rely upon information technology and digital resources, which implies that their core company assets are stored and accessed on a virtual network. One may assume that handling digital assets is easy since they are intangible and nobody can physically steal them, but that’s not how it works. Many newly emerged companies in the market are simply duplicates or imitators of brands that have already made a name for themselves. Copyright infringement and unlawful reproduction have become more commonplace than ever, thanks to the internet that provides easy access to global data. There in unlimited and exclusive material ... Continue reading →

5 Common Challenges faced by Immigrants

by Joseph Franks on Apr 1, 2022



If you have decided to move to the U.S for a better life and career, you are not alone. The country is not called the land of opportunities for nothing and people all over the world envy the American lifestyle. Applying for an immigration visa, passing the USCIS interview, and qualifying for permanent residency are a few components of the immigration process.  Going through the lengthy procedures, completing paperwork, and fulfilling all the legal obligations can be increasingly difficult on your own. Massachusetts Immigration Attorney can make it easy by taking care of important steps, identifying mistakes/errors in time, providing vital advice/guidance, and serving as your advocate if necessary. Once you overcome all the trials to start a life in the U.S, you may encounter several other challenges as an immigrant: 1. Language Barrier English may not be your mother tongue or native language, unless you came from the U.K. Immigrants from Europe and Asia who are only used to ... Continue reading →

What are the Responsibilities of an Executor of Will?

by Joseph Franks on Mar 9, 2022



The Last Will and Testament is going to be one of the most important documents you create in your lifetime. It shall contain your last wishes and perhaps a final message for your loved ones. In addition to leaving an enforceable legal Will, you also have to designate an Executor of Will. The person you nominate to fulfill this role is in charge of carrying out your last requests. Therefore, it is essential that your choice is someone reliable and capable of shouldering the responsibility. Most people opt for an individual from immediate family, such as the surviving spouse or an adult heir. However, you can also elect a business partner, friend, or professional third party who is not a beneficiary of your estate. If you appoint someone who is not willing to oblige, or fails to meet the requirements, they will be rejected and replaced by law enforcement.  Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney In Woodbury, NY, enlists the basic responsibilities of an Executor of Will to help you ... Continue reading →

What are the consequences of Probation Violation in New Jersey?

by Joseph Franks on Feb 15, 2022



What is Probation? Probation can be described as an alternative punishment to incarceration. It is a non-custodial sentence, which allows the offender to function within a community rather than being confined in jail or prison. It is often considered as the best possible outcome following conviction, though it does impose certain restrictions. A person sentenced to probation is kept under supervision of a probation officer (PO). A probationary sentence in New Jersey can last up to 5 years and the offender has to report to their PO on a regular basis. The PO ensures that the subject is abiding by all stipulations of their probation sentence. In most cases, the individual under probation has to fulfill more or less of the following provisions: Completing a number of hours of community service Respecting a curfew Not seeing certain people Staying away from particular places Timely payment of fines/fees Reporting to the PO at scheduled meetings Submitting to blood/urine tests Attending a ... Continue reading →

What Damages are covered in Personal Injury Settlements?

by Joseph Franks on Jan 25, 2022



Personal injury law exists to help the public claim compensation for damages caused by the negligent or unlawful behavior of an individual or organization. Many different kinds of accidents happen every day, resulting in millions of people incurring fatal injuries or dying every year. Personal injury law is vast, as it covers a wide range of injuries based on negligence. Most claimants are victims of auto accidents, and those affected by medical malpractice are also more common that you would expect. Other types of injuries that are compensable by law include workplace injuries, product/premises liability injuries, wrongful death, and dog bite injuries. Since the nature and circumstances of every injury are not the same, the principles of compensation vary. If you think you qualify to file a claim, Personal Injury Attorney in New York can help you acquire reimbursement for any of the following damages that apply to your case: 1. Immediate Medical Expenses If your injuries were serious ... Continue reading →

What are Probate Disputes?

by Joseph Franks on Jan 19, 2022



Probate is a judicial process that manages the estate of a decedent according to a legitimate Will or intestacy law (in the absence of a Will). How probate works and how much time it takes may vary from state to state. Probate tends to be notoriously challenging for modern families, particularly where there is a lot of money involved. The larger the estate, the more complex its division and distribution becomes. Probate disputes can occur in the presence and absence of a Last Will and Testament. These disputes can be established by anyone related to the decedent if they are not satisfied with the outcome following intervention of probate court. Probate Litigation Attorney in Colorado Springs explains the most common cases of probate disputes: 1.Disputes over the Contents of the Will If the decedent got married multiple times in their lifetime and has children from more than one partner, disputes over probate are expected. Sometimes, there is an illegitimate heir mentioned in the Will, ... Continue reading →

5 kinds of Injuries that do not qualify for a Worker’s Compensation Claim

by Joseph Franks on Jan 14, 2022



Many people get into accidents or sustain injuries at work. Oftentimes, the injury or illness is minor, so it can be healed by self-care or the usage of a first aid box. On the other hand, some injuries are fatal, so they require medical attention and time off work for recovery. In most cases, the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance policy pays for the damages incurred, mainly consisting of medical bills and lost wages due to missed work. However, not all injuries are compensable by the company’s insurance, even if they occurred at the workplace and/or during working hours. You cannot file a claim unless the injury meets certain conditions, such as: The injury occurred while conducting a task of your job You were injured during an activity that benefits your employer and it was a requirement of your job You were injured in a work-related accident If an injury is not serious enough to miss work or see a doctor, there are no grounds for claiming compensation. ... Continue reading →

10 Real Estate Financing Tips for Beginners

by Joseph Franks on Jan 11, 2022



If you are looking for a venture to invest your money, real estate financing is among the safest and most profitable options. Real estate almost always appreciates over time and sustains resale value. Many influential people have turned real estate financing into a fully-functional business and their sole source of income. It is a great way to earn an impressive amount of passive income that beats any nine-to-fiver. However, learning the ins and outs of real estate financing takes time; beginners should focus on understanding the business, start small, and avoid taking risks. 1. Browse and Learn about Target Markets It is wise to first explore the geographical region you are most familiar with. Observe the markets near you and finance in your comfort zone. Diversifying investments is a promising prospect, but only for someone who has gained ample experience and exposure. Stick to the places you know best, in order to minimize the risk factor. 2. Set a Budget It is crucial to set a ... Continue reading →

How do I Protect my Intellectual Property?

by Joseph Franks on Jan 7, 2022



Your intellectual property is integral to your business, and you undeniably put a lot of effort and thought into creating it.  It's only fair that you alone get to utilize it and reap its benefits. Unfortunately, fraud and theft is prevalent; hence, you need to take all the necessary steps to protect your valuable inventions. Failure to secure your intellectual property will allow third parties to abuse your ideas and gain illegitimate monetary gains. Some intellectual property rights are acquired automatically, but registration of anything you have developed is the best way to legally own it. Once your concept or product is registered, you can lawfully claim it as yours if anyone try to duplicate or misuse it. By trademarking your brand, you can show off the famous ‘R’ symbol that establishes you as the real deal. If your product is patented, your competitors will not dare to mimic it without your permission. If someone makes use of your concept without buying ... Continue reading →

Guidelines for hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

by Joseph Franks on Jan 4, 2022



Every American can benefit from estate planning, regardless of their age, family structure, and financial status. The purpose of estate planning is to control how your assets will be managed, divided, and distributed after your demise. Many people do not realize the significance of creating a comprehensive estate plan, and their family has to suffer the consequences when they are not around anymore. If you have decided to invest some of your time and money in estate planning, you have taken the first step towards guaranteeing financial security and peace of mind for your loved ones. Estate Planning Attorney in Pflugerville, TX, can help you develop an estate plan that is tailored to your needs and ambitions. The following tips will help you find and work with a reliable estate planning attorney: Don’t Act in Haste It is recommended to look for an attorney near you, though it wouldn’t be wise to settle for the first one you come across in your neighborhood. Attorney ... Continue reading →

5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for your Small Business

by Joseph Franks on Dec 30, 2021



Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or own a small company, you will encounter a fair share of legal challenges along the way. Many small businesses are run individually or belong to a family; others may hire a few local employees to operate. They normally serve the residents of surrounding neighborhoods, so the demand and supply only marginally fluctuates. As a small business owner, you probably have a limited space and budget; hence, hiring an in-house legal team for the company would be exorbitant and uncalled-for. Nonetheless, every small business needs legal representation to deal with legal disputes of all scales. Most localized vendors, such as an owner of an independent boutique or coffee shop may never consult a business lawyer, unless someone among their family or friends volunteers to be their advocate. Working with a legal expert from the start keeps potential issues at bay or resolves them before they become too big. Here are five key reasons to hire Business Law ... Continue reading →

Guidelines to protect your Family Legacy

by Joseph Franks on Dec 28, 2021



Family is important. Most of us are willing to go to great lengths for the happiness and wellbeing of our loved ones. While thinking about death is not anyone’s first priority or topic of interest, it is significant for the better future of the people we care about. Death is unpredictable and evitable, which is why it is never too early to create an estate plan that protects your legacy. Many people draft a Last Will, assuming that is sufficient to simply name your intended beneficiaries. While the Last Will is undoubtedly an important document to address matters of inheritance, it is not very helpful for your family on its own. If you own a large estate, run a business, and belong to an ever-growing blended family, a comprehensive estate plan should be on the top of your to-do list. If you want your future generations to carry on your values and traditions, it is time to take steps for preserving your family legacy. 1. Know what you want and establish goals The first step is to ... Continue reading →

5 Steps to take after suffering Medical Malpractice

by Joseph Franks on Dec 27, 2021



Civil cases involving medical malpractice are complicated and tend to have high stakes. The rules and regulations for filing a medical practice claim or lawsuit differ slightly from state to state. Accusing a healthcare provider or institution of medical malpractice is a serious matter, which is why you need solid evidence to support these allegations. Medical malpractice entails that a patient was harmed or injured in response to a medical practitioner’s actions or inaction. The effect on your health must demonstrate that the perpetrator failed to perform their medical duty, and that the injuries could be avoided had they operated responsibly. Standing up against a professional healthcare provider or certified medical organization, and proving their negligence or misconduct can be extremely difficult and challenging. You cannot sue a doctor or hospital just because the outcome of a treatment or procedure was not up to your expectations. Therefore, if you suspect that you are a ... Continue reading →

Do I need to hire a Probate Attorney?

by Joseph Franks on Dec 22, 2021



When a loved one dies, the probate process may kick in shortly to settle the matters of their estate. However, every estate does not need to go through probate, depending on its composition and the extent of estate planning carried out by the decedent. Whether the deceased’s estate is subject to probate or not, obtaining some legal advice from an expert is always recommended. Estates that are worth less than $50,000 do not normally require the decedent’s family to hire an attorney or experience probate. The probate procedure for a small estate differs from that for big and complex estates. What is Probate? Probate is a judicial process that executes a deceased person’s Will or settles their estate in accordance to intestacy law. If a person dies without any estate planning or even creating a simple last will, they died intestate, and their estate is destined to be supervised by probate court. If the size of the estate is significantly large and it involves very high ... Continue reading →


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